Troy Aikman now says he won't join Dancing with the Stars

Recently, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman told TMZ that he’ll join Dancing with the Stars “next year.”  We watched the video, and it didn’t seem that he was joking.

Apparently, he was. 

Aikman says via Twitter that he won’t be appearing on the show, because it “interferes with American Idol auditions.”

Aikman’s comments suggest that he regards appearing on Dancing with the Stars as the equivalent of appearing on American Idol.  The difference, of course, is that two of his best-known teammates, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, have appeared on Dancing with the Stars, along with other current and former NFL players.

And even though, as Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram points out, the next season of Dancing with the Stars would conflict with Aikman’s football duties, the show has two “seasons” per year.  So Aikman possibly could have appeared “next year” as in, literally, next year.

Either way, Aikman’s on-air partner, Joe Buck, likely doesn’t appreciate the fact that Aikman decided to mess with Buck’s favorite website.

21 responses to “Troy Aikman now says he won't join Dancing with the Stars

  1. Conflicting reports emerge on whether Joe Buck threw a hissy fit over these developments.

  2. Thank God. Who gives a crap about the good ol boy and whether he can dance. The better question is when did he learn to read – at UCLA or once he started working for Fox.

  3. I hope young children are not reading PFT. They might get the impression that there is a career in linking to other people’s stories without providing any value added content. This is like using OPM to enrich oneself.

  4. Either way, Aikman’s on-air partner, Joe Buck, likely doesn’t appreciate the fact that Aikman decided to mess with Buck’s favorite website.
    haha i followed the link both times and watched it in its entirety both times…..priceless!

  5. Wonderful news. Because as you know, football fans are also Dancing With The stars fans.
    WHO CARES!!!

  6. BREAKING NEWS!!! Tom Brady will NOT..I REPEAT WILL NOT be posing with a goat this year in GQ Magazine

  7. too many lies Florio. Next thing you are going to post is that Jimmy Johnson will be on the next Survivor show…

  8. Troy wants to concentrate on developing chemistry with his dancing partner, Tim Tebow, before comitting to appearing on the show.

  9. Dude’s charisma index is zero.
    He’d do just fine on Putting People to Sleep with the Stars. Or Boring Americans Until their Eyes Bleed with the Stars.
    But dancing? No.

  10. Really?…
    Conflicting reports on Troy Aikman’s decision to dance on a TV show…
    Mrs. Favre’s gym membership possibly meaning that Brett made a decision…
    I realize that this site does include rumors, but c’mon Perez!.. mix in a juicy one already.
    Didn’t camp open?

  11. He LEARNED how to read, its just that hes FORGOTTEN it now after all those concussions!Hed be lost trying to remember all those dance moves…

  12. If he spent some time with Brett Favre, we could learn to be firm and decisive. You know, make a decision and stick with it.

  13. “Aikman’s on-air partner, Joe Buck”
    You mean his partner (winky winky stinky stinky) Joe Buck?!?!
    A homo!

  14. I know it concerns an older, retired football player, but Dancing with the Stars? Who cares? Seriously.

  15. joe buck must’ve been pissed it was probably the first time in many years that he screamed out loud and not in that montone voice of his

  16. Too bad – I was looking forward to watching Troy do the cha-cha-cah with dancing partners Mark Ballas or Tony Dovolani.

  17. finally public proof of what we have all suspected for so long……he can’t dance. Now we can all focus completely on Brett Favre.

  18. “overrated closeted loser- avg game 18-29, 199 yds, 1 td i int.”
    Your math skills need work. Among other things.

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