Shanahan's handling of Haynesworth isn't out of character

We pointed out earlier today the following observation from a league source with knowledge of Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s tenure in Denver:  “What’s happening to [defensive tackle Albert]
Haynesworth is exactly how he’s handled a hundred other situations like

We also mentioned that we had a feeling specific examples of Shanahan’s
tactics with the Broncos will surface soon, now that he’s out of Denver
and back in the league.

Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports has shared some of those examples in an article that explains why Haynesworth messed with the wrong man in Shanahan.

This paragraph from Carpenter sums up the situation perfectly, and chillingly:  “Few men in the NFL can carry a grudge like Shanahan, who harbors
resentment behind a forced smile.  Valued assistants and longtime
colleagues tell of their relationships with the coach in hushed
whispers.  Some have begged not to be interviewed.  They value the coach’s
knowledge, admire his obsession for detail.  But they also fear him. 
Even long after they have stopped working with him their words quiver
when his name is raised.  Some say they fear they might say the wrong
thing.  They don’t want to cross him.”

We’ll let you read the rest.  After that paragraph, however, do you really need to?

58 responses to “Shanahan's handling of Haynesworth isn't out of character

  1. OK, so Shanahan’s behavior is consistent. But the inflammatory quotation from Carpenter misses an equally important point: what Shanahan is doing is also consistent with what most NFL teams do. Many, if not most NFL teams have similar ‘conditioning tests’ for players at the beginning of training camp. In some cases all players must pass the test; in other cases (as in the Redskins under Shanahan) only those players who do not participate in the off-season conditioning program must pass the ‘test’. Specifically, all Redskins players were informed ahead of time that those players who missed more than 50% of the off-season program would be required to pass the test. Whatever Shanahan’s personality, it seems misleading at best to depict as vindictive a practice that is both common across the NFL and which was announced to the entire team beforehand.

  2. Wonder why him and Al Davis never got along……or maybe thats what drew them to each other………….

  3. Mike Shanahan’s picture gets pasted overtop of Pete Carroll’s on Florio’s dartboard. Which is a good thing. You only have to look at Shanahan to realize he isn’t a nice human being. Rats are growing resentful with the constant comparisons.

  4. About Haynesworth, he laughed!
    “Haynesworth will have to take the test again on Friday, he said. And if he doesn’t pass it – a likely possibility given Thursday’s result – he’ll be shipped off to the treadmill… once more.
    “It may take two or three days or it might take a week,” Shanahan said.

  5. Yea the glass eye is pretty intimidating but I bet he doesn’t break any jaws…allegedly (ehhem Tom Cable)

  6. I believe Jammal Brown was acquired after the OTAs, did he have to pass the conditioning test?
    I can’t wait for the Skins to start 6-0 only to finish 8-8, just like every Denver team since Elway retired.

  7. Haynesworth needs someone to KICK HIS FRICKEN BUTT.
    He is a disgrace. . . Pouting like a 1st grader.
    He signed a contract for BIG money. It shouldn’t matter to him if they ask him to play Free Safety.
    SHUT YOUR MOUTH, Get your check and get your butt on the field.

  8. Skins management (pre Shanahan) did not do their homework. Big Al took them to the cleaners. Who is shedding a team for them. Who is forcing them to go to a 3-4 defense?

  9. Um, doesn’t he need to earn that 21 mil that he recieved a couple of months ago?
    Oh, whoooas Albert… How dare they try to make him earn that money…. Get REAL people!!!!!!!!!!

  10. why are you wasting space trying to make us feel sorry for another spoiled rich athlete?let’s see he gets paid 22 million dollars then decides he does not want work after he gets it, has nothing to do with the new coach or staff for 7 months and we are supposed to feel sorry for him because he has to do some running?

  11. “Rats here……quit with all these Mike Shanahan jokes or we’re gonna go Bubonic on you! Show a little respect for the species.”.

  12. Accuracy in reporting is an important feature in understanding who should, and who should not be quoted.
    Please do better at learning to leave the agenda back at home. This could be a great website but for this.

  13. Florio really has a thing against Shanahan and loves him some Haynesworth. Nice to see some critizim for an over paid football player not showing with some cardio.

