Sam Bradford gets $50 million guaranteed to sign

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for S. Bradforddraft.jpgIf ridiculous rookie contracts are going away in 2011, they sure went out with a bang.

The Rams reached agreement on Friday night with quarterback Sam Bradford on a six-year, $78 million contract that reportedly has $50 million guaranteed, according to multiple reports from Jay Glazer at FOX, and the Schefter/Mortensen bus buddies at ESPN.  The deal has a max value of $86 million. 

Bradford, who probably has about a 50% chance of ever becoming a Pro Bowler, becomes the first NFL player to break the $50 million guaranteed barrier.

The Rams’ goal was to get Bradford signed by tonight when veterans reported to camp, and they’ve reached it.  To get the deal done, they hit the upper range of what observers expected Bradford to see in guaranteed money.

Like all contracts, the devil will be in the details.  We’ll see down the road if any of the “guaranteed” money is phony.

No matter what the details say, it just became a little harder to sign Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.

And it became a little easier to dial back rookie deals in 2011 once and for all.

86 responses to “Sam Bradford gets $50 million guaranteed to sign

  1. what a joke you are gonna guarantee a guy 50 million that hardly even played last season, the rams should get what they deserve on this one

  2. Insane, I can’t wait until the NFL institutes a rookie wage scale. That is just insane…. The guy is making mor than Tom Brady, that is a big problem.

  3. McNabb should be leaving Skins camp any second now, after all, according to him Sam and Wilma, should be worth double that……

  4. Wanna see 50m flushed down the drain? Just wait for his shoulder to explode again after the first blind side hit.

  5. This is SO STUPID. I hope this blows up in the Rams faces. They deserve to be a crap team for the next decade because of this.

  6. The Rams just got Ripped. Hey Sam, chug some Purple Drank to celebrate! If Al’s crazy, he’s not the only one.

  7. Wow and I thought nobody could possibly be stupider than the raiders with DHB and Russel. Wonder how upset they will be when Bradford is hurt every single year.

  8. Good for the Rams. Straight in th wahzoo. 50 mil guaranteed for a guy who wrecked his shoulder last year. priceless.

  9. Good for the Rams. Straight in the wahzoo. 50 mil for a guy who wrecked his shoulder last year. priceless.

  10. This is the side of football that makes me sick! Makes me want to hope that Bradford fails. As much as I’ll miss it I am all for the owners locking these guys out. This is out of control.

  11. Completely ridiculous. The kid, without ever taking a snap in the NFL, will make just as much as Tom Brady, a 3X Super Bowl champion.

  12. One moment, it’s dial back the rookie deals and then in the next moment, you guys complain about some of the deals that the veterans get. Just who do you guys think should actually get paid?

  13. What the nfl needs to do is have a certain amount of money already in place based on where you are drafted and then give incentives based on player and team performance.

  14. Inf*$kingsane… That is just not right…There should definitely be a rookie scale…because only the top 10 really make out, I’m surprised this wasn’t addressed long ago between NFL and PA.

  15. It’s pathetic how he gets $50 million guaranteed and he hasnt play 1 game in the NFL.

  16. That is just crazy, completely crazy. Even if some of the 50 is phoney (which doesn’t make sense, how can it be guaranteed then), the guaranteed money is around 35 to 40 on the low end. Way to much money to someone who has never thrown a pass in the NFL.
    I hope they go to a slotted system for rookie contracts more than ever.

  17. boy what a terrible waste of money. hes no better then joey harrington with donnie boombots and Yves saint Laurent at wr
    on another note he kinda looks like that character Pat from the old SNL skits. if he had man boobs he could definitely pass for him/her. plus the name sam can be a guys or a girls name.

  18. The Rams front-office guys are a bunch of dumbasses. How can you justify giving this guy that kind of guaranteed money when he HAS NO LEVERAGE?

