Haynesworth's conditioning test featured two 300-yard shuttle runs

Amid conflicting reports that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth failed the second part of his conditioning test on Thursday, several of you have asked us to find out what Haynesworth specifically was required to do.

As it turns out, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Haynesworth was required to complete two 300-yard shuttle runs.

According to TopEndSports.com, a site of which we’d previously never heard, the 300-yard shuttle test focuses on anaerobic conditioning, requiring the athlete to engage in a series of six 25-yard sprints, back and forth like eyeballs watching a tennis match.  Then, after completing the first 300-yard run and following a five-minute rest period, the athlete must do it again.

As Glazer explains it, Haynesworth finished the first 300-yard effort successfully, but failed to complete the second part.

The bigger question, in our view, is whether every player on the team (or at a minimum every lineman) was required to pass the same test.  Otherwise, it would be easy to argue that the Redskins created a higher standard for Haynesworth, in the hopes that he wouldn’t satisfy it.

It remains to be seen whether Haynesworth will be permitted to participate in team drills during Thursday’s second practice.

38 responses to “Haynesworth's conditioning test featured two 300-yard shuttle runs

  1. What, do they expect to have such a poor defense as to give up 3 consecutive 100-yard rushes (with Haynesworth chasing), followed by 3 more just 5 minutes later?
    Seems a bit excessive for a lineman.

  2. Looks like Big Al got a chance to eat during the test. How did that humble pie taste?

  3. Good lord this really isn’t a big deal. I am on a well known high school football team in Cincinnati, Ohio and we have kids that are going to big time colleges that don’t pass this test. Most are defensive or offensive linemen. It really isn’t as easy of a test as you think it is.

  4. how does 6X25 = 300? 6X25 X 2(times) = 300.
    is it two 150 yard runs? or two 300 yard runs?

  5. I would hope that Shanahan would be smart enough to not artificially create problems with Haynesworth by giving him a test no other linemen is expected to pass.
    Surely Shanahan and Haslett are smarter than that?
    Why unnecessarily add to the mistrust between the two parties?

  6. My math is a little bit fuzzy on this one. 6 25 yard sprints, is only 150 yards….. but the article says 2 300 yard efforts? Where did the other 150 yards come from (in each effort)???

  7. The site explains that they run 25 yards and back six times, not that they do six 25 yard sprints.

  8. 300 yards is about 1/6 of a mile. Maybe for a fat man that is a problem, but I could easily do that, and I am not an athlete. That dude has no stamina. 25 yards is less than the distance from the bench to where the NT lines up. Of course, I don’t know that he has ever run off the field as a Redskin. Maybe he could have run the first 25 yards, then lay down, and a trainer could help him back for the next 25. Then he might have passed the conditioning test. At the very least it would have been more realistic to how he plays. ZING!

  9. a shuttle would be down 25 yards and back (that’s 1 shuttle of 50 yards total)…multiply that times 6 and how many yards do you get??? 300!
    I will agree though, the wording in the article is a bit misleading.

  10. # omegalh says: July 29, 2010 2:32 PM
    how does 6X25 = 300? 6X25 X 2(times) = 300.
    is it two 150 yard runs? or two 300 yard runs?
    If you read the website it’s actually 6 50 yd runs (25 yds up, 25 yds back – repeat 6 times).

  11. And the math is, Two 25-yard (up and back) sprints (jogs) 6 times. So 2 x 25 x 6 = 300 works. And do all of that twice with a break.

  12. Shanahan probably couldn’t do that in his wheelchair. What a twisted old man he has turned into.

  13. I can just imagine fat Albert running through the secod part and falling flat on his face and passing out just like kevin james did in the beginning of that movie mall cop, just before he passed the finish line lol

  14. @nogard … That is the stupidest logic I have ever heard.
    300yd shuttles are standard conditioning test from High School up through Pros and a million dollar athlete should be able to compete two with a five minute break between them … I have

  15. Pretty similar to the test Cody failed for the Ravens a couple days ago.
    Pretty much all teams do these tests. Pretty sure Casey Hampton was held out for weeks in Pitt because he had problems with it last year.

