Colts grossly limit media access on first day of camp

The defending AFC champions are arriving at Anderson University for training camp on Sunday.  But as our friends (when they aren’t calling me names) at point out, the Colts made only coach Jim Caldwell and quarterback Peyton Manning available to the media.

In past years, every player was available.

As Brad Wells a/k/a Big Blue Shoe points out, this tactic will prompt speculation that the Colts are trying to hide something, such as the condition of safety Bob Sanders or receiver Anthony Gonzalez, or the contentment or lack thereof of receiver Reggie Wayne, or any lingering hostility the offensive linemen may have against team president Bill Polian based on the up-close look they got at the inner workings of the exhaust system of the team bus after the loss to the Saints to cap the 2009 season.

The official explanation for the change?

It’s just how we’re doing things this year,” Caldwell said.

Fans likely hope that the team’s new approach includes trying to win if/when they’re within two games of a perfect regular season.  Or, more importantly, not calling a predictable play during crunch time of the Super Bowl.

21 responses to “Colts grossly limit media access on first day of camp

  1. I’m sure Florio, who no doubt CAN’T throw a football, would have called a better play.

  2. Must mean 30 other teams need a new approach too. Unnecessary snipe, but I guess Colts fans are used to it around here by now.

  3. In related news, the major Indiana media outlets cancelled coverage of the NFL for the upcoming season, saying “that’s just how we’re going to do it this season.’.

  4. and you wonder why the limit media access. you make comments like you know what you’re talking about and they don’t.

  5. Who cares Florio? You will find out all of that on Monday. What good would it do to hide the answers to those questions for just one day? Maybe they just dont want to be bothered on a day they really are not practicing.

  6. Aahh yes, Florio. Keep beating your anti-Polian drum. Perhaps someday something will come of it.

  7. I’d have to say that at this point the “predictable play” comment has to be considered a “jibe” and not Florio’s actual opinion.
    Everyone who has played the Colts the last couple of years would agree that the play in question was “predictable”. They would also characterize it as “unstoppable”, “maddening”, and “please God, make them stop”.
    The reason it has been so effective is that it is executed so precisely *and* that it is combined with a change-up fade route that looks exactly the same until the last second where Wayne breaks deep – usually wide open.
    The Super Bowl pick was simply a miscommunication between Wayne and Manning on which to run. Either Wayne misread the hand signal or Manning forgot which one he gave.
    If you want to criticism them for something meaningful you could point out that making up plays “on the fly” *is* a risky way of doing things, no matter how successful it is most of the time.
    Most of Manning interceptions (80% or so) the last two seasons were from exactly these sorts of route miscommunications. This has been less common with Wayne, but miscommunications with Garcon probably caused about 5 picks last season.
    This could easily be branded as another “excuse” by Colts fans – but I don’t know what that means. This is just what happened. The way they run things is a high-risk / high-rewards kind of thing. That they are doing things that way is for another discussion.

  8. Polian paranoia.
    Someone might have asked one of the players how they felt about taking a dive in with an undefeated season on the line.
    Polian’s fear of all things media, and Patriots, is well documented.

  9. Probably showing how the Colts pump sound through the sound system during games so the rooks know what to expect.

  10. As a Colts fan, I think it’s great that they tell the Media to F Off.
    The Sports Media is generally parasitic. They want ratings and to stir up potential headlines/stories/something to report over simply relaying info readers.
    If you want your team to be an open book, drama-fueled, drama fest (see: Cowboys) than open arms to the Media (and PFT).
    If you want to take care of business, keep injuries/gameplans/confidential info within the team than make sure to keep the Media where it belongs… on the other side of the fence.
    Nicely done Colts, screw the Media.

  11. Polian is a prick. Name me another time when a GM has called out part of his team for a loss in a championship game? What purpose did that serve other than placating Polians’ ego.
    He needs to pounded with questions by the media as to why he called out his offensive line.

  12. here’s an idea ladies,instead of crying and making snide comments about them on your website why don’t you ask manning and caldwell about the policy and play calling?or would that be to much like actual work?yea I could see where that might be to hard for you since it’s easier to whine and cry behind your keyboard.

  13. zilla1126:
    Watch the breakdown of that play. It was no miscommunication. Wayne ran the route correctly and Manning had the ball waiting for him.. Tracy Porter simply sniffed it out from the beginning, baited, and a broke on it. 6 points. Boom. Roasted.

  14. The colts will only let their super bowl LOSING qb talk so no one throws him under the bus, while he has backstabbed teammates!

  15. This is the beginning of a difficult season for a team that has had it easy for too long.

  16. “Colts grossly limit media access on first day of camp”
    It was common knowledge that there wasn’t going to be much going on till Monday, hell even the fans were aware of this……..leave it to the media to make a mountain out of a mole hill, idiots.

  17. HAHHAHAHAH Stampede Blue isn’t that the uber whiny Colts fan site where they wrote an article calling Payton’s onside kick in the SB CHEATING? I have never seen whiners like some Colts fans are…never. But to paraphrase another whiner, LaComplainian Tomlinson, “perhaps they get it from their GM”.
    I don’t feel that the Colts owe any media any access beyond what’s required. Caldwell’s statement seems fine to me. It is so vague that it de facto gives the media NOTHING they can beat him over the head with later.
    Though I DESPISE the Colts and would love to smack talk that douchewaffle of a GM they have for this (or anything!) in particular, I won’t be a hypocrite about my opinion when it applies to a rival vs. when it applies to the team I root for (unlike what some fans are guilty of on the regular).

  18. # Spiny Norman says: August 1, 2010 6:32 PM
    This is the beginning of a difficult season for a team that has had it easy for too long.
    “Had it easy for too long,” and how is that, they played the teams that they were scheduled to play and beat them.

  19. I love it. More Polian/Manning hate. Including dire predictions of “difficult” seasons. Hahahaa.
    Manning is the G.O.A.T at quarterback and Polian is the G.O.A.T at GM. You can’t argue with the COLD, HARD FACTS.
    Oh, and for all of you who hate Bill Polian-he’s grooming his son, Chris, to take over when he retires. I hope he’s JUST LIKE his old man. Ha ha.

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