Terrell Owens carries Chad Ochocinco's pads

We never expected players carrying each other’s pads back to the locker room after training camp practices to become one of the most talked-about stories during the summer of 2010, but here we are: New Bengals receiver Terrell Owens is carrying the pads for teammate Chad Ochocinco.

Owens isn’t a rookie, but he is the new guy in Cincinnati, and he says he’s fine with carrying Ochocinco’s pads for as long as he’s no longer considered the new guy.

“I guess until he tells me I’m good to go,” Owens said. “I don’t have a problem with it. Whatever Chad says, Chad gets.”

That attitude puts Owens in the same company as Rams rookie Mardy Gilyard, but in contrast to Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant, who first refused to carry Roy Williams’ pads, then said he didn’t know he was breaking with NFL tradition, and now has much more important things to worry about.

Overall, Owens says he’s happy in Cincinnati and just doing his best to fit into the offense.

“It’s getting better, and that’s the thing with this offense,” Owens said. “It’s not easy, but I feel like I’m a rookie all over again, but it will come around.”

28 responses to “Terrell Owens carries Chad Ochocinco's pads

  1. This is wonderful, seeing two active NFL players in a close and intimate relationship. I know it takes courage and Owens and Chad are pioneers.

  2. Good to see Ocho and T.O. havin’ some fun at Dez Bryant’s and Pimp Jerry Jones expense. The way they are handling it is exactly why it is done in the nfl, to create team chemistry and as much as i have slammed T.O. in the past, i gotta give him credit here. It’s not that big of a deal to carry another player’s pads but it is a big deal to refuse to like bryant did. Now reporters will write about how T.O. is trying his best to “fit in” and not be a distraction and thus the story will go away in a few days however in dallas, the disrespect that bryant showed will haunt him all year long.

  3. Chad & T.O. are good friends – not a big deal. They probably thought it’d be funny & look good in the press.

  4. lol, good stuff. Owens is trying to set the tone early and I hope it sticks.

  5. No matter how you feel about Owens you have to admit that’s pretty cool…..GO PANTHERS!!!!!

  6. If this wasn’t an obvious dig to Jerry Jones, I don’t know what it was! They got rid of TO for a guy who hasn’t worked out. Now the new savior of the team refuses to carry the washed out star’s pads, and TO takes the opportunity to show Jones what he threw away to get that washed up star. Classic and funny. It must have been Ocho’s idea…

  7. Florio,
    No matter how much you annoy me…
    I love me some attacks on Dez Bryant.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I’m surprised the headline isn’t “TO steals Ocho’s equipment, trouble in Cincy. Meanwhile Ravens are SB favorites, as long as no one throws against them”

  9. This is freaking awesome, should be looked at one of the greatest moments in Owens’s history…. And it’s a giant diss to the Cowboys.
    With all the fabricated negative press he’s gotten recently, this better get as much coverage.

  10. Call me crazy, but I think this wacko marriage might actually work out. Carson and Marvin will have their hands full, but I think TO and 85 might just be good for each other. Of course, I would not be surprised to see it implode spectacularly either.

  11. Just scored 4 tickets to the Bengals vs Panthers game so I can watch Owens do his best alligator arm impersonation for Mr. Beason. And yes, I am a Bengals fan and proud of it.

  12. I love T.O. and miss these kind of antics, a 36 year old vet carrying pads. Awesome. Wish you were still an Eagle Terrell.

  13. All for the T.O. and Ocho Show. Please. Gimmie a break. Not a snowballs chance in hell T.O. was gonna be carrying Roy Williams pads had he come to Dallas this offseason…

  14. I want to “hate” on this story so bad.
    But seeing T.O. baby faceing and kissing
    CHAD’S ass during “Dancing With The Tards” it no wonder they are buds.
    Bryant is another story.
    I’m not amused by his breakdowns and I sure as heck wouldn’t have given him that kind if $$$$.
    He may be an immature athlete who doesn’t take care of his body.
    Good Luck T.O.
    Good Luck Bengals.
    A guy from Cleveland never sniffing a Super Bowl.

  15. Devlin don’t ever in your life post another message that was the stupidest comment ever just go Devlin just do something with ur life kid

  16. And now realizing it was MD Smith who wrote this… I guess I just assumed because normally he comes out with the more dramatic posts.
    Regardless… Keep up the good work with attacking bryant! Woot!

  17. TO does a lot of stupid things i wouldnt do or cant understand…
    This one baffles me! hasnt he been in the league longer than OCHOSTINKO??
    what the heck

  18. “They got rid of TO for a guy who hasn’t worked out.”
    Cowboys with Roy Williams = a playoff win.
    Cowboys with TO = no playoff wins.

  19. Followed by a movie including popcorn surprise. I’m sure that somewhere there will be a happy ending.

  20. Everything is lovey-dovey now but, wait until Chad Johnson gets more receptions than TO and it affects TO’s contract.
    TO will be tossing those same pads and throwing himself on the ground, kicking and screaming.
    Remember a time when McNabb & TO were friends? (That was before they played together.)

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