Steelers agree to terms with Maurkice Pouncey

The Steelers have struggled on the offensive line of late, and they addressed their deficiencies by devoting their first-round pick to center Maurkice Pouncey.

Per a league source, Pouncey has agreed to terms, and he is on the way to camp.

Pouncey was the 18th pick in the draft.  His contract became easy to finalize given that the player taken in front of him (49ers guard Mike Iupati) and directly behind him (Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon) recently inked their rookie deals.

Financial terms aren’t yet available, but it’s safe to say Pouncey got much more than $100,000.

39 responses to “Steelers agree to terms with Maurkice Pouncey

  1. Maurkice Pouncey
    I kept calling him Maurice.

  2. well well well… I think this calls for another brotherly french kiss!!!!!!

  3. It would have gone quicker… but he has no criminal record. So there were concerns that he might not fit in.

  4. Well there’s a blue collar Steeler name for you. Is he the first Maurkice de Pouncey or did he inherit the title from his ancestors?

  5. The Real Shuxion says:
    July 30, 2010 2:32 PM
    Maurkice Pouncey
    ——————– ——————– ——————– —
    I kept calling him Maurice.
    Cause he speaks of the pompitous of love?

  6. Great … I think that’s everyone signed, sealed, and delivered for now. Let’s hope they all focus on football, keep their mouths shut, and stay healthy so we can have a nice uneventful preseason.

  7. # Citizen Strange says: July 30, 2010 2:50 PM
    The Real Shuxion says:
    July 30, 2010 2:32 PM
    Maurkice Pouncey
    ——————– ——————– ——————– —
    I kept calling him Maurice.
    Cause he speaks of the pompitous of love?

  8. Maurkice.
    For cryin’ out loud.
    How do people keep coming up with these goofball names and spellings?

  9. Good job Steelers on signing their picks. It is time for football season to commence!

  10. @Deb says:
    July 30, 2010 2:55 PM
    Great … I think that’s everyone signed, sealed, and delivered for now. Let’s hope they all focus on football, keep their mouths shut, and stay healthy so we can have a nice uneventful preseason.
    Are there odds in Vegas on that?
    Prolly not…….

  11. Shuxion and Citizen Strange:
    Too bad the Steelers traded their smoker and midnight toker to the Jets.

  12. Congrats! Six years and counting now……. NO HOLDOUTS for the Steelers!!!!
    Hey, what do you know? That’s how many WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS the Steelers have too!!!!! And Counting!!!!!!!!!! Now french kiss that!

  13. Wait, do the Steelers win the SB every year? Oh ya, thats right, they don’t. Big whoop on your six.

  14. best part of the draft was when he played kissy face w/his brother…..steelers are so gay

  15. virtueandvice –
    5 years for 18 mil. Get your facts straight before posting and looking like an idiot!

  16. Steeler fans are tools –
    The Steelers have the most, therefore they are the best. Now why don’t you shut up and go play with traffic. You must be an Eagles fans or hopped on the ‘Aints band wagon…

  17. Good news (finally). But in bigger news the Bungals and Clowns still have ZERO Superbowl wins and the Ravens have 1/6th of the Steelers total SB trophies. ;D

  18. 6 LOMBARDI’S–Suck it haters!!!—as for WhoGaySood5–right about now Ochostinko’s takin it deep in the ass from TO—

  19. Read “Freakonomics”, there is whole chapter dedicated to the difference of names between whites and blacks. It is quite interesting.

  20. To all haters.. WIN 6 or more THEN TALK! Until then all other 31 teams will be looking up at Pittsburgh!

  21. @robert ethen …
    Write that one down, hon–it’s your first funny line. So you’re what–1/532? Well, it’s a start LOL
    @All That …
    Wouldn’t matter … I’d never be foolish enough to bet on the good behavior of any man … or woman 😉
    @Steeler fans are tools …
    No, we don’t win Super Bowls every year and wouldn’t want to–it would take the run out of the competition. We just win them more often than your team.

  22. Shouldn’t have taken so long lol, already got his signing bonus last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Suck it Stillers fans, at least the rest of us are “real” fans, and still have are teeth!