  16. First, yeah, Shanahan had best be sure that all the other OL and DL passed this test.
    Second, any pro athlete, lineman or not (I’m an ex-lineman) should be able to pass this sort of test. It’s not like making them run 400’s for time or a marathon. It’s a reasonable amount of work for someone who should be conditioned to do that sort of work. Yeah, it ain’t easy, and it certainly ain’t fun, but a fellow who makes millions of dollars a year being an athlete should be able to accomplish it.

  17. In Haynesworth’s defense, he is the only player I’ve ever seen that had to be carted off during a game because he was out of breath…

  18. It’s actually (6) 50 yard sprints = 300 yards. Do it once for time based on your position then rest about 2 min.
    Then do it again for time. They then take the average of both times and if it’s under the required time for your position then you pass the test!

  19. Some of the comments I’m seeing down here proves that very little of the PFT audience have ever been any type of athlete whatsoever. Which really doesn’t surprise me….at all…
    A shuttle run is DOWN AND BACK….I’ll repeat….DOWN AND BACK. 25 yds down, 25 yds back, =50 yds. 50 yds x 6 reps = 300 yds.
    There you go. For all of the “athletes” on here who also must have been skipping math class.

  20. They forgot to tell him they had 2 dozen donuts waiting as a reward if he made it through the second round.

  21. those are called “sidelines” and you run down back down back down back …
    we had to do those in high school under 60 seconds and started the season with 3 of them and ended the season with 6-7 of them for conditioning.
    it’s not excessive.. if he was training at all, even at 300 pounds, he’d be able to do them.
    amazing how so many of you have no clue.

  22. perfectly reasonable, we’ve all seen the play a million times where a back runs 99 yards, fumbles on the one, its returned the other way 99 yards, another fumble on the one…

  23. If you are a player who has attended the offseason conditioning program, you are not required to take the test.
    Only those players who did not attend the program are required to do so.
    It’s not punishment, it’s the teams way of insuring that they are in good enough shape to participate.

  24. wow. i dont think some of the most agile DL’s in the league could do that crap. good job by the redskins making unreasonable expectations. talk about a huge waste of money.

  25. The rest of the players didn’t get a $20 million bonus for sitting on their fat asses either.

  26. WhoDey85 says:
    July 29, 2010 2:32 PM
    Good lord this really isn’t a big deal. I am on a well known high school football team in Cincinnati, Ohio and we have kids that are going to big time colleges that don’t pass this test. Most are defensive or offensive linemen. It really isn’t as easy of a test as you think it is.
    Big Moe?

  27. Moral of the story: don’t screw with Shanahan…at least not so publicly. I have a feeling that this will be a very exhausting training camp for Haynesworth. He’s either going to collapse on the field or end up in the best shape of his life.

  28. To fully pass the test Al had to answer a skill testing question.
    “If you move 350 pounds of crap over 300 yards (without mechanical assistance), twice in the course of a day, how many millions of dollars will you have earned by the end of that day?. You have the rest of your life to think about the answer.”.

  29. The Redskiss have the same out that other teams have used in the past when regarding athletes that have skipped “voluntary practices”. The coaches state that from their attendance at the facility and in the practices that they are confident that the players previously in attendance are in satisfactory shape and don’t have to take the test. I’ve seen it and heard the statements made many times before.

  30. TWO 300-yd shuttle runs??!? We just had an earthquake in the area a little over a week over. What the hell is that psycho Shanahan trying to do, trigger another one?!
    If I find cracks in my foundation tonight, I’m going to send the bill to Dan Snyder!

  31. come on people this is punishment for big Al acting like an ass this off season, it’s not rocket science just common sense.

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