  19. Crazy. Just loco!
    The guy may never be better than average, yet he gets $8-13 M just to say “hello”. Nuts.

  20. I hope this guy is a bust…any team that throws that much money at a rookie who has never played in an NFL game or set foot on a pro field deserves no better

  21. Bradford put up some awesome numbers. But for such a short period of time. I think Tim Tebow is a much safer bet to earn his money over the next 5 years.

  22. blah blah dnt hate on this kid cuz he has a great manager. u only wish u had 50 million dollars. i bet he’s going to produce…bradford has a great work ethic n is extremely acccurate.he worked under center alot not like tebow.and his shoulder is fine now. look at drew brees. his was completely ripped off n he jus won a super bowl!!!

  23. Actually, the way the system is right now favors the majority of owners, because only the top 5 to 8 picks (give or take a couple of picks in either direction) get paid absurd amounts of money … all the other picks get reasonable money for a rookie.
    By instituting the rookie wage scale that’s been floated around, the majority of owners would end up paying more for draft picks 10 through 260, which could end up costing them more over the long term, and especially if they amass multiple draft picks.
    Any new wage scale needs to address the top 10 picks of each draft, and leave the rest of it as is.

  24. Well, now that he’s got enough money to retire comfortably, he’s got no incentive to play well.
    Everybody is going to want to see this guy fail just to be able to laugh at the Rams for flushing 50 million.

  25. bradford may hang around for years but the guys who made this deal are going out the door as soon as they find out he’s a bust

  26. $50 million guarenteed? That’s more than the combined earned income in the state of Oklahoma.. in the last 2 years combined!

  27. LOL!! If anything about this league needs to be changed it is the rookie contracts. Period.

  28. And in case anyone was wondering why there is such a MAJOR need for a Rookie Salary cap, here is your answer.
    FORTUNATELY this will be the last year of this insanity.

  29. Wowser — he could just as easily be delivering pizzas!
    (So how much Ford money will Suh get at #2?)

  30. thats why you have to love the NBA perfect salary scale for rookies… though i cant figure out how come Darko is still in the league thanks David Kahn lol but i digress.. I cant begrudge Sam of the money blame it on the idiotic NFL salary scale

  31. LionsPlayoffs2011 says:
    July 30, 2010 10:33 PM
    Rams are going to the superbowl
    Toiletbowl is spelled with a T

  32. Completely insane. Here’s a fragile rookie with almost no playing time last year, who wouldn’t dare bail out and wait for the next draft – he’d be almost two years out of real playing time, and facing a much smaller contract with a rookie wage scale – and yet this massive corporation still gives him $50 million. Half that would be a superbly generous contract for a kid who’s not proven anything.
    Utterly ridiculous.

  33. And you wonder why you cant take your girl and your kid to a game with out spending 300.00!!!!
    I love football more than my momma, but this is just WRONG.

  34. I wish I had his agent to work out my salary at my job…. maybe he could finagle me a 50 mil raise

  35. 13 million a season? Congratulations Rams. You’re paying your QB 4 million dollars for every game he wins.

  36. Mostly everyone commenting is blaming the rookie!!! It’s the owners who are allowing these paydays!!! Why blame the player? Anyone of you would take the $$$ The owners make sooo much they don’t mind paying the rookies… obviously!!! Reminder… No holdout!!!

  37. @jsbeck
    You sir are a moron. First of all, I doubt that you have “a girl” to take to a game.
    Second, that site you posted is the stupidest site I have ever been on. I agree that the BCS is garbage and that a boycott of it might be a good thing, but your reasons and logic (or the reasons and logic you support by posting this site) were as invalid as they were uniformed.
    Third, if you are going to start (or support) a site like that, you should maybe look into the fact that there are advertisements on it for pro football teams. If you wanted to boycott football than why would you support it with ads?

  38. Absolutely, positively and unquestionably outrageous that a rookie gets 50 million dollars guaranteed. Lets pray this is the last year without a rookie salary cap.