  14. Mister Florio –
    Having been brought up in Arizona on several Apache Indian Reservations (My Grandfather was in the former Indian Service), I learned, early-on, to appreciate an old Eastern Iriquois Indian saying” “Never judge a man until you have walked in his moccasins for two moons.”
    I would offer a suggestion that you might want to take that truism under advisement.
    I don’t believe any of us (either pro or anti Shanahan) can appreciate the stress Shanahan is under as he tries to rejuvenate a cellar football team with a capricious and emotionally immature owner and an equally immature Pro Bowl Defensive End who believes all should give into his wishes.
    I’m more than willing to cut him some slack until after regular season game #6 is in the bag (Colts). By that time, we should have a better idea of how he is handling primadonna players and building a successful football team.
    Gray Eagle

  15. Lol. This might be a bad plan long term, but the man just got paid 21 million dollars.
    Shanahan is screwed. Dan Snyder won’t let him not play Haynesworth after paying him 21+ million for the season and therefore Shanahan has no leverage. He can be a d*** all he wants right now, but Haynesworth knows it can’t last.

  16. He is an example of a coach who has forgotten that he is also coaching men, not boys who have to be afraid of him. That is how he lost the team in Denver and it is how he will lose the team in DC. The name of the game is winning football games not berating grown men with ridiculous rules that are detrimental to the team.

  17. “We’ll let you read the rest. After that paragraph, however, do you really need to?”
    That should be included as a disclaimer after the first paragraph of every PFT article.

  18. Shanatan must be a really tough guy to make a guy run sprints! Its not tough to be a hard@ss when everyone MUST listen to you.
    When this poor mans George Hamilton doesn’t have John Elway and Terell Davis along with a complete all star roster he finished .500 or worse.
    I’m sick of people treating him like he’s a Bill Walsh or Bill Parcells.

  19. HEY PFT!!! You are guy s are taking this thing wya out of perportion. Im sorry that Mike Shanahan is not JIm Zorn and he would say “Oh.. He only missed by 1 second, let him in”. He does things his way and the players will do things his way. Before OTA’s, it was said that if you miss %50 or more percent of the REDSKINS offseason workouts, you will be put through a conditioning test! No extra treament, no going easy. The rules also say that there is a 3 1/2 minute break. He was gone for almost 10. Doesnt matter what he was doing, bad stroke of luck that he had to let one out in the middle of his test but rules are rules. This is a perfect example of the change going on in this organization. The 3 1/2 minute break represents your… CONDITIONING!!! DING DING DING WINNER!!! So stop acting like Mike Shanahan is the bad guy. Would you prefer he go easy on the person that is getting $40 million dollars at least to be well condition and ready to play football. The same person who last year was not att all ready or well condition, and has now done things on his own. Sure may be in good shape but thats no what it about. Its about passing that test that everyone who missed half as much time as haynesworth did, which was nobody, wouldve had to do. Get you facts straight. Once ha passes the test he will be in practice and will be treated like every other player. Case Close.

  20. Shanahan is real close to crossing the line. Haynesworth is being “Punished” and Publicly humiliated. Shanahan has run his mouth about Haynesworth accepting the 21 mil, but did he really think a player would “not” pick up a check. I hope Haynesworth keeps his mouth closed and simply refuses to play nose tackle at a high level, this coach is a clown.

  21. Oh, BS. If you have a boss who tries to rule you with fear and intimidation he can take his job and shove it up his ass. And besides, Shanahan don’t look like no street fighter to me.

  22. I would have loved to seem the day those two were introduced: “Unstoppable Force…Immovable Object. Immovable Object…Unstoppable Force.”

  23. Think about it: he wouldn’t allow Elway to interact with the offense after he retired because right after the first SBowl win Bowlen announces “THIS ONE’S..FOR JOHN.”
    He is a small, bitter man. Donks fans are eternally grateful for him and his success, but he is hard to like.

  24. Often Mike you come across as being a type of guy who would shout at someone in the street and let that stranger beat the crap out of a friend in a case of mistaken identity. This is one of those times. Your opinion on this is too limp-wristed.
    The problem is with Fat Albert not The Sun Tan. Besides not working out this off-season Haynesworth didn’t seem to bother find out about his new boss. What a lazy bum and I want to see Haynesworth suffer. I want the L’il General to suffer. If it comes from the force of Shanahan then so be it.

  25. I’d make the entire team do a 440 every day before practice. Nothing is wrong with that and I don’t see that as excessive, in fact that is peanuts, in fact an 880 is even better.
    Really folks, if a professional player cannot run two 300yd runs, which is only a little over half way around the field, he is seriously out of shape.
    And if he complains, he doesn’t have the heart to play, and if his team mates complain, cut them, you can’t have these out of shape, no heart players on your team.
    A true champion would kick big Al’s rear.

  26. Shanahan is an immature little punk. Haynesworth is a fat punk, but I’d love to see him backhand Shanahan across the parking lot for his next workout. I would also venture to guess that Haynesworth could give Shanny a 30 yard head start and still run him down from behind in a 50 yard race. I can’t believe anyone would let someone have so much power over them that they fear speaking about him in public. Screw that.

