Mike Tannenbaum gets his payday too

Thumbnail image for M. Tannenbaum.jpgWe’re not surprised the Jets moved quickly to extend coach Rex Ryan’s contract.

We are admittedly taken aback that the Jets announced a five-year extension on Friday for G.M. Mike Tannenbaum as well.  (He quietly signed the deal in June, but no one knew.) Both Ryan and Tannenbaum will now be paid by the Jets through 2014.

After Eric Mangini went 9-7, it appeared that Tannenbaum helped push his old friend out to save his job.  In comes Rex Ryan, the team goes 9-7 again, and now Tannenbaum is a made man. That’s the cynical view of the situation.

We also have to give Tannenbaum his fair share of credit for many outstanding draft picks and moves over the last few years, even if the “football men” in the building like Mangini and Ryan are pulling the strings.  Tannenbaum and Ryan clearly seem to work well together, and owner Woody Johnson is comfortable with both men.  He wanted to make a statement about the future of the team.

Still, the commitment comes as a mild surprise considering Tannenbaum’s wildly up and down four-year run as general manager.

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  1. In two years when he and Ryan are both gone, and the team is paying both a current and former coach and GM, guess who will pay for the owner’s stupidity- ticket buying fans. Yay!

  2. A 9-7 record that included two gift wins.
    Here is how I see the 2010 AFC East:
    1) Patriots
    2) Dolphins
    3) Jets
    4) Bills
    And because of the Ryan and Tennenbaum signings the Jets will climb no higher than third place through 2014 and in fact may be passed by the Bills.

  3. Ahhh…isn’t nice to get paid for spewing out wildass speculation that is mostly unsupported by any facts. The 2008 9-7 version of the Jets finished on a down note out of the playoffs with an experienced QB. The 2009 9-7 version of the Jets made it to the AFCCG with a rookie QB. That is a big difference to most anyone who isn’t a Patriot fan and therefore critic of anything Jets.

  4. Think about it.. 4 years, 9-7 2 years, 10-6 one year, and 4-12 in a year where their QB went down…. Really not that bad.

  5. Looks like Tannenbaum really did get his Christmas in July.
    Only German speakers will appreciate the wry humor in that statement.

  6. Yeah pretty inconsistent job by Mr. T. Trading up to draft Revis and Sanchez, drafting Harris, Cotchery and Greene in the mid-rounds. Drafting Mangold and Brick. Trading for Edwards, Holmes, Cromartie and Jenkins. Signing Pace, Pool, Scott and Leonard. Lets talk about the bad moves…Gholston and??? Yeah when I look up inconsistent in the dictionary, I’m sure with that record Mr. T comes up.
    Gimme a break, why don’t you re-name PFT the Home of Jets haters. It’s a joke. So all the moves I mentioned above will be credited to Mangini or the “football” guys but Gholston will probably go on Tannenbaums record.
    For a guy without a football background, he’s done an incredible job using his knowledge of the cap and the scouts and player development people to build a core and put the Jets in a position to compete for the Super Bowl. That’s all you can ask.
    Try putting forth some facts to back up your up and down opinion. But of course that would require making stuff up because it can’t be done.

  7. The football men in the organization pulling the strings on draft picks were not Mangini and Ryan but rather the scouting epartment of Bradway and Clinksclae. Those two are the real brains and power behind the jets sucess, They both advocated strongly for the trade ups for Revis, harris and Greene against Tannenbaum’s desires.
    In regards to Mangini he had little say on draft picks except that he wanted Ghoulston against the strong recommendations of th souting department to the contrary. Mangini’s other big pick was that boar hunter they drafted in the 3rd round from OSU in 2006.
    But yes your right Florio its the football men in the organization, Bradway and Clinkscale that have been responsible for the Jets draft picks of Ferguson, Mangold, Revis, Harris, Leon, Brad Smith and Greene. While its the non football people like Tannenbaum and Mangini (yes he is not a football person) that have been responsible for the bad picks like Ghoulston, Clemens, the boar hunter, and Eric Smith.
    Not to say Tannemnbaum has not done good things. He has been a much better trader/dealer than Bradway ever was. But he is a number guys only. Well not only as he has shown the ability to listen and take advice from others and the ability to make tough decisions. He is a mixed bag but a good to very good GM as long as he is surrounded with real football men. Although I have grave concerns about his ethics.

