Andre Smith's salary de-escalator looms

With Bengals tackle Andre Smith unable to practice due to a lingering foot problem and concerns regarding his conditioning and coach Marvin Lewis miffed (per Peter King of at the quality of the intel the Bengals received on Smith from the man who enjoys his Little Debbie snack cakes with the buds of a forked tongue, a key portion of Smith’s rookie deal has come back into focus.

For every game in which Smith weighs more than 350 pounds and isn’t on the 45-man active roster, Smith’s paycheck will be cut in half.

Based on Smith’s base salary of $1.08 million, it means that he’d lose $31,700 each week in which he fails to make weight and doesn’t dress for the game.

Why do we have a feeling that he could end up losing 31 large more than a few times this year?

UPDATE:  It was late and I was loopy and I didn’t realize that I had screwed up the decimal point when doing the math originally.

21 responses to “Andre Smith's salary de-escalator looms

  1. It’s going to be a race between blubber de-escalator and bonus de-escalator for Andre “Too Fat” Smith.

  2. Just from looking at Smith’s pics without his shirt on, I’d say a de-fibrillator probably looms in his future as well.

  3. I love my Bengals, but Andre Smith was a mistake from Day One. I hope the huge pay cuts will have an effect on him. What a waste of a draft pick.

  4. The Bengals were stupid to even draft his fat ass! The guy showed you his work ethic at the combine when he showed up slow, weak and drastically over weight. Great pickup Cincy, who scouts for you? You could have traded out of the first round and still picked Debbie Smith with all the red flags he had coming out of the combine. What a complete waste

  5. I don’t understand players like this. If you have the potential to make tens of millions of dollars playing a game, why screw up like this? Why not keep in shape and follow the terms of your contract? You know this loser will be dead in a decade or less. The headline “Former first round flop dies of stroke at age 32”

  6. A. Smith is very quickly proving what a lot of Bengals Fans thought, and that is he’s a fat, lazy, BUST!!

  7. Hey steeler560, Same old Bengals that kicked your ass twice last year and will do it again this year. I bet you still like your rapist QB still don’t you!!

  8. He can have reduction surgery on those double D’s he’s carrying around and lose about 15 lbs. Gotta be cheaper than 31k. Everytime I see that kid I can’t think of anything but him running a 40 with shirt off … who’s genius idea was that!

  9. This guy was too lazy to prepare for the combine in any way – physically, mentally, anything. And that was when he was looking at millions of dollars at stake. If he won’t get in shape for that, why would anybody think he’d get in shape for the season?
    Just a dumb pick. And I said so at the time.

  10. Something tells me he’ll be drive blocking some pansy butt steeler D lineman in the turf as Ced runs over polelula again. Tell hines to cue up the tears!!

  11. Andre Smith vs. Albert Haynesworth should try out for ‘Wipeout’ or ‘Biggest Loser’ while they work on trimming down the LB’s. Must see television there.

  12. lmao @ Zack. BROKEN FOOT???? wasn’t that last years injury? The reason his foot hasn’t healed properly is cause he’s 400lbs. Way to much weight distributed on 2 feet while running. There’s so many other exercises that are little to no impact on his foot he could’ve been doing to keep his weight down. NO EXCUSES for his lazy ass

  13. this was the easiest predicted bust i have ever seen.
    this guy was a head case from day one.

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