DeSean Jackson's injury isn't serious

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Chris Mortensen of ESPN both report that the injury suffered by wide receiver DeSean Jackson on the Eagles’ practice field Saturday isn’t serious.  

According to McLane, the injury was to Jackson’s back.  He was able to “walk out of the locker room on his own, get into his car, and speed away” without commenting to reporters.  Mortensen tweets that Jackson “is fine,” and that the Eagles “have no worries” about his back.
It sounds like Jackson will be considered day to day at worst.
Kevin Kolb can breathe a sigh of relief.

30 responses to “DeSean Jackson's injury isn't serious

  1. Aww Shucks!
    Guess i’ll have to wait until week 4 to see Ratso Jackso get his clock cleaned

  2. Mortensen tweets that Jackson “is fine,” and that the Eagles “have no worries” about his back. However, new fears have emerged that Jackson has become a gigantic diva’s vagina, who will not be out pussied by Dez Bryant.

  3. Anyone who questions this kid’s toughness obviously hasn’t watched him play football.

  4. Right before Desean got injured he was bent over on the sidelines looking like he felt sick. Before that he went over and talked to a trainer. The very next time he got on the field is when he got injured.
    I figured his injury that took him out of practice was more about him feeling sick then actually being hurt. He did take a pretty good shot from Asante while wearing just shells. He was slow to get up but when he got on the sidelines he seemed to be doing much better. So it seemed like it wasnt serious.
    I just got home after a 2 hour ride back from training camp. Im happy my intuition was right and the injury isnt serious. Because after he got hurt you could see the energy drain from the team.

  5. Jeff Mclane also reported McNabb was being traded to the raiders. The guys a drip.

  6. Hey Jackson Cant wait til wk 4 watch out for a guy named Landry… He’s bringin it this yr at the strong safety position letss goooo Skinsss

  7. What only Eagles fans know about Lehigh is that the field is so far away from the locker room, that they use that cart on just about EVERY camp injury. It makes newbies nervous when they see the cart, but it is standard procedure at Eagles camp and has been for the 15 years they’ve had TC there.
    Tweeters ought to know this before they start a panic. I know the local Philly writers know it.

  8. The Eagles dodged a bullet on that one. It will be a miracle if they can get through training camp without a significant loss to IR.

  9. It never fails to amaze me how many retards there are on the internet that can’t find the Caps Lock key…
    Also, Jackson will be fine. It’s July, not October. Calm down, over-zealous 4skins fans…

  10. LOL Hailskinzz, DeSean and every receiver who made a double move shat on Landry this year. There’s more to safety, strong or free, than just big hits. Landry is like an overrated Donte Whitner.

  11. Too bad for all of the Cowboy and Redskin dbags. I can’t wait for Donovan to get the crap kicked out of him. He won’t last 3 weeks.

  12. BigBear123 says:
    July 31, 2010 7:49 PM
    His 180lb body can’t back up the crap he talks.
    The 1,000 + yards recieving, 12 tds, 100’s of return yards, and 2 pro-bowl knods in the same season says otherwise

  13. rayg says:
    July 31, 2010 8:40 PM
    What only Eagles fans know about Lehigh is that the field is so far away from the locker room, that they use that cart on just about EVERY camp injury
    well said. If you were there today you would have seen Desean walking by himself on the sidelines with a very slight limp. He could have walked but its so far so he took a ride out of convience and precaution.


  15. I have been reading this blog for over 2 years and finally decided to create a user name and log in. Some posts are very educated…….most are very ignorant…..please people, think before you type…its barely august. Desean could break his leg and still be back in time for the regular season at this point. I know its the off season and any news is better than no news…but holy crap….get a life

  16. To all you douches that mention Dez Bryant’s name…..don’t. Especially you Sheagles fans (that were 0-3 against us last year) with your distasteful comments about our prized draft pick. Bryant will step on the field in week 1 vs the Skins being a better WR than Djax….and that’ coming off a high ankle sprain and never having played a game in the NFL. I must admit, though, DeSean puts up pretty good #’s considering he can only run two routes; a bubble screen and a fly pattern. I must say to the rest of the nation….how could you possibly dislike Dez more than that loud mouth shrimp DeSean?

  17. If our offense can put up some points, I think our defense will shine. There is so much speed on that D. With the new pass-rushing acquisitions on the Eagles D-line, opposing QBs might be in for a long day if our O can jump out to early leads. I cant wait to see Stewart Bradley, Ernie Simms, and Moise Fokou fly all over the field. That HAS to be one of the fastest LB groups in the entire league. Bradleys runstopping ability and coverage skills were greatly missed last season. I dont think many people realize how much better Philly’s D will be just with the return of Bradley. I think Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, and Ernie Simms are major upgrades to what we had at those positions last season. Darryl Tapp and Daniel Teo’Nesheim are good pass rushers as well. With Tapp and Teo’Nesheim at DT on passing downs, and Graham and Trent Cole on the ends, hopefully we wont even have to blitz. Damn I cant wait! Im getting excited just sitting here thinking about the season. Just around the corner!!!!

  18. Look Dez fans. I will be the first to admit he is a great player, but he is not DeSean Jackson. DeSean’s performance on the field demands attention by all teams. He is one of the most feared receivers in football because of his speed and his catching abilities. Dez your great but not better.

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