Haynesworth learning right end position

Albert Haynesworth doesn’t want to play nose tackle, which is the primary reason he stayed away from offseason activities.  (It’s also the reason why the Redskins called him a nose tackle when they said they wouldn’t trade him.)

But with training camp underway, it’s becoming clearer that Washington’s plans for Haynesworth probably involves more time at defensive end.  Jason Reid of the Washington Post notes that Haynesworth has primarily “worked” at right defensive end when he’s taken instruction at Redskins camp.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said all along he wanted to move Haynesworth around.  He could move inside when the team shows four man defensive line looks and he could play nose tackle on passing downs.  Still, while 3-4 defensive ends have to occupy blockers, the right end position has more freedom to move around.

Perhaps that will begin to turn Albert’s perma-frown upside down.

17 responses to “Haynesworth learning right end position

  1. He will never pass the test so that means there is no need of learning a position when you are not going to be there in the first place. If Shanahan does not trade him or cut him, he is an idiot and dumb fool.

  2. Could we hear Florio’s take on this in which Shanahan may have placed broken glass on the ground of the right end spot before each play?

  3. So you tell a guy (AH) one thing even though you planned all along to do something differently with him. Wouldn’t a rational person tell him from the start what the plan is. Then if he didn’t like the plan, cut him and don’t pay him the $21 million. I don’t care for AH, but the Redskins brass sure seemed to create this problem.

  4. 6 games….. i say his fat ass is healthy for 6 games ! What do you think ? he has never played an entire season in his whole career !

  5. Another brilliant signing by Danpoleon Bonerparte. I’m sure this one will end up better than Deion, Bruce Smith, Randle El, Trotter, Brunnell, Coles, Hall, on and on and on. And I’m sure Shanaverage will end up better than Turner, Spurrier, Gibbs, Schottenheimer, and Zorn. I don’t understand how Redskin fans, who see their team do everything in the offseason then nothing in the regular season for ten years now, can get cocky every single year. The truth is, the Redskins have replaced the Cardinals as the NFC East’s resident doormat. Fail Redskins!

  6. Geo the ‘kins had to pay him if they cut him. He was guaranteed the money. They let him know what position he was going to be playing and gave him an opportunity to walk if he wanted to. But without the 21 million. So he would have gotten a trade for letting them off for the money. He chose to take the check pretending he was okay with the position change and then immediately threw a tantrum. Haynesworth is the only one to blame for this mess. He could have gone anywhere he wanted. He chose to take the money and play games other than football.

  7. All I can say is watch out for the ‘Fat Albert Splash’! Romo’s birdcage will get rattled and maybe caved in. Dez Bryant’s injury will save his career if it keeps him outta that first Sunday night! If not, he’ll be hearing footsteps for the rest of it. As bad as my Skins have been.. no one can deny the poundin’ they put on there opponents. Woooooooo!
    warpath21 out

  8. The only pounding comes from the 4-12skins’ opponents pounding their fists on the ground in laughter.

  9. warpath, warpath…they beat us twice last year, and fatass wasn’t much of a factor at all. Boy I hope you’re right but I ain’t seein’ it.

  10. “All I can say is watch out for the ‘Fat Albert Splash’! Romo’s birdcage will get rattled and maybe caved in.”
    Naah they’ll just slide Gurode out and let him continue bitch-slapping Haynesworth in the career. Fat boy’s got his money, what makes you think he’s going to find another gear all of a sudden? Dude’s a chump, even Shanarat knows it.

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