  23. @Steelers fans are tools……
    you have to be the world’s biggest loser to give yourself a username like that. You are like the little midget in class that makes fun of everyone because he has low self-esteem. Its funny how you don’t have the balls to name your team. Oh wait, it doesn’t really matter because your team DOESN’T HAVE 6 SUPER BOWL VICTORIES. Maybe you will realize that after you graduate from 8th grade next year.

  24. He will fit in with the rest of the criminals in that shithole of a town.
    Go anybody but Pittsburgh!

  25. Now they need to extend Woodley’s contract.
    Keep on hatin’ you haters, we love it!!!!!!!!
    On our way to the 7th

  26. Brian Sipe:
    You’re an inbred, dim-witted hillbilly retard. We have all of “our” teeth. Do you?

  27. Suitcasehead Golic says:
    July 30, 2010 4:06 PM
    6 LOMBARDI’S–(I) Suck it, haters!
    Meaningless to anyone outside of delusional squealer fans. The rest of the NFL and it’s fans are far more impressed with teams like the 49ers and Patriots- You know, the ones who won multiple SBs *without* the help of steroids and bribed officials.

  28. It makes me (& the rest of STEELER NATION!) so freakin’ happy that our team’s success pisses you all off so damn bad!! AND the fact that you ALL devote so much time of your pitiful-ass lives commenting about it!! Keep hatin’, it’s never gonna change the fact that MY team has more trophies that YOUR shitty team! BAWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @robert ethen …
    The only problem is that now when I hear his name I’ll always think “the Marquis de Pouncey!” but that’s better than thinking “mouth-kissing his brother???” I missed the press conference.
    @Brian Sipe …
    Uh-huh, you have “real” fans. We Steelers fans are figments of your imagination. All those people selling out Heinz and Three Rivers before it for decades … just illusions. I’ve been a Steelers fan for 30+ years. Born and bred Southern girl from Florida. No, not a Pittsburgher. But don’t talk to me about bandwagons. I was loyally asking Santa for Steelers jerseys all through the 80s when we were LOSING to the Browns 51-0 and my friends were wearing Marino’s number. I spent just as much money on Steelers gear for the next generation of Steelers fans in our family last season as I spent when we won the Super Bowl. So the idea that you’re special because you’re the fan of a losing team is bull. Anyone who’s been an NFL or college fan more than five minutes has been there.

  30. @Bunny Hop …
    Sure the Steelers were a joke for 40 years–that’s what makes the turnaround such a great story. So is the David v. Goliath story of the Rooneys competing w/billionaires like Paul Allen. Guys who have deep pockets filled with liquid assets they can use to skirt the salary cap and lure free agents with huge up-front cash bonuses. Since the Rooneys built their wealth on the team, and it’s their largest asset, they’ve never had that kind of liquidity. So the notion that they could outbid a Paul Allen for officials is nothing more than a perennial loser’s lament. As for the steroids argument, didn’t Lyle Alzado play for the Browns? PEDs weren’t banned substances in the 70s; players from all teams–including yours–used them. The result was an even playing field–and some very sad case histories. As for another team that’s been a complete joke for half a century … hmm, your recent history comes to mind. BTW, how’s Colt? How many times have they had to remind him there’s no crying in football?

  31. You’re right Deb, what makes the Steelers such a great organization is that although they were one of the league’s original teams, they were the doormat of the league record wise for 40+ years.
    But, their opponents knew they always had a tough game on their hands. The great Jim Brown always said that the Steelers left him sorer than any team.
    But when Chuck Noll arrived in the 70’s, they became a dynasty with the same blue collar toughness that had forged the Steelers heart and soul when they were losers. Through the 80’s&90’s there were more ups than downs, but we had to wait until LeBeau’s defense would not let us lose the one for the thumb with that magical wild card road games only win streak through ’05 playoffs.
    But the ’08 win sets the Pittsburgh Steelers aside so that all you sore losers have to keep crying or join the Steeler Nation. Yenz would have to learn how not to cry when we lose because there ain’t no crying in the Nation.

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