Jeff Fisher calls latest Lane Kiffin comments "ridiculous"

USC coach Lane Kiffin says the lawsuit filed against him by the Tennessee Titans has more to do with acrimony toward him in Tennessee than with the legal merits of the case.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher says Kiffin couldn’t be more wrong.

I think that’s absolutely ridiculous,” Fisher said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Fisher said he couldn’t get into too many details about the lawsuit, but he did say that head coaches typically do each other the courtesy of letting each other know if one coach plans to offer another coach’s assistant a job. Fisher says Kiffin didn’t extend that courtesy.

“There’s a protocol,” Fisher said. “There’s a courtesy call. . . . It happens all the time. In this particular case, it did not happen.”

30 responses to “Jeff Fisher calls latest Lane Kiffin comments "ridiculous"

  1. This lawsuit is ridiculous. What Kiffin did was stupid and typical. However, as a taxpayer, I have enough of frivolous lawsuits.
    Just as I don’t want congress wasting time on the BCS, I don’t want state employees wasting time processing a lawsuit over a stolen coach, or said clogging what I am sure is already an overloaded docket.
    Seriously, boys, settle this amongst yourselves.

  2. Let me get this straight, everyone hates Lane Kiffin because he goes out and gets his dream job AND can bring in whatever personnel he wishes??? Sounds like a good hardball recruiter/GM. After 5 years we’re yet to see if he can coach…

  3. The lawsuit is indeed ridiculous, but Lanie really should be careful- once Haden gets tired of his schitck and his dad retires and he can’t use him to get other jobs, where’s he gonna go? Start thinking ahead Lane. But at least he was right about Jarmacus.

  4. Let me get this straight. Fisher is suing over…manners?
    I had no idea there were politeness laws.

  5. are you guys seriously going get all TeaPartied out over an NFL lawsuit? get over your tea party already.

  6. It may be a frivolous lawsuit, but Kiffin needs to learn, and quickly, that he can’t just do whatever the crap he wants to whoever he wants with no fear of consequences. Act professionally or you will regret it. Stop being a d-bag everywhere you go. That is what Kiffin needs to learn, but he probably never will.

  7. Maybe Fisher should worry about his own team. Quickly they’re turning into the 3rd best team in that division.

  8. “are you guys seriously going get all TeaPartied out over an NFL lawsuit? get over your tea party already.” Learn to speak English. If you want to live in our country, Liberal schmuck.

  9. Wow, for a non-issue these guys surely are happy to milk this publicly 10x more than they should.

  10. @ Music City D-Troit Fan
    What do expect… 90% of those that comment on this site are angry, uneducated ass-clowns that have nothing better to do than sit back behind the viel of their computer and spout of their anger.
    What better way to stir up some jerk-off’s anger than to read about soemone successful getting what they want… it’s quickly becoming the American way.

  11. Lane Kiffin lies again. In other world constants: the world is round, grass is green, and water is wet.

  12. hahahah! Im with Eazy-E on this one, I think Fishers ultimate revenge would be to take the USC job in 3 years when their off probation. Lane Kiffin is a joke, what has he done?

  13. Maybe Fisher should collude with Tony Dungy to get into the playoffs again.

  14. Inheriting that mess that Pete Carroll left him at USC is punishment enough. I have to admit that Lane Kiffin however is a bandwagon piece of garbage. He deserves the mess that got dumped on him for the way he left Tennessee in the lurch. The modern sports era is going down the crapper because of athletes and coaches like Carroll and Kiffin. No more allegiance anymore. Everybody wants instant success and nobody wants to build from the ground up anymore. The days of watching your favorite players and coaches work on your hometown team for 10 years are over. No more pride and identity in sports.

