Joe Haden agrees to terms with Browns

Joe Haden’s “holdout” lasted half a day.

After missing Saturday morning’s practice, the Browns cornerback agreed to terms on a five-year deal.  The No. 7 overall pick will get a five year contract worth a maximum of $50 million, with $26 million guaranteed according to his agent.  Both Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and May Cay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer have the same numbers.

Haden immediately becomes one of the highest paid cornerbacks in football despite legitimate questions about his speed and ability to translate into a true No. 1 cornerback.  Eric Mangini downplayed concerns about Haden’s quickness.

“A lot of rookies don’t play as fast as they can at this point,” said Mangini. “They’re thinking.”

For now, Haden will probably work behind a solid duo in Eric Wright and Sheldon Brown.

18 responses to “Joe Haden agrees to terms with Browns

  1. The Browns will have one of the most improved defenses this year. Primarly in the secondary. Go Browns!

  2. All the other teams can suck it!!!!! The Browns are gonna win the World Series………wait a second darn it.

  3. PLEASE….bring a rookie wage scale to the NFL…this is ridiculous. These guys haven’t played a down in the NFL and are guaranteed up to $50 million? Does ANYONE think that Sam Bradford will be better than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees? Why should he make more money than any of them?

  4. @ sixburgh: Yeah. Solid duo. Better than McFadden and Taylor, at least. Nobody’s saying the secondary as a whole is spectacular (the safties are unproven and/or mediocre), much less the whole defense, but at corner, the Browns have more talent (on paper, at least) than most teams do heading into the 2010 season. Sadly, nowhere near the wealth of skill the Bengals and Jets have at the position, but still above average league-wide.

  5. Rapelsburger is the redneck version of Tiger Woods.
    …going for two in a row vs. Pukesburgh

  6. Funny how the word out of Berea was that the coaches at the OTAs were disappointed in Haden with his lack of speed for a corner and were strongly considering moving him to safety.
    Heck…Lerner has to cover his scouts’ screwups with lots of bonus money.

  7. “The Browns will have one of the most improved defenses this year. Primarly in the secondary. Go Browns!”
    Hey Speed,
    You have a reach in TJ Ward as one of your safeties. Then a starting CB tandem of Sheldon Brown and Eric Wright. It’ll be a decent secondary, nothing special. And you “great” Browns fans will be screaming for Mangini to be fired by week five and hoping Delhomme gets injured. It’s how you guys roll.

  8. “With the first pick in the 2011 draft, the Cleveland Browns select…”
    Oh please let it be someone from Ohio State! Then we’ll win it all! And get Troy Smith and Ted Ginn! Yay! Local boys rule!
    Seriously, I can hear that crap already starting…..

  9. sixburghrules says:
    Solid duo? My A** Wonder how much of the remaining 24M is incentive based.
    Eric Wright and Sheldon Brown would both start in Pissburgh retard.

  10. “Rapelsburger is the redneck version of Tiger Woods.”
    How do you figure? No woman accused Tiger of sexual assault.

  11. lets give the guy a chance , everything points to him being a bust, but maybe Holmgren and company know something we dont

  12. Isnt this all speculation? Have any of you seen him play? Which coach(es) out of Berea said he was slow? Mo Carthon? Really, I’d like to hear it from someone who’s unbiased and has seen him in practice…. The rest of you dont know chit… Like I don’t know chit, because I haven’t seen him either….

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