NFL suspends Lions president 30 days, with $100,000 fine

League observers closely have been, well, observing the manner in which the league office would handle the recent DUI arrest and guilty plea of Lions president Tom Lewand.  Some were concerned that a double standard applies, with the NFL more inclined to punish players than coaches or front-office employees.

Late Friday afternoon, the league went a long way toward dispelling such perceptions by announcing that Lewand will be suspended 30 days and fined $100,000 for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

“You occupy a special position of responsibility and trust, and — as you have publicly acknowledged — your conduct must be consistent with someone in that position,” Commissioner Roger Goodell told Lewand in a letter.  “As we have discussed, those who occupy leadership positions are held to a higher standard of conduct that exceeds what is ordinarily expected of players or members of the general public.

“I commend you for your candor, your willingness to accept responsibility, and your publicly-stated recognition that this incident affects the reputation of the Lions and the NFL.”

The details of the league’s release hint that Lewand’s suspension will not occur without pay, and that instead he’ll forfeit $100,000 as his “total financial sanction.”  Without knowing Lewand’s overall compensation, it’s impossible to know whether the fine equates to a specific time period of his salary.

Still, given that players typically aren’t suspended for a first-time DUI incident, Lewand’s situation shows that, at least in this case, the league is willing to hold non-players to a higher standard than players.

32 responses to “NFL suspends Lions president 30 days, with $100,000 fine

  1. (insert cliched “hey if I was the President of the Detriot Lions I’d be drinking heavily too” joke here)

  2. Lesson learned here. Don’t get into trouble if you are a high profile white QB or a white front office guy. Even for no charges or a 1st offense you will be suspended much more harshly than a low profile black player would.
    Nobody sees anything wrong with different treatment for different people????

  3. Fair enough I think. Gotta be tempting to have a cold one after receiving that letter…

  4. Kind of harsh but they had to punish him if they are to punish players for misbehaving, I just hope it doesn’t take affect until Suh is signed

  5. He;s president of the freakin Lions. Does anyone really think him being gone for 30 days is going to doom the franchise?

  6. “League observers closely have been, well, observing the manner in which the league office would handle the recent DUI arrest and guilty plea of Lions president Tom Lewand.”
    Seriously? Are you absolutely sure, Florio, that you attended some institution of higher learning? Frankly, that sentence is such a travesty, it should be clapped in irons and paraded around the village so all the simple folk can laugh and point and throw vegetables at it.

  7. this is bull$hit imo…Lewand is a WCF employee and is not under a nfl contract. A nfl owner fliped off the home town team durning a NFL game and got 250,000 dollar fine while the guy who writes the contracts for the lions commits a driving infraction (driving while drunk is a big deal but don’t flame me call your congressmen if you don’t like that it is just a infraction). Lewand isn’t some nfl rookie giving millions of dollars before he has played a snap. he is a collage grad with 3 degrees that has worked hard to get where he is at. Way to go GODell guy gets a 800 dollar fine and you turn it into 100,800 doesn’t really seem fair.

  8. another example of the god awful inconsistencies of the “personal conduct policy”

  9. Big deal. He’ll just be a stay at home worker for those 30 days doing his normal responsibilities.

  10. Here we go, a president who is white gets 30 for DUI, Leroy Hill slaps wife and drugs gets 1 game, Ronnie Brown gets DUI and nothing? This is racial profiling against whites!

  11. The fine was much too harsh for the crime committed. NFL players charged recently with a DUI have not received a $100,000 fine. I don’t understand why a front office employee is being held to a higher standard.

  12. For a DWI???
    yet they let jerkoffs play after killing people…
    I understand it’s wrong, but 100K..
    get fuked

  13. 30 day suspension this close to camp.
    Good luck making the squad Lewand.
    And yes, I know he’s the president, but he was still the best athlete on that team!
    Another season lost.

  14. I don’t get this either players have been let off for doing worse….and screw you haters….I hope to God if your team plays us this year they look at them the same way you do and don’t prepare!

  15. Really impressive. Now, what about that a**hole Tom Cable. Shouldn’t a douche bag like that get more time for assault than this guy gets for admitted dui. Is Cable ever going to be punished? Just win baby.

  16. # funi says: July 30, 2010 8:02 PM
    Here we go, a president who is white gets 30 for DUI, Leroy Hill slaps wife and drugs gets 1 game, Ronnie Brown gets DUI and nothing? This is racial profiling against whites!
    Your former oline coach who is white sent porn to the entire NFL league office and received no punishment. They did “let” the black dude who coaches your team fire him though.
    Also, isn’t Detroit the team that had the nude drive through guy? I guess Goodell doesn’t mind all the nudie related stuff.

  17. People cry so much on this board its crazy. If this was a player everyone would be saying how “If I did that at my job I would be fired” blah blah blah
    Its retarded. If you are white and don’t actually work with your hands that gives you a free pass here.
    Bottom line, the guy should be held to a higher standard than the players becuz he is a team president. He got in trouble. Lesson learned.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks it’s likely that Goodell and Lewand probably discussed the matter and came to an agreement on the punishment? The league has taken the stance that they can sanction players for violating the personal conduct policy even if there’s no arrest or conviction. It’s extremely rare that upper management personnel get punished (granted, they don’t get in trouble nearly as much), and everyone was waiting to see if the league would let one of their own slide. In fact, there were many people who predicted nothing much would come of the incident, and that the league was pretty much going to end up saying do as we say and not as we do. The only way to preserve the personal conduct policy as it is (which the league considers vitally important, and for good reason) is to demonstrate that no one is above the rules, no matter how influential they are. So, the league punished Lewand more severely than it would a player to demonstrate that the higher your status in the league, the greater your responsibility to protect the shield. In other words, Lewand took one for the team to keep the peace and preserve the league’s right to enforce the personal conduct policy the way it seems fit to.

  19. Tom, change your name to Tyrone and the punishment will be removed. Blacks get away with murder, literally! I guess primates don’t know any better (over the top poster response).

  20. @JDMP
    You must have been top of your class in math.
    Somehow in your mind 30day/$100k > 1 yr suspension/ multi-million dollar payout
    Uh duh
    It has never made any sense to me why someone who makes millions of dollars can’t comprehend the idea of having a taxi, or a limo even, to cart his drunk self back home.

  21. Txbuck….they literally do NOT have taxis where he was…Hickville part of Michigan.

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