  15. “If USC is lucky, Fisher could be their head coach in 3 years.”
    Not a chance. Fisher has been inducted into the USC Hall of Shame for his immature rant. He has sued USC and therefore dragged new AD Pat Hayden into his mudpit. This matter should have been handled privately between Hayden and Fisher. Maybe HAyden has already told Fisher to grow up and move on. Maybe Hayden reminded Fisher that Fisher poached Norm Chow when he was OC at USC. Maybe Jack del Rio ( another USC alum) privately complained to Kiffin/Hayden when Fisher poached Pola from his Jaguars’ staff. Comments on the internet indicate that Fisher’s credibility has taken a hit around the NFL and NCAA for his childish ranting over a position coach who was immediately replaced internally by the Titans. This does seem more of a personal vendetta against Kiffin by the state of TN. Or Maybe Fisher’s wife is jealous of Kiffin’s very hawt wife. This seems more like a catfight than a valid lawsuit.

  16. So because he didn’t get a courtesy call, he sued?
    Courtesy calls aren’t mandatory, are they? It’s a courtesy, that’s all.
    Obviously Lane Kiffin is a grade-A douche, but you don’t need a lawsuit against the man to prove it.
    Hell, Al Davis thinks Little Lane is a douche. What does that say when the Cryptkeeper thinks you’re bad?

  17. “BigTony300”
    What you said bro. Couldn’t have said it any better. Kiffen deserves whatever bad Karma he gets.

  18. BigTony300 says …
    “Everybody wants instant success and nobody wants to build from the ground up anymore. The days of watching your favorite players and coaches work on your hometown team for 10 years are over.”
    Pete Carroll spent 9 years at USC and did not inherit a powerhouse program. He revived (built) a program that had been all but dead for the past decade into a team that dominated the PAC-10 and was in contention for a shot at the BCS game 7 straight years. You may want to find another example other than Carroll.
    Lots of people get on Carroll because they think he knew these sactions were coming and bailed … whether he sactions (some) were coming or not, I highly doubt he knew the sactions were going to be this severe.
    People want to blame Pete Carroll for something Reggie Bush did. Bush is the person that brought this on USC, NOT Pete Carroll. Carroll took another job and you blame him for the the downfall of the sports era, yet Saban and Meyer took jobs yet Carroll is the villian. Nice try, but I do not think so.

  19. mdtrojan
    bigtony300 I am thinking thats your weight and not your IQ. You dumb ass. Pete Carrol was a great coach. For nine years he was shown diviving into pools with his team, taking then to fun parks, sliding on the sidelines in oragon in the wet weather. You just are too dumb too understand. He left because of the news not because he made the news. Bush is a d bag. He and maybe one assistant coach knew about this. punish kid that are four years removed from the circumstanes is a bigger injustace than what Bush did. NCAA should be disband. National communist againt athletes. And you Tony need to enhance your mental thought proccess.

  20. Check Kiffin’s resume. Seriously, what has he accomplished yet trouble follows him. You can tell a lot about a man by how he deals with these types of situations. Kiffin obviously doesn’t care or think protocol applies to him. Fisher isn’t a guy to call others out. We tease about how great it must be to play for him, he’ll rarely ever calls anyone out – when he went after Kiffin – this is what we know: Kiffin deserved all he got from JF. Kiffin will never be in Fisher’s catagory – ever!

  21. Jeff Fisher has a right to be mad. When you lose quality people it hurts. Unwritten rule for a phone call to coaches? Perhaps. Law Suit? That is sad. It’s sad that a Man with as much success as Jeff Fisher has had cannot take the High Road like many before him have had to do. America is a free country last I looked and Employees have Free Will to move as they see fit. Perhaps, Mr. Fisher should consider why this individual left in the first place?
    Maybe the Program with the Titans is on such a downward spiral that this young coach decided to retrace his steps to his former Campus and go where he sees a great opportunity. Had the opportunity in the NFL been there Im sure this person would have stayed. Who wouldn’t. Sounds to me like Mr. Fisher is on the last few miles of an expiring run in the NFL.
    Get a life Mr. Fisher and calm down…..

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