  8. patriots are going down hill and fast since everyone found out they were cheating…no denying that. the dolphins and Jets are climbing up to the top, wouldnt be suprised to see the Patriots lose two to the Bills this year either.

  9. Wow Rosenthal. Do us all a favor and stick to the things you know, like fantasy football analysis.

  10. Cousinrk
    PFT is the home of haters of every team. Most comments do not make sense for any knowledgible fan.
    Let the three team race in the AFC East begin.
    Buffalo and its fans like ejtown should spend the season watching college football getting ready to use the first pick in the 2011 draft.

  11. cousinrk says: July 30, 2010 3:03 PM
    Yeah pretty inconsistent job by Mr. T. Trading up to draft Revis and Sanchez, drafting Harris, Cotchery and Greene in the mid-rounds.
    Cotchery was drafted in the 4th round by Bradway in 2004.
    In regards to people comparing 2008’s 9-7 record to 2009’s 9-7 record 2009 is much much better.
    In 2008 not only was the schedule much easier but the Jets had a top QB in Favre. In 2009 the Jets started possibly the worst QB not named Russel to play in the last 10 years. Its hard to imagine A QB playing worse than Sanchez did last year. Not only was he terrible but he was terrible when other teams were stacking the box with 8-9 men daring him to throw.
    Imagine if Sanchez had to face defenses expecting him to throw. Oops that did happen. The stats show that in closes games in the 4th quarter in his QB dropped even below that of Jamarcus. With Favre the Jets would have been a 12-14 win team last with the huge upgrade in coaching. The same goes for the jets in 2008 if they ahd any other HC other than Mangini. Almost every area of the Jets immediately improved when Mangini left the building except QB.
    Look at how much better the defense played under Ryan compared to Mangini. Don’t just look at the stats but look at the emotion they played with. How much harder they hit. But that improvement was across the board.
    The Jets are arguably the most talented team in the NFL except where it counts At QB. This has been the case for a number of years now. In 2008 the jets lead the league with 7 pro bowlers and 5 alternates they just lacked a coach. Now they lack a QB. Hopefully Sanchez will improve.

  12. For the past 2 years this site’s been claiming non-stop that the Jets were setting Tannenbaum up to take the fall and get fired. Then they sign him to a 5 year extension, and your response is “that’s odd, they didn’t improve at all last season.”
    From where I (and the Jets) stand, the AFC title game is a major improvement from missing the playoffs.

  13. # 90ragtop says: July 30, 2010 3:02 PM
    Looks like Tannenbaum really did get his Christmas in July.
    Only German speakers will appreciate the wry humor in that statement.

  14. Well done, Zinn. It’s mostly true, Sanchez is a total Achilles Heel, if he shows the maturity he did during the playoffs, we’re in very good shape.

  15. Gholston is really the only clunker on Mr T’s resume. And hiring Mangini..I’m still surprised they extended him for 5 years tho.
    Manish from the daily news is reporting jets/revis might be close to a deal!

  16. If Tannenbaum somehow keeps all these guys together after this season I’ll give him credit for being a decent GM, but I don’t see it happening. If a bunch of these free agents bolt next year the Jets take a huge step backward.
    The Jets have had HALF as many draft picks than the average NFL team in the last four years, that’s a losing strategy no matter how you spin it. And there hasn’t been a single player drafted in rounds 5-7 that’s made a damn bit of impact to the franchise. That approach leaves holes all over a roster, that Tannanbaum has had to fill by overpaying free agents, and has left the Jets with little depth on both the OL and DL.
    Also, the Jets have exactly ONE WR under contract next season – Cotchery. So even if Tanny manages to get the ‘core four’ under contract, out of sheer desperation they’ll still have to overpay either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes. Nice planning.

  17. Zinn, you may have a future writing for PFT. You have a way of stating wild speculation as if it is a fact. Mangini is a non-football person? Are you too lazy to use wiki before you post your nonsense?:
    “Mangini was a linebacker at Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Connecticut.
    Mangini played nose tackle at Division III Wesleyan University and holds the school’s single-season (11.5) and career (36.5) sacks records[1]. During the second semester of his junior and senior years, he coached the Kew Colts, a semi-professional football team in Melbourne, Australia, to two regional championships
    1994-1995: offensive assistant for Belichick and the browns
    1996 : offensive assistant with the Baltimore Ravens
    1997 – 1999: Mangini joined Bill Belichick and spent three seasons as a defensive assistant with the New York Jets. When Belichick was hired as the New England Patriots head coach in 2000, he brought along Mangini as his defensive backs coach. Mangini, who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, turned down defensive coordinator positions with the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns before accepting the position with New England in 2005.
    Head Coach, Jets : 2006 – 2008
    Head Coach, Browns: 2009 – present.
    Not too shabby a resume for a ‘non-football person’.

