So much for the slow pace to first round signings

One of the sillier talk radio/Around the Horn topics we’ve heard this year — and that’s saying a lot — was the panicked discussion regarding the pace of NFL rookie signings.

The topic was born from summer news boredom and not fact.  As we noted last week, the pace of rookie signings was well ahead of 2009’s pace.  We wrote then:

“The first and second-round signings continue to be slow moving, but
that’s not out of the norm.  If that slow pace falls well behind the
norm a week from now — then we have a story.”

Eight days have passed and the pace has only picked up.  The NFL notes that first-round signings are up 70% compared to this day one year ago.  That number only includes deals that have been officially filed to the league, and five more contracts have been agreed to. 

A few long holdouts could happen — C.J. Spiller seems like a popular pick — but ultimately rookie business has proceeded as usual.

7 responses to “So much for the slow pace to first round signings

  1. Suh is looking likely. Rumor on several credible Lions sights is that Eugene Parker wants more money for Suh than Bradford got since the Lions said Suh was the best player in the draft.
    If it was any other agent I’d think it was just rumors, but Parker is known for holdouts. Michael Crabtree being his most recent.

  2. suh can shove it where the sun doesnt shine me personally i would teach them idiots a lesson and tell him this is our final offer sign it now or go back to the draft next season. a defensive tackle isnt worth a quarter of the money that stafford got last year and this kid wants a significant amount more. What a joke. Ndamukong Suh you said you werent going to hold out and there is no reason for it since the slot pay has been established. You cant live up to your word of not holding out. You cant play for just 65 to 70 million dollars with around 40-45 guaranteed, you are pathetic, get your money while you can because we all know you will never be worth more than 5 million a year after this contract is up, thats if you can even perform at this level which is a toss up. I wouldnt pay you a dime i would make an example of you to the rest of the league and ruin those agents of yours by sending you back to the draft next season where you probably wouldnt even get drafted in the first round and probably wouldnt even make 1 million a year with the new rookie wage scale that will be going into effect. YOU MAKE ME SICK

  3. @vankman, thats the reason why your not a GM. this is a second overall draft pick, are you crazy. His agent is eugene parker so this doesnt surprise me but to have him to back to the draft next year and expect he doesnt go in the first round wow what world are you living in

  4. Reggie Bush tried that vankman, he wanted #1 money cause he THOUGHT he was the best player in the draft over Mario Williams. And we all know how that turned out.

  5. @maynevent His frustration is understandable though. Paying that much money for an unproven NFL player is something even most NFL vets have a problem with, especially when it takes away from their contract extensions after successful and productive seasons. It is going to be addressed during the CBA this offseason and next year’s picks won’t be making nearly that type of money.

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