Signs point to Suh holdout

Although Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the second overall pick in the draft, has made clear his desire to report on time for training camp, we’re hearing that talks between the team and Suh’s agents are moving slowly.

There’s a school of thought that agents Roosevelt Barnes and Eugene Parker are aiming for top-pick money, possibly under Parker’s 2009 theory that No. 10 overall pick Michael Crabtree should have been a top-five selection.  Suh was regarded by many as the best player available in the draft, and Barnes and Parker could be arguing that the Rams had no choice but to take quarterback Sam Bradford because:  (1) the Rams desperately need a franchise quarterback; and (2) they have dumped too many first-round picks of late into linemen.

Though Barnes was believed to be taking the lead in the negotiations, Parker likely is more involved, now that he has gotten a deal done for receiver Dez Bryant at the 24th overall position.

It’s now believed that Barnes and Parker will wait to finalize Suh’s deal until Bradford works out his contract.

Either way, it’s looking less likely that Suh will realize his vision of showing up for his rookie training camp on time.

38 responses to “Signs point to Suh holdout

  1. Well, he’s kind of at the mercy of Bradford and the Rams. As is McCoy. So, this isn’t news.

  2. suh just get to camp.. your gonna get $$$ learn the D. so you can put detroit back in the hunt!!

  3. I wish there was another term that “holdout” for unsigned draft picks. A guy under contract refusing to report is a holdout. But someone under no contractual obligation to be present? That is something entirely different.
    Of course, you never hear a coach criticize a GM for not getting a given player signed — it seems to always be the coach attacking the player, usually via the media.

  4. Why do these players and agents talk about where they SHOULD have went instead of where the DID go in the draft…this isn’t a f-ing mock draft for christs sake…

  5. Just like signs pointed to Brady holding out due to contract issues? Just like signs pointed to Bryant being let go now that TO is there? Just like…dude we can keep going and going on your ‘stir the pot’ posts.

  6. Suh,
    You were drafted #2 …. not #1.
    You get #2 money … not #1
    Don’t be an idiot.

  7. That fact that agents keep trying to use the “well he could/should have been drafted higher” tact to create leverage is rediculous. If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.
    My guess is the ceilling for the Lions is Stafford’s deal. They aren’t going to give Suh more guaranteed money than him. end of story
    If this guy holds out for any lengthy time period over this bitreal then he is not as smart as everyone thinks.

  8. I should have been the #1 pick and should be getting top dollars too, if only all the teams had no choice but to take “football players”. I like Parkers theory and I am holding out to! I will not report to training camp until I get the contract I deserve!

  9. I don’t buy it. Look, 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month – it doesn’t matter, if they miss so much as a second, people characterize it as a holdout. Once Bradford signs, the dominoes are going to fall. If it takes Sam 3 weeks then it comes down to a matter of the rest of the picks playing chicken and it would have been the Rams’ fault for being too stupid (ala Al Davis) not to lock him up before the draft. Funny but you’ve dumped on Parker with Bryant and NOW Suh but you were so effusive with praise for Condon and now, it looks like he’s going to take this down to the wire like you said he wouldn’t.

  10. The Lions must have planned on this happening, as soon as they saw that Eugene Parker was his agent.
    This is no surprise…..

  11. ThePlainTruth says:
    July 29, 2010 3:32 PM
    You were drafted #2 …. not #1.
    You get #2 money … not #1
    Don’t be an idiot.
    You’re right, but I think the comment should be directed at his agents. Most players let their agents lead them around by the nose.
    Besides, there is an unwritten “QB premium” where QB’s generally get more money than other position players drafted in the same draft spot.
    This is why Tim Tebow’s agent is demanding more money than Dez Bryant got, who was drafted one spot ahead of Tebow. (Though you will never read that on this Tebow fanboy site)
    So even if you want to consided Bradford and Suh pics 1 a&B, Bradford would still get more money.