  18. oh tannenbaum oh tannenbaum…….
    it’s christmas tree in german dummkopf!!
    Lived there in the 80’s…….
    Jests, paper SB champs….. 8-8 in reality!! maybe 9-7…
    I bet you won’t get any presents next years Mikey!!

  19. @90ragtop ==>> LOL
    i bet he is singing OH Tannenbaum, OOh Tannenbaum wie schön sind deine Blätter (Benjamins)
    i cant help but…. the Jets to me… i just have to think of the Hero Turtles, without being hero and just turtles…
    im pretty sure tannenbaum is relieved, as he almost had to sign for bancrupy after inviting Rex Ryan over for christmas dinner….

  20. tomservo, Ryan is clearly under orders to win NOW! All four of their 2010 draft choices will play in some capacity , with at least two of them immediate starters and 2 coming off the bench. They could have drafted a WR, but most NFL teams would take taken the Santonio Holmes trade in a heartbeat. Besides, Joe McKnight will be a 3rd down receiving threat. Sure they will have signing issues next year, but the Jets will take that if they win it all this year. I think most teams are just happy to win a SB; not become a dynasty.

  21. Makes you wonder how rich people became rich when they make such stupid decisions……that’s right, Woody didn’t earn squat, he inherited it all. Most people are rewarded with a raise or contract extension after they have actually accomplished something. Can’t wait to see what Woody has to say after the season or better yet, around mid-season when his jets implode. 9-7 is the best they will do and miss the playoffs. the redskins learned….albeit the hard way, that money, over-the-hill players, selfish players and a ton of baggage is a bad recipe for team chemistry.

  22. Serious I was kidding about Mangini being a non football person. More in the line that he is so disliked by his football players that he really can’t be considered a football person. I agree bad joke. Yes he is a football person a very bad football person whose opinion should never be valued.
    From a personal/scout standpoint has almost no experience. From a coaching standpoint his experience is limited and is arguably not qualified to be even a coordinator. While his best attribute is his knowledge of X and O’s that is not saying much as he is terrible in almost every other facet of the game. He is arguably the most disliked NFL head coach we have seen in 20 years. And it does not take long for him to be disliked. It only took a week with the Jets in 2006 before we almost had a player revolt. Last year he went out of his way to garner dislike not only from the players but the entire organization with his painting over the Brown mural and his forcing rookies to ride a bus 20 hours to do free work at his football camp. Add in how much he is disliked by other coaches because of ethical failings. Where Dungy called him unethical and implied he was a cheater for his illiegal use of substitutions in 2007 against the Colts. Which required an unheard of emergency meeting e days later of the rule committee to pass “The Mangini rule,” stopping him from further cheating.
    But most of all he is perhaps the worst football coach we have seen in the NFL since Kotite and Lou Holtz. I have never seen teams play with less emotion and effort than they have done for his Browns and Jets. Notice how almost every player on the Jets immediately improved upon his leaving. Remarkable. I would imagine the same thing will happen with the Browns in 2011.
    In 2006 he benefited by perhaps the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL. Week after week of playing teams who by chance happened to be playing their worst football of the season. How many QBs made their first appearance of the season against the Jets that season. It was criminal he did not win 12 games in 2006.
    In 2006 how many late leads did the jets blow because of Mangini’s trick plays. Mangini loves to show how much smarter he is than other coaches. Which usually means he finds new way to lose. If the other team has the worst run defense of course he will never run. they would of course expect that. Magini’s refusal to run the ball when winning costs the Jets 7-8 wins in 2007.
    In 2008 he had arguably the most talented team in the league with 12 pro bowl starters and alternates and Favre at the top of his game. Almost impossible the Jets would not win at least 12 games. But he blew that to. Move on tot he Browns and their 33 total completions in 2009. Mangenious. Hah. Wait until 2011 Browns fans your team might be so happy to that Mangini is gone they might win it all simply because he is gone.
    But Manini’s biggest failing is that of a human being. He treats everyone poorly and takes every shortcut imaginable. For someone who is arguably a smart man he might be the stupidist man in the NFL. There is no one he will not sell out to get what he wants just as there is no one who will play for him left. All of the Browns know 2010 is waiting game to 2011.