  27. I have no problem whatsoever with what Shanahan is putting Haynesworth through; Haynesworth brought this on himself by showing Shanahan up during the off-season.
    You skip mini-camps and OTAs, you publicly flame the defensive scheme and refuse to be involved in a defense that is being specifically designed to take advantage of YOUR skills, and generally become a pain-in-the-a$$ diva, after taking a huge multi million dollar payout from your team?
    Shanahan has knocked this diva down a few pegs and publicly embarrassed him, as well he should.
    Haynesworth needs to re-think his off-season BS now as he’s publicly hung out to dry for failing his conditioning test.
    You ain’t the Big Dog here, Albert. Remember that.

  28. It is about time someone held these over-compensated babies accountable for their actions.
    Go Mike go!!

  29. Pick pick pick. Fat ass. Oh poor fat ass. All that money and poor far ass is being picked on.
    It a bunch of trifeling BS. He earned that conditioning test after having to be carted off the field last year so many times. Then everybody was on fat asses case for tanking it. Sure he lost some weight, but three other linemen bigger than fat ass did the test as well and passed. It wasnt a test soley for fat ass.

  30. Yo Haters….2 Superbowl rings for Shanny. All coaches need players to win. Deal with it.

  31. Shanatan must be a really tough guy to make a guy run sprints! Its not tough to be a hard@ss when everyone MUST listen to you.
    When this poor mans George Hamilton doesn’t have John Elway and Terell Davis along with a complete all star roster he finished .500 or worse.
    I’m sick of people treating him like he’s a Bill Walsh or Bill Parcells.
    Yep, old Walsh and Parcells never had any good QB’s or RB’s …….REALLY?

  32. @nymets so u have the balls to tell your boss to shove his job up his ass for what this guys makeing? i doubt it. youd be on your knees blowin the guy if u had 2.

  33. jamal, if u were albert’s coach, it would be favre on chilly action.
    shanarat is right. and albert begged for it.

  34. Shanahan is, as the Yahoo! article states, ” … a man who does not forget.”
    He is also, as stated above, a man who does not win without a star-filled roster.
    Nor is he a man who can build a star-filled roster (see the last decade). His days of relevance ended some time ago. Unless you’re someone he can force to run all day, what’s to fear?

  35. Dear Shanahan,
    50% of the country agrees that Waterboarding is *NOT* torture. Think about it…
    The Black Cat

  36. I think it is great that Shanahan is forcing Haynesworth to pass a conditioning test before he can be part of the team. The rest of the guys on the team all took time out of their offseason for volutary and MANDATORY mini-camps, Albert did neither. Now he is being forced to show that not only did he lose weight but actually stayed in shape.

  37. Shanahan is not the character “Lord Voldermort”.
    The Ravens gave a rookie DL the same test on the first day of camp and he failed. Took it again and passed.
    Florio and his sidekick Gregg can read about it in this week’s editions of the Baltimore Sunpaper.
    Shanahan a meanie-head?
    AH singled out?
    A test that no one can pass? (not even a whiney-assed DB?)
    Nope, just PFT makin’ shit up again.

  38. shanahan just does not get it…it’s the same reason he got blown out by the raiders… do you tell a grown man who makes twice as much as you, what do do. Compounded by the fact that your organzation lied to him, and said that he would play in the gap, and not over center.
    Bottom line get rid of him. He is going to be a cancer for the redskins all year…and it will ruin what shanhan is trying to accomplish

  39. if your wife cashed a 21m check and then said “not tonight baby”, you’d have a grudge too..

  40. Florio is a moron first and foremost. Haynesworth was the Anti-Christ at first and now it’s poor All. The guy took 21mil knowing what was expected of him. If you think players no longer have a obligation to live up to their contracts or their positions, take down your little turd watch. Having been a Bronco fan during Shanahan’s entire tenure in Denver, I’ve only seen a few people question Shanahan’s integrity. All of those people have been proven to be complete a-holes. Al Davis refused to honor Shanahan’s contract and still owes him $250,ooo decided by arbitration. Also tried to run the team from the owners box. And his smiling at the press conference comes from knowing stupid reporters have a list of about five questions and will continue asking them in different ways everyday for eternity. Shanahan would prefer to talk about the rest of the team. The guys that showed up on day one of the “voluntary” camp. Because it’s been proven that that helps you win Super Bowls. And Shanahan has that rule for people that need it. In Denver Shannon Sharpe and Bill Romanowski rarely attended those camps. But it was because they were adult enough to take their checks but earn them too. You knew they would be in top shape. Al is a Ass. Let him sweat. Use the 21 to cool off.

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