  39. Make it STOP! It just doesn’t get anymore f’n absurd to give some punk kid $50 mil before he even suits up. Totally disgusting

  40. For all these people out there that’s blaming the RAMS for paying him all this money, you need to be pissed at the NFL! Unlike the NBA, they don’t have a rookie salary cap. As a RAMS fan, I don’t like this either, but you can’t blame Bradford or his agent. That’s the way the system is set up.

  41. “the Schefter/Mortensen bus buddies”
    3G, that was a great line ….
    oh … I wish I was a QB …. he’s set for life if he never plays a down …

  42. Chris Johnson, Darrelle Revis:
    The Rams have learned from your teams’ mistakes, and have decided to sign thier 1st round pick a contact he simply COULD NOT out perform.

  43. @ youngtorice:
    Guess what? I found a team even MORE STUPID than the Raiders!!!
    These idiots drafted Rashaun Woods in the first round! His career stats? 7 rec., 160 yds., 1 TD (2004-2005)
    DHB: 9 rec., 124 yds., 1 TD (2009-?)
    These morons also have hypocrite fans that make fun of Oakland for drafting Russell and the Rams for drafting Bradford, but I “wonder how upset (they must be) when (Alex Smith) is hurt every single year.”
    While the Raiders admitted their mistake, filed a grievance and upgraded at QB, this “stupider” team keeps waiting for a return on their QB investment 6 years later, even as guys like JT O’ Sullivan & Shaun Hill have taken away his starting job in between a career of injuries that make Bradford seem like Iron Man.
    Wow, can you imagine what a sorry bunch of pathetic, finger-pointing hypocrites their fanbase must be made up of? It looks like the Rams AND Raiders both accomplished more last decade, yet the “faithful” are always talking s*** as if their team wasn’t just as bad or even worse.
    St. Louis: 71 wins, 4 playoff appearances, 3 division titles, 1 conference title games, 1 Super Bowl berth
    Oakland: 62 wins, 3 playoff appearances, 3 division titles, 2 conference title games, 1 Super Bowl berth
    SF: 68 wins, 2 playoff appearances, 1 division titles, 0 conference title games, 0 Super Bowl berths

  44. This speaks volumes about the values of American sports and culture…all of it in four letter words. The greed of agents, athletes, and owners is beyond comprehension.

  45. Funny how the only people complaining are the fans … I don’t here the Rams complaining.
    Like someone said already … the owners don’t have a problem with this system … they are getting rookie players from round 2 and on for nothing which is the real sad story.

  46. one word, nuts!!
    A QB with injury issues gets 50 mill without even seeing if he can hold up for an NFL season. Nuts!

  47. Why do people get so mad a guy cashing in on a stellar college career but they dont seem to care about Jerry Jones sitting on his wrinkled ass making the same amount every home game.
    Its a capitalist society people. Quit crying.

  48. The Rams should have just given away the #1 overall pick. This kind of contract is salary cap suicide.

  49. #
    # Cullen says: July 30, 2010 10:07 PM
    Insane, I can’t wait until the NFL institutes a rookie wage scale. That is just insane…. The guy is making mor than Tom Brady, that is a big problem.
    At the moment, David Garrard is making more than Tom Brady. I say this time around Brady doesn’t give such a big hometown discount. Facts like these are just ridiculous.

  50. Are the Rams management stupid enough to think that Bradford can make a winner out of a sorry team

  51. jeeze…….have all you people just started following sports today?………all the outrage about how he hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL but gets 50 mill…………it’s been like this FOR YEARS in ALL SPORTS….the rookie “phenom” signing for huge bucks…….not saying it’s right, but that’s the way it is……alot of you people sound “shocked”, where have you been?