  23. good pay the man Tanny. He lives 5 minutes from me in a HUGE house, needs the $$ for the mortgage.
    Just on moving up in the draft to nab Revis makes him worthy of the extension.
    Glad to have Tanny and Sexy Rexy under contract, this is OUR YEAR jets make us proud.

  24. this guy is as big a d-bag as there is. remember when he and mangini lied about cheating by taping in foxboro? what a scumbag.

  25. Zinn, your posts cannot be taken seriously because you are the definition of a ‘hater’ in sports. Your gift for character assasination make you a perfect recruit for PFT. BTW, the AFC EAst pretty much shared the Jets 2006 schedule. Mangini won 10 games, but it was criminal that he didn’t win 12? I guess it was also criminal that Brady started tossing critical INTs in the playoffs as well. The Pats barely got by San Diego due to Brady’s 3 INTs, and who can forget his game clinching INT in the Colts AFCCG.

  26. 9-7
    Wildly up and down, eh? The losing season being when he lost his starting QB for the year.

  27. Zinn, the AFC EAst pretty much shared the Jets 2006 schedule. Mangini won 10 games, but it was criminal that he didn’t win 12?
    Its not always who you play but when you play them that makes an opponent difficult or not. For example playing the Titans the 1st week fo the season as the jets did when they started a QB who had less than week of practice on a team that lost their fiorst 4-5 games. Is quite different than playing the Titans at the end of the year with Young winning almost every game.
    In 2006 the jets were lucky enough to play almost every game against a team when that team was playing its worst football. Whether its game its Harrington’s 1st start, Collins 1st start, Cleo Lemons 1st ever start or playing the raiders after they had given up the season. The Jets that year had the good fortune to play everyone at the best time of year. 2006 was a gift a footbal team will get once in a lifetime. Not only was the schedule easy but they played almost everyone at their weakest.
    Not to mention everyone was healthy as well. We went from 2004 being inches from the title game to 2005 where we we had to play our 4th string QB, 3rd string RB and lost almost the entire OL. But that championship team returned healthy in 2006 with a gift of the schedule. Yes the Jets won 10 games but outside of the Pats win and Bears loss the team played without effort or emotion. They were lifeless and played terrible. The only reason they played well those two games was because Belicheck called out the jets coach during the bye week causing the players to rally together against Belly not for Mangini.
    Mangini is simply the worst coach since Kotite and Holtz. He beneftited by great luck in 2o06 of the schedule. But when he he no longer has 12 pro bowlers on his team we can see how well he coaches. 33 total completions. Hah. That is our genious. problem he normally outsmarts himself. The Browns will be 4-6 wins better the moment this blubber is removed from Cleveland.

  28. # ozu says: July 30, 2010 6:18 PM
    Wildly up and down, eh? The losing season being when he lost his starting QB for the year.
    The jets 4-12 season had nothing to do with Pennington getting hurt. Pennington went 1-7. When he got injured the season was over. The reason the Jets had a bad year was simply Mangini and his refusual to run the ball when the Jets had the lead. The jets blew 6-6 big leads that year because they tried to get Mangini like tricksey and would not run the ball. How many games did Thomas Jones get over 20 carries in 2007? If I recall once.
    2007 was nothing like 2005. In 2005 the Jets had to start a 4th string QB. They had 3 OL injured for the year. They had all 3 RBs hurt at least 8 games. Having to start their 3rd string RB the last half of the year. It’s hard to imagine a team with mroe injuries than the 2005 Jets. The 2007 team was a healthy team but with bad coaching. 2007 was a perfect example of how a Head coach can outsmart himself out of winning on a weekly basis.

  29. I have no idea why pft hates tannenbaum but you gotta think back to after the 2005 season when tanny took over and the jets were reportedly almost 30 mil (!) over the cap and he turned the franchise around in an extremely short period of time. Also, this guy has literaly stolen cromartie, Edwards, holmes and the sanchez pick from their respective teams. This guy has traded up in the draft for revis, Harris, Keller, sanchez and Greene in the last 3 drafts. Now, he does have the gholston pick on his resume but who’s resume is clean ?!!!!

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