Pacman Jones can't cover Chad Ochocinco

After more than a year away from football, Adam “Pacman” Jones is attempting to catch on with the Cincinnati Bengals, and after the first practice he admitted to struggling, especially in coverage against Chad Ochocinco.

Chad killed me today,” Jones said. “It was my first time playing press coverage in two years, so it was a tough first day. I was on the ground way too many times. But it’s good to have a first day.”

Jones said he felt rusty, but Ochocinco, of course, thinks Jones’ inability to cover him should be interpreted not as a sign of Jones’ rustiness, but about Ochocinco’s greatness.

“I’m going to keep on killing him,” Ochocinco said. “But he’s real good. We’re going to keep going at it. It’s all about the competition and getting better.”

Jones assessed his performance at the start of camp by saying, “I’ve got a lot to work on.”

38 responses to “Pacman Jones can't cover Chad Ochocinco

  1. Good to see Jones has apparently and finally learned some humility. That said, he has never proven to be a NFL caliber starting DB, even before the troubles.

  2. PacMan sucks, he sucked on the Cowboys and he’ll suck in the near future.
    he’s lost his speed

  3. The Bengals are such a joke. Even if you this is your team, you have to know that they are a joke. Pacman Jones? Benson? T.O.? That DL with the guns? I am sure the list goes on.
    Oh well, at least they will beat the Steelers again.

  4. Ochostinko’s “greatness?” How many championships has he been a part of, let alone playoff wins? Dude couldn’t hold Hines Ward’s jock.

  5. He should just relax, forget about it, go the nearest stripclub with his friends so someone else can be shot.

  6. HomoforRomo,
    You did not watch his rookie season apparently. He might not be a superstar cover corner but “NFL caliber starting DB” he was.

  7. What is Pacman at best, a nickel corner? Probably not even that. He’s only a kick-returner at best now.

  8. “…even before the troubles.”
    I had no idea Jones was Irish!
    Or that old, for that matter!

  9. he doesn’t need to be a starting caliber DB. He’s fighting for the #3 spot on the Bengals.

  10. PR and KR. And, if he can cover anyone at all he will be the Nickle guy.
    Chad can kill you tho!! LOL

  11. Meanwhile, Leon Hall reported zero problems in covering Terrell Owens.
    In fact, after practice, Hall was heard asking, “why in the hell did we sign this guy?”

  12. “jibfest says: July 30, 2010 5:06 PM
    He should just relax, forget about it, go the nearest stripclub with his friends so someone else can be shot.”
    You misspelled “scrip club”

  13. 85 is a mediocre WR at this point in his career (who’s strength is beating bump and run)
    Killer CB is a crappy corner who just can’t cover, period.

  14. Ochocinco should talk TO into changing his name to “Yokocinco”, trading for Tony Romo and Pacman should start dating Jessica Simpson. The Bungals would have the best reality show ever.

  15. Sounds like Jones has his head on straight and a refreshingly realistic attitude towards his situation. I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity. The real news in this story is Jones’ statement that it is good he had that “first day” in an NFL camp. It’s all up to him.

  16. Pac Man should study game film of the Vikings Cedric Griffin bitch-slapping Ochocinco last season. Chad got smacked in the mouth so hard it knocked his helmet right off and layed him out like a corpse.

  17. Honestly, Pac-Man is a below average cover corner or press corner–He has decent, spotty coverage as a zone/nickel corner…that’s it…Ochocinco is a complete mediocre receiver..He is averaging 3 good games a year, 1 against Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit..that’s it..dude is done…child please..

  18. Pacman, maybe you should just be the thug you are and hurt Chad, then he won’t kill you every day. The Bengals still suck…real bad!!!

  19. I’m loving these comments……….the Pissburg fans are so scared of this team! It’s hilarious! You guys have finally figured out that you don’t stand a chance! You guys couldn’t get to the playoffs last year with Big Ben under center in every game. Now you don’t have him for possibly the first 6 games, Smoketonio is gone, fat Willy is gone, and if Polamolu stubs his toe he’ll be out for the year again. But hey, you got Fat Albert carrying the load, Randal El, Cries Hard. You guys just might beat Cleveland this year!

  20. To Defenders of the faith:
    Please learn how to speak english properly. You should have said:
    ‘Ah lacks dem scrip clubs. Ah sho do!’

  21. PacMan
    Tank Johnson
    They all fit in perfectly with Marvin Lewis’s “Can you believe we still are getting paid for this?” philosophy…

  22. The Bengals should be fun to watch as long as they are winning.
    But if they start losing they will turn into finger pointing lil’ bitches… drama queens in waiting, then the fun really starts.

  23. Guys like Jones don’t suddenly become good cover corners. It’s hard to believe he isn’t playing for nickels in the UFL.

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