Report: Dez Bryant "likely" has high ankle sprain

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon reports that the injury suffered by Cowboys rookie receiver Dez Bryant toward the end of Friday’s practice is “likely” a high ankle sprain.  Bryant is scheduled for an MRI on Friday night.

Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones expressed optimism when asked about the injury earlier in the day, but league sources tell MacMahon that the damage to Bryant’s ankle is significant.
Bryant was the talk of spring practices and the start of training camp, and will lose momentum if he’s sidelined for 2-4 weeks.  The injury also likely means that Roy Williams’ starting job is safer.
Assuming MacMahon’s report is correct and Bryant’s ankle sprain is of the high variety, slot receiver Patrick Crayton figures to get a bump in practice reps.  Once a staple of Dallas’ three-receiver sets in the slot, Crayton opened camp no higher than No. 4 on the depth chart.
UPDATE: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Friday night that he expects Bryant to miss 4-6 weeks.  And Roy Williams just dropped another pass.

50 responses to “Report: Dez Bryant "likely" has high ankle sprain

  1. Dallas’ season is over! I’m not trying to point any fingers *cough*Romo*cough*, but can we just can that whole “first team to play home superbowl” crap?

  2. Dang, hate to see this happen to such a competitor. I feel your pain Dallas. Unlike Kindle, Bryant will play this year…

  3. Ugh. Not good.
    I guess Roy Williams will still get to be pathetic for the first four weeks of the season until Dez is healthy enough to overtake him.

  4. See…….Jerry was genius for paying Roy Who? 45 some odd million to be a statue of liberty impersonator…Statues don’t sprain their ankles…

  5. He just got a ticket out of having to carry all the pads Roy Williams drops.

  6. Reminding myself to come on here and give a huge shout of joy at every Skins player that gets hurt this year.
    If that’s how the last place teams want to play, so be it.
    Hail to the last place Redskins!

  7. Luckily the Cowboys opened camp a week early and also have wr depth. He’ll be alright and still get some more practice time before the start of the season.

  8. Story has it that roy williams dropped his pads on dez’s foot……damn kid shoulda’ carried them pads, that will teach the cocky one! Don’t wanna see the croc tears boy’s fans, every team in the nfl has suffered more severe injuries to proven players.

  9. Haters in the house, how predictable. Funny you morons act like he’s actually going to miss a game that counts.

  10. [quote]Nate is Gay for Brady says:
    July 30, 2010 7:38 PM
    Ugh. Not good.
    I guess Roy Williams will still get to be pathetic for the first four weeks of the season until Dez is healthy enough to overtake him.[/quote]
    Nate? The season doesn’t start for the Cowboys until Sept. 12 in Washington.
    It’s currently July 30.
    Just so you know, man! 🙂

  11. The only reason Crayton is 4th on the chart is because the ‘boys aren’t man enough to accept the fact that Roy is a duffer.

  12. So much for him being there “to win games.” Rookie “tool” and his attitude.

  13. dammitt!!!! but hopefully Crayton can step up, if williams can just get out of his own head he can probably surprise a lot of people, im still pulling for him as long as he’s a Cowboy.

  14. It’s always great to see the joy some people take in other’s pain. Roll your ankle when you get out of bed in the morning, and see how funny it is.

  15. i’m just glad it happened when it did. even the long end of 4 to six weeks would make him healthy right around week one. better now than in the last preseason game

  16. “Haters” or “Hatin”…Seriously, has to be the most overused word in the history of well…words….Why do people keep posting it? Do they think it’s original?…Or offers insight into a world only they know of?………….Christ, give it a rest

  17. Friday 30Jul10 2000hrs
    Cut: Jon Kitna.
    Cut: Orlando Scandrick.
    By Jerry Jones.

  18. It cracks me up when people on here call others “haters” because they don’t like their team or a player on that team. Do you honestly consider that a valid insult. I’m a Bears fan, which means, I “hate” 31 teams in the NFL. Using your logic, should you be called “likers”? Also, as soon as you start bashing the Bears, that makes you a hater. One last thing, I have never rooted for nor cheered an injury. That’s just not cool.

  19. @O.J
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Well Irvin ripped up his knee his first year. And we all know how that turned out for Redskin pus## fans.
    What was it 10 years of him punching your team in the mouth?
    Truth is any fan that roots or screams in glee when a player is hurt is a down right F@g.
    To be the best you have to beat the best!

  20. This is great news for us Skins fans… If he plays he will be slow and that just means Landry will not get beat deep if he’s playing back in coverage.. Hail

  21. Hailskins, karma’s a bitch. Wait til one of your 30+ RB’s or QB’s get injured.
    And just wait til Fat Albert drops dead from windsprints. Hopefully for your sake Mr. “Napoleon Complex” Snyder took a $100 million insurance policy on his ass cause that’s the only way DC is going to get their money’s worth.
    Also, the Cowboys will beat Wash on 9/12 regarless if Dez plays or not.
    Hell, the Cowboys with Kitna could beat them.
    The only way Wash doesn’t finish in the cellar this year is if all three other teams decide not to play at all.
    Enjoy another sub .500 season!!!

  22. @Hailskinzz
    Seriously man, at least try and keep up. This isn’t Madden. He’ll be back in near 100% before we are even into the Preseason Games by much is my guess.

  23. Dezi sais he would be at training camp and he was right.. he never said he would be playing!

  24. I’m not happy about an injury to any player, even if its a Dallas Cowboy. But, Shark839 surely your history is off. Irvin in his career against the Redskins only had one year where he “lit it up” which was 1995. And his last year he had a resurrection (1999) of sorts against the skins, scoring two TDs, but that’s it. Darrel Green and Champ Bailey did a great jobs against him and usually made him a non-factor. I’ll never forget when Darrel Green shut him down with a cast on one arm after Irvin said he was going after that arm.
    The killer for the skins against dallas back in those days was Emmitt and Jay Novacek. Those two gave the skins fits, but they handled Irvin pretty well. Unfortunately, though dallas had a three headed monster of an offense and it was the other weapons that did the skins in, when Dallas won. And during the games that Irvin played in, Dallas won 13 times to Washington’s 10.

  25. Just from googling around the consensus seems to be that high ankle sprains can take up to 6 months to heal sufficiently to support a pro athlete at work.

  26. “Haters” or “Hatin”…Seriously, has to be the most overused word in the history of well…words….Why do people keep posting it?”
    Only children or people with low IQ’s use the word “hater”….

  27. you must be a HATER if you dont like the word, thats why you hear it all the time.

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