Chargers get Ryan Mathews in the fold

Fresno_State_running_back_Ryan_Mathews_(21)_gains_yards_as_Wyoming_linebacker_Josh_Biezuns_(44)_makes_the_hit_during_the_first_half_of_the_New_Mexico_Bowl__AP_Photo_Matt_York.jpgESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier in the day that the Chargers likely would have running back Ryan Mathews under contract by the end of the day.

ESPN’s John Clayton and Bill Williamson (who apparently independently got the news at the same time) report that the Chargers have struck a deal with the former Fresno State tailback.

The numbers for Mathews, the twelfth overall pick, will fall between the money paid to 49ers left tackle Anthony Davis at No. 11 and Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham at No. 13.

Either way, it’ll be plenty more than the team has offered to receiver Vincent Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill.

8 responses to “Chargers get Ryan Mathews in the fold

  1. Glad to see the Chargers get the kid signed and into camp. It was probably the last rookie class that will be dealing with, i.e. benefitting from, the idiotic slotting system and the ridiculous sums of money for unproven players.

  2. So much for the AJ Smith bashers. The Chargers have gotten the important members signed.

  3. Doesn’t matter. Everyone knows the Bolts are weak this year. Maybe they’ll back into the playoffs, where they’ll be annihilated in the first round…again.

  4. Ryan Mathews is done, Gates is extended, we’re getting impresive production (admittidly early) from Buster Davis and UFA Williams looks impressive and on and on. Marcus is next, Shawne will realize that he needs to shut up, suit up and become the game changer he once was. The locker room can relax with the volitile LT gone. January is going to be better this year. The AFC West championship is the Bolts and never was in question. Bring on the Jets

  5. Way to alienate your veterans, screw Jackson and McNeill but get the rookie signed. Think Pat Williams had a problem with Toby Gerhart? You have a whole team that’s been shown what kind of respect A.J.Smith has for the veterans who have worked hard for the Chargers. Good luck with a locker room full of disrespected players.

  6. With the signing of Gates, I think there is now a clear message to Vincent Jackson, Shawne Merriman, and Marcus McNeil as well as all the Chargers fans out there that the Chargers will take care of the players they want to keep around long term. From a business standpoint, just because a player produces and goes to a couple pro-bowls does not automatically make him a long-term player, leader, and good teammate. It seems like the Chargers will sign long-term deals to team-players like Rivers and Gates but not the players that are going out to clubs the night before a playoff game or players that get DUI’s or have drama with Tila Tequila. I honestly don’t know if McNeil really parties with the Jackson/Merriman group but the actions from the front office seem pretty transparent. It is almost as if they extended Gates’ contract just so tell the fans that they will spend money but just what they feel are the right areas.

  7. Mathews is a beast… look for 1400+/16 and lots of big plays which will only open up the passing game.
    Solid ROY candidate!
    Floyd steps up and becomes a go to receiver, Bolts go 12-4 win the division…
    … and probably get bounced in first round 🙁

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