  12. If only the coach would have put Uncle Rico into the championship game, he would have made the NFL. He can throw a football over a mountain.
    Could have, would have, should have…..

  13. Mike, everyone…. Parker used that theory last year for Crabtree. It’s not something he’s done before and there’s no reason to expect him to do it again. Get over the Crabtree argument, he’s not going to use it, it was unique to Michael.
    We haven’t signed Best either. Does that mean signs point to a holdout there?
    Signs don’t point to “holdouts”, the reality is the process is moving extremely slow this year. Holdout suggests the teams are dickering over details. I doubt an offer has even been presented as of yet.

  14. who the hell does this eugene parker guy thinks he is? i don’t understand why any player would sign with this guy. he starts derailing your career before it even starts

  15. who the hell does this eugene parker guy thinks he is? i don’t understand why any player would sign with this guy. he starts derailing your career before it even starts

  16. There are always two sides to the negotiations. The team is trying to pay as little as possible and the player is trying to get as much as they can.
    The agents are no worse than those negotiating for the team. This is the business side of the NFL and it’s the part I simply don’t care to get involved in. If the Lions want him bad enough they’ll make a deal and get him into camp.
    That said, when was the last #1 pick not signed prior to the draft? You can speculate all you want, but without the #1 guy setting a ceiling you can’t expect an agent to do anything differently. As long as #1 isn’t signed, #2 can ask for the sun, the moon and all the stars. It’s a business. Once the player is injured or washed up the teams don’t give a rats ass about them, so they have to get as much as they can, when they can.

  17. actually numberfour, the Lions rarely if ever have holdout issues. I believe Roy went 2 days and CJ went a few days as well…considering they ALWAYS draft in the top 10 I’d say that’s not too shabby!
    If you’re going to bust on a team that is easy to bust on, at least bust on the right things….it’s an easy target and somehow you still missed!

  18. Agree with Contra … seems a lot of signs have been misread lately. Would rather save my reaction for actual events.

  19. So Florio not only has the inside on negotiations on Bradford, but he also knows what’s going on in Detroit? Fail.
    Florio, stick to your wheelhouse of cheap zings and recycled news alerts. Admit it, you don’t know anything about the #1 and #2 pick negotiations… just like the rest of us.
    These deals can get done in hours. Lions don’t practice till Saturday.

  20. This is a perfect example of why there needs to be a rookie pay scale. There is nothing to say this guy won’t be a bust in the pro league, and yet he expects the team to give into his demands.

  21. I hate that this ‘might’ happen, but from a financial perspective I can understand. If this could possibly be the last big rookie payday (assuming a rookie wage scale is put in place for the next go round) then as an agent I’m going to put my best slimy a** foot forward in an effort to milk every last penny. Do I like agents? Hardly, they are as pathetic as defense attorneys. But you’d have to think that a possible rookie cap plays into their thoughts.

  22. @ Bun McStickey
    You’re an ignorant fool. You will be pile driven for that comment.

  23. I guess if Suh doesn’t sign, he doesn’t donate the $2.5 million to Nebraska like he said he would…

  24. You fools sticking up for the players are as idiotic as Florio pointing to every draft pick and saying that “an apparent holdout is looming”.
    No matter where these guys are selected, these guys are going to get PAID. Most of the top selections already get paid way too much and never actually earn their money. Just the idea that some guy that has never done a thing in the league has the greed and gall to pinch every last penny for contract they will likely never live up to is ridiculous.

  25. Bun McSticky says:
    Anyone else think Suh is going to be a disappointment in the NFL?
    Not really, but there’s always that risk, and the risk increases if he’s sitting home instead of practicing. It usually takes awhile for DTs to get going, and he’s going to meet some opposing linemen during the season that are a lot better than the guys he sees in practice. If he shows up.

  26. Number two money, hands down. The last time I saw a body like that his name was Mandarich——and we all know how that turned out. He was proclaimed the second coming and never amounted to anything. I hope he is the real deal but nothing has been earned yet………

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