Isaac Bruce to join Bears for training camp as coach

Isaac Bruce just couldn’t help going to training camp for a 17th straight season.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Bruce will join the Bears this Tuesday as part of the minority coaching fellowship program.  Lovie Smith says he owes his career to the program and is excited to have Bruce coming aboard.

Devin Hester has already worked extensively with Bruce in Florida, and has raved about the longtime Ram to his teammate.  Wideout Johnny Knox, who has seen a lot of passes thrown his way early in camp, wants the Bears to become the Greatest Show on Grass.

That’s a long shot, but they’ve brought in the right guy to help out.

19 responses to “Isaac Bruce to join Bears for training camp as coach

  1. he’s made millions. why does he need to be in a preferential treatment employment program?

  2. Hey Number Four,
    You’re as big a douchebag as your handle indicates. The guy isn’t on welfare. Calm down. I doubt he took a job you were up for.
    GOTTA be a Vikings fan. Only Queens fans would get pissed about something that wasn’t owed to them anyway

  3. I bet every comment has to do with the word “minority” in the article. Racism clearly never dies in America.

  4. I’ll take any help they can get, and bringing in one of the guys who helped Martz do it is a good move. Too bad they couldn’t get Holt to coach too. ISO Kurt Warner, QB coach.

  5. @numberfour
    Fair accusation. Bruce probably has enough name rep to not need a program like this, whereas Lovie was not a former player and lacked connections.
    However, Isaac Bruce was a pretty quiet guy through his whole career who has no future in media I’m guessing.

  6. Now if Isaac Bruce could