Antonio Bryant isn't practicing at Bengals camp

The Bengals all but admitted that receiver Antonio Bryant’s four-year, $28 million contract was a mistake when they signed Terrell Owens to start over Bryant last week.  It’s believed the team felt “buyer’s remorse” after a poor offseason from Bryant, who is also rumored to be battling a lingering knee injury.

The Bengals repeatedly assured reporters at the outset of training camp that Bryant’s knee was not an issue, and didn’t place him on the active/Physically Unable to Perform list.  According to the team’s Twitter account, however, Bryant is no longer practicing.
It is commonplace for teams to limit players coming off injury to once-a-day practicing, but that’s not the case with Bryant.  He’s missed four straight practices.  The team has not revealed why.
With PUP no longer an option, releasing Bryant might be a growing possibility.  The Bengals had planned to use Bryant in the slot, but drafted a ready-made slot receiver in Jordan Shipley, and still have incumbent slot receiver Andre Caldwell.  Cutting Bryant would save $1.55 million.  The alternative would be to keep Bryant on roster, hope his knee heals on its own, and perhaps use him in a limited role during the season.
Either way, Bryant is the early favorite for worst signing of the 2010 offseason.

21 responses to “Antonio Bryant isn't practicing at Bengals camp

  1. he’s not getting cut. That’s just wishful thinking by the hacks at PFT.
    The team has openly stated that they are going to play it safe with him and do whatever it takes to make sure he’s 100% for game 1.

  2. I knew this clown was a one season wonder.
    A couple of nice catches and people were crowning him WR of the millenium. Typical Cincy ignorance

  3. And still Florio said the bucs were cheap for not breaking the bank signing this guy.
    After all the bucs were right.

  4. Maybe you should rename this site “”. You just add a bunch of assumptions to other site’s stories.
    His knee is still bugging him. Period. The guy is a great player when healthy. He has matured and will return to form. If they thought his knee was not going to get better he would have been put on the PUP.

  5. So much talk about 3 over the hill wideouts! They are gonna have some good games ……some good plays ……..great celebrations for those that get a kick out of that tomfoolery . The fact still remains that the Bengals will not win !!!!! Carson Palmer is way over-rated ! Has the guy ever won a playoff game ? Ocho talks about the super bowl…..HA! Has he ever won a playoff game ? They add a 47 yr old receiver and think they are the shit . Its not gonna happen ! They think they are gonna draw double coverage……TO doesn’t draw a dbl anymore……and neither does Ocho…..they will get theirs on occasion…..but the Bengals will get bounced…….just like every year……get your popcorn ready!!!!!!!

  6. More like get your Puff’n Corn ready, this offense is a joke. Did Ocho not get shut out twice in two games, one in which he made a guarantee of some sort? Did T-Bag Owens not get a dose of reality in Buffalo, in which he had a season of suckery. He didn’t make QBs good, good QBs made him. He didn’t make any QB in Buffalo look good, they sucked and he sucked too. And yes Carson Palmer is a USC QB, which is the same thing as saying way overrated QB. RUN the ball Cincy if you know whats good for you.

  7. You’re right murph TO, Ochocinco and Palmer are all trash players. All way past their prime. The Steelers (of the poon) are the kings. You are a joke.

  8. I commend the Bengals for recognizing that they made a mistake with the Brant signing and addressing the need while they still had the ability to do so with the TO signing.
    The could have stood pat and pretended that everything was good with Bryant, but they didnt. They went back to the market and improved the team.

  9. Carson Palmer hasn’t been the same since he got “Kimo von Oelhoffen’d”…kinda seemed like he lost his spark.
    Bryant is prolly done….TO will make them better…
    They will rely on Benson to get them thru the season, but I fear that passing offense won’t put them over the hump by the time the post season arrives.
    32 and 36 is fairly old in NFL years….even for receivers.
    It will be entertaining for sure….it’s why watch.

  10. On Antonio Bryant, who has missed the last four practices: “We’re just doing what we need to do. When we feel like everything is correct and we have a luxury right now we’ll continue to use it. I think we’re doing the thing to give him an opportunity to get him back 100 percent.”

  11. Dude…are you kidding? He’s already practiced! They’re taking it easy on him so henwont aggravate the previous injury. It’s called “resting a guy properly so he’ll be ready for the season”. Good God. He won’t be cut. Don’t post garbage articles on here.
    And to poster “OJ SIMPSON”: you’re a mongoloid.

  12. You think the cheap ass Bengals will release a guy after paying him $7.85M and he hasn’t caught one ball for them yet? Regardless, it was a terrible signing. Bryant has been a boom or bust guy his whole career, even when he was healthy. Paying him all that money when he has a balky knee was stoopid.

  13. Palmer is washed up Cinci fans…face it. Bryant is a great talent but won’t stay healthy enough, TO will implode….Benson was a fluke last year. If he cracks 1000 yards this year I’d be suprised…once a bust always a BUST Bungle-ooos!!!

  14. T.O. is in better shape then almost any other wide out in the league. At age 40 Jerry Rice caught 92 passes for 1,211 yards and 7 touchdowns. Just because T.O. is 36 don’t think he is this washed up dead beat.
    Last year watching Hard Knocks Bill Belichick told Ocho that he was going to double him all day. If you think they are going to suck and are over the hill you are a Steelers, Browns or Ravens homer. If you do not fall into that category then T.O. or Ocho hurt your teams feelings at one point in their career.
    In the AFC North they have the strongest group of WR’s. It would be tough to find many teams that have a better group of WR’s.
    I know the first reaction from T.O. haters or Homers will be to quote T.O.’s 2009 stats on the Bills. If you look at the team and QB’s they had try and find a similar situation where a WR had huge numbers. Ocho last season had no help at WR but still had a good year. Last year the Jets were able to beat the Bengals with ease since all they had to worry about was Ocho, Benson and Scott. Now they have Ocho, T.O. Bryant,
    Before saying they are washed up look at your DB’s and ask yourself could your team match up with that starting three? While stopping Benson and Scott. I am not a Bengals fan I am an NFL realist.

  15. At first, I thought PFT was just about as fully legit as it can be. But it isn’t. Not even close.
    The many Cincy media outlets have questioned Marvin about this situation. Nothing has come up that they would release him. That thought was brought up by Florio. NO ONE ELSE. They signed Bryant for 4 years. This happens to only be one of those years. Even if they shelve him the whole year (which they won’t), they aren’t releasing him.
    Simple thought: why would they release a guy they have under contract for 4 years because they signed a guy for 1 year?

  16. This post is an early favorite for most premature analysis of 2010.
    Hey Silva, I don’t know what you have against Cincinnati or Antonio Bryant, but maybe you should inject a little objectivity into your reporting like a real journalist.

  17. Have any of you idiots even thought about the fact that Cincy added one of the best TE prospects in years with their #1 pick? They also drafted Shipley who EVERYONE only has GREAT things to say about AND Marvin is saying Andre Caldwell is the most improved player on the team this offseason. They have a ridiculous amount of depth at WR and TE that they didn’t have last year which, in turn, will open it up for the run game EVEN more than last year. Top that off with a # 4 defense that’s even deeper than it was last year, improved, more experienced and have three key injured players back to 100% ……. Seriously??
    All you doubters are a joke if you don’t think they’ll be one of the best teams this year. There just simply is no reason for them to NOT be.

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