Teammate tells Aaron Maybin to earn his money

A. Maybin.jpgBills 2009 first-round pick Aaron Maybin held out of training camp last year and never made much of an impact as a rookie.  Now playing outside linebacker in Buffalo’s new 3-4 scheme, Maybin opened camp as a backup behind journeyman Reggie Torbor.

His first noteworthy moment in camp, according to ESPN’s Tim Graham, came when he shoved running back Fred Jackson to the ground from behind at the end of a play, with Jackson yelling, “Come on man” as he fell.

Maybin and an offensive lineman did the usual camp grappling, and got back to work.  But Bills guard Eric Wood, a fellow 2009 first-rounder, remained unhappy a few snaps later.

“Give back some of that money you ain’t [expletive] earned!” Wood screamed at Maybin.

It’s not a huge story, and Wood’s defense of his running back is to be expected.  But Wood’s words serve as a good reminder.

Maybin really does need to start earning his money soon.

28 responses to “Teammate tells Aaron Maybin to earn his money

  1. “Give back some of that money you ain’t [expletive] earned!”
    you could say that to all first round picks in the NFL IMHO

  2. He didn’t tell him to earn his money; he told him to give the money back…
    Sounds like Maybin is a classy guy and well-liked by his teammates.

  3. “Maybin really does need to start earning his money soon.”
    Um, actually Gregg he doesn’t need to do so. He’s been paid, and that’s the problem with the owners and media today. They fail to take into account the idea that some players are ONLY in this for the money and once they get paid, they don’t care anymore. There’s no obligation for a first pick of the draft, who gets $40 million handed to him, to do well. SHOULD he try? Absolutely. Is there a MORAL obligation? Absolutely. Is there ANY other obligation? Absolutely NOT!!! Pay a bunch of cash to a mutt like JaMarcus Russell and you get what you deserve.

  4. Awesome! Although Wood doesnt need any enemies – That leg injury still worries me……

  5. Considering that he was part of arguably the worst offensive line in football, I wouldn’t be pointing out who’s stealing money, lol.

  6. Well to be fair, Eric Wood earned the money he made playing Chunk in “The Goonies”

  7. “Give back some of that money you ain’t [expletive] earned!”
    Eric Bischoff spend most of 1999 shouting that at Kevin Nash.

  8. the bills should give back all their money to the citizens of buffalo because they havent earned crap in the past decade. in fact they should just transfer to the CFL.

  9. Players should get half of the contract money and at the end of the year the coaching staff and owner should review the tapes and determine how much of the other half (if any) they deserve. If the coaches are unfair then the word will get around the league and they will not be able to ever get any free agents…nobody would sign to them. So they would have to be fair.
    Just an idea.

  10. when was the last time a highly touted player from PSU was any good in the NFL??? Bobby Engram?

  11. Another reason for the rookie wage scale. I forgot this guy was still in the league.

  12. Wood earned his money as a rookie last year and he is bad ass enough to earn it again this year. Even coming back from a grusome leg break last year, this guy is a stud. Further, I believe that his comments demonstrate he has the right attitude to play offensive line in the NFL.

  13. @Enrgy2Burn: Paul Posluszny came from Penn State, and he’s been pretty solid for us.

  14. Being a PSU fan, I didn’t think Maybin was ready for the NFL. If he stayed in college one more year he would be that much better…

  15. @ everybodygotAIDS
    Well to be fair, Eric Wood earned the money he made playing Chunk in “The Goonies”
    Actually he made his money as a kid playing the little boy in “Bad Santa”… ohh mines better..

  16. Yeah, lets injure the starting RB in the 1st week of camp. Woods is a frickin killer. If I were that pansy ass Maybin, I’d be steering clear of Freddy.

  17. That’s funny – a Buffalo Bill talking about someone not earning their money.
    When you add the the cost per win over the past DECADE (this isn’t a small sample size, by the way), they’ve gotta be right behind the Lions and perhaps not much else.

  18. Another PSU bust on the defensive line? Say it ain’t so. Next thing you’ll tell me is that a Penn State running back sucks.

  19. @the wien, posluzny has been good, but the guy needs to drink more milk…he must have osteoporosis, his bones snap every year.

  20. If thsi happened tp Pats, Jets, Cowpokes or Packers it woudl eb lead story on ESPN! No one cares. By the way, Florida QB’S in the NFL are the biggest bust ever!

  21. It is kinda hard to earn your money if your coaches never let you see the field.
    Jauron and Fewell were trying to save their butts. That means they were only going to use veterans unless they have no choice to use a rookie.
    It’s good that they are sticking up and developing an attitude, but go and complain at the left tackle for not sustaining his block.
    A outside linebacker shouldn’t be making a tackle seven yards behind the line of scrimmage when outside linebackers fire up the field for containment.

  22. Wood is a class act. I don’t know what Freddy Jackson and Maybin have against each other, but Freddy has earned his share of the cap and Maybin has no right to potentially injure a player with value.

  23. Coach Florio,
    If Eric Wood doesn’t stop saying such mean things to Maybin I am worried that he could start losing the support of the locker room. I am sure that there are some of his teammates who would be willing to speak anonymously about their problems with Wood.

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