  52. All I have to say on the Sam Bradford contract is this . I wonder what all of the Hall of Famers who now reside in Canton Ohio at the pro football hall of fame think about this . These are men that were the absolute best at what they did and at the end of they’re career never made anywhere near 50 million dollars . These kids coming in like Bradford have never taken a single snap in an NFL game and theyve already made more career money than guys such as Montana , Bradshaw , and Troy Aikman combined ! Absolutely ludicrous .

  53. He’s screwed. Barry can’t wait to pass legislation to take that money away from him. Joey is salivating just thinking about it.

  54. Dave3258 says:
    All I have to say on the Sam Bradford contract is this
    What a ludicrous statement (Did you just go plaid?). If you go back to the ’60s, you’d find guys that made more than all the greats from the 1920s combined. YOU make more than your father, grandfather and great grandfather combined; do you consider yourself unworthy of what you get? Are you willing to give up 80% of your pay just so you can feel better about yourself? Again, ludicrous .

  55. Rams fan here. We can be the whipping boy here. Fine. This isn’t terribly different than the last several years where the #1 pick is ridiculously overpaid. Same comments were made about Stafford’s ridiculous contract. The only difference this year is there’s 99.9% certainly of a CBA change with some form of rookie scale that ends this insanity. But, given the current system the Rams really had no other choice. Yes, they could have tried for a slighly smaller contract but they couldn’t go lower than Stafford’s from last year. Also, if they believe AT ALL that Bradford can be the franchise QB then you can’t start out by causing a rift. This goes both ways but under the current system the player has the leverage. So, I’ll take all the “Rams are idiots”, “Can’t wait to see Sam fail” and “Sam’s 50million shoulder” comments but I can’t believe that any other team that had the #1 pick and the same need would have been able to do anything much different. Ah, well, at least this should be the last year of the worst rookie salary “system” in the history of organized sport.

  56. $50 mil to a guy with injury issues, never played a down and the owners want you believe that the players are greedy and overpaid.
    The owners will stop the players from playing next year, and try to make you think the greedy players are on strike.
    In truth, the greedy owners want more profit, and won’t show their books because the fans would figure it out. Also there’d be proof of how much they cheat each other.

  57. I hate to say it, but I hope he’s another JaMarcus, just to force a rookie salary scale/cap…

  58. BTW, here’s an interesting note for all the owner lovers out there. Some NFL teams have pared back their staff because they claim that the team can’t afford them because of lost revenue and many of you buy that but here’s an interesting note from the NBA: the Miami Heat have sold out all their tickets and as a reward to their sales staff, every one of them were fired because the team said that they didn’t need them any more (Thanks for all your hard work now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out). I’m not saying that others haven’t done this but the next time that a team tries to gain your sympathy, think long and hard about how they operate in good times, as well.

  59. # DcNinerFan says:
    I hate to say it, but I hope he’s another JaMarcus, just to force a rookie salary scale/cap…
    If EVERY rookie played beyond expectations, the owners would STILL want a wage scale.

  60. NFL is great…but this shit is a joke. What happened to proving you are worth something?

  61. congrats on being the volkswagon that broke the camel’s back. enjoy college ball next year boys.

  62. shaggytoodle says:
    July 31, 2010 1:13 AM
    Chris Johnson, Darrelle Revis:
    The Rams have learned from your teams’ mistakes, and have decided to sign thier 1st round pick a contact he simply COULD NOT out perform.
    Yes, there’s nothing smarter than signing someone to a contract they COULD NOT out perform. Why would you want someone to do more than what you’re paying them?
    You sir, are an idiot.

  63. OK, I know this is an old post, but looking back at all of the hateful comments against the Rams and against Sam Bradford, I just have to say…

    HA HA HA!!! Look at what Sam Bradford has helped the Rams do this season, and with a very limited receiving corps at that! He is a lock for offensive rookie of the year, and will probably also win overall rookie of the year. He has definitely shown that he is worth what the Rams are paying him, and he’s just going to keep getting better. All of the haters on here can eat their words and then stick their foot in their mouth. Props to Bradford for showing that he is worth every penny!

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