Rams table $72-plus million offer for Sam Bradford

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch — who really should consider using his Twitter account more often — reports that the Rams have offered unsigned No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford a deal that exceeds $72 million over six seasons.

Bradford, of course, has yet to accept.
Last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Matthew Stafford of the Lions, received a six-year, $72 million contract with $41.75 million guaranteed.  It’s unclear how much guaranteed money the Rams have offered Bradford.
Bradford will miss Friday night’s full-squad meeting at Rams camp as agent Tom Condon and the team continue to haggle.  According to Thomas, the Rams are still hopeful of getting Bradford under contract by Saturday’s 3 p.m. CT practice.

43 responses to “Rams table $72-plus million offer for Sam Bradford

  1. Wow. Kid is gonna get over 40 mil guaranteed after never having taken a snap in an NFL game.
    Maybe around the time the figures to over 50 million guaranteed out of a 90 million contract people will start to see how totally absurd this is.

  2. Hell……..Bradford should by no means sign this deal…….There is so much more one can buy with say 73 or 74 million as opposed to 72…

  3. The amount of $$$ being paid to these guys that have never done jack diddly do-dick in the NFL is just pure insanity.

  4. PS – I meant to say when a 1st pick of the NFL Draft contract gets to over 50 million bucks guaranteed out of a total contract worth 90 million bucks, people will start to see how absurd this is.
    Assuming, of course, that they haven’t seen how absurd this is already at the present time…..

  5. He’s worth every dime because as soon as he falls on that shoulder, he’s out for at least a year if not a career ender.
    This guy is a china doll & I don’t give a shit how big his arm is.

  6. what a crock….can we please get a rookie salary cap….if it means no football in 2011, and the owners get their 5 billion regardless…so be it…..it NEEDS to happen…..we can all blame it on J-Russ

  7. TheToolofTools says:
    You’re name says it all because you don’t have a clue. He didn’t have the surgery that he should have had and he tried to get by and that didn’t work. FYI, he had the SAME surgery that Drew Brees had, Drew’s had no problems with that shoulder and has not missed a game due to injury since then.

  8. I am gonna hire Tom Condon to sell my house. I bet he could get $5 mil for my 1 bedroom.

  9. i can’t believe the money these kids get before even playing a single NFL game. this kid could be one of the biggest busts ever and he’s gonna be slated to earn up to 72 mil? thats insane.

  10. Once again we need Florio only:
    To ‘table’ something is to take it OFF the table for later.

  11. let me help…
    “Wow. Kid is gonna get over 40 mil guaranteed without ever having taken a snap in an NFL game. “

  12. Remember folks. This is America. Capitalism. Get every dolllar you can Sammy. That way you’re above the law

  13. And meanwhile, the retired players who gave their bodies and lives to the league with years of service get a piddling if anything in pension or health care to deal with their issues from the game and life after football.
    Here’s a novel idea, if the NFL can’t at least cap these insane rookie salaries, designate ten percent of all of the first rounders contract money as a mandatory amount that’s taken to fund a pension and health care plan for retired players.

  14. Lol sure give him 72+, I’m fine with it. Rams suck anyway let them waste the money because he will be another bust like Russell.

  15. Who the heck [hell!] is this Evan Silva dude?
    Here is a clue – to “table” suggests that an offer that was made has been withdrawn…
    WVU has some great journalism classes from what I understand – try and take one – soon!!!

  16. And in 2014 when some rook is carrying Bradford’s pads he can say “Man your momma should had you 4 years sooner, sucker”.

  17. This could be a complete screw job to the next owner. Do we even know who the present owner is or might be of this shitty team? who the hell is going to get the loan to pay this premadonna??Maybe it will be howie long! Then he can cut his son to make room!!! LOL

  18. Ha, so funny. You don’t display my comment because I say you SUCK but you will let people say profanity anytime they want. My 12 year old reads this site and you still SUCK you dbags.

  19. its pretty sad that a guy that hardly even seen the field last season because of injuries holds out for more than 72 million. He should be thankful for having the opportunity and get into training camp. If I were the rams i wouldnt pay him a dime and i would let go and get redrafted next season in which most likely they would be able to draft the top qb in the draft with a reasonable salary. They dont need sam bradford this season. he will play no better than aj feeley and i believe the rams will not even put bradford on the field as the starter untill later in the season anyway just to get him reps. But if I were the rams as badly as it would hurt i would man up and say listen you will accept this offer or else. I dont get why teams arent applying this in negotiations all they have to say is well if you dont sign this contract we will let you go back into the draft next season where there will be no option on what you get paid. why would a guy want to go back to the draft next season where he would slip down in the draft from not playing this season at all so he would then be losing out on a ton of cash

  20. PhD says:
    Here’s a novel idea,
    Try this, forget all that: force the owners to do what they should have done THEMSELVES, decades ago.

  21. Actually, the way the system is right now favors the majority of owners, because only the top 5 to 8 picks (give or take a couple of picks in either direction) get paid absurd amounts of money … all the other picks get reasonable money for a rookie.
    By instituting the rookie wage scale that’s been floated around, the majority of owners would end up paying more for draft picks 10 through 260, which could end up costing them more over the long term, and especially if they amass multiple draft picks.
    Any new wage scale needs to address the top 10 picks of each draft, and leave the rest of it as is.

  22. # PhD says:
    Here’s a novel idea, if the NFL can’t at least cap these insane rookie salaries, designate ten percent of all of the first rounders contract money as a mandatory amount that’s taken to fund a pension and health care plan for retired players
    The players have already proposed a cap deal with a better percentage going to veterans. It’s not getting a sniff. The League gets paid from the networks even if they don’t put on games, so they’re working from the top of the hill.

  23. I think it’s funny how you guys whine about how he’s never done anything and then you whine about a guy like Haynesworth who did. You guys simply don’t get it: you’re paying for POTENTIAL, no matter how you try to slice it. There are no guarantees, whether these guys played 0 years or 6 years before he came up for big money.

  24. Yesterday, I (22 year old) was given a medical school degree and became the lead attending brain surgeon at Rochester Mayo, because I had two very good years of undergrad, 4.0 GPA. I volunteered at a hospital (volunteer of the year at the hospital, by the way; came with a trophy), so I am more than qualified to start cutting people open. I know just as much as these so-called 25 year experienced doctors. I’m young, baby, so much potential.
    Now I know last year when I was volunteering at Habitat for Humanity I sawed open both my hands. They are ok now, I swear. With two great years of undergrad, and a just a little pesky 3rd degree injury to both of my hands that required major surgery, there is no reason to have to learn, and earn my way to the top. No need for medical school and residency, just let me take my two very good years of undergrad and my surgically repaired hands, with me to the operating tables. you can’t lose.
    /you may think this is a bad analogy, but I don’t think I’m far off.

  25. Geez, remember when Alex Smith was signed for $24 million in guaranteed money? And we thought that was a bit much? And in hindsight, it was?
    Unless the league gets smart and imposes a rookie cap soon, we’re about 4-5 years away from the first $100m rookie contract. Which means that some overrated overpaid player from the Raiders will be able to buy managing control of the team from Al’s estate and ensure he won’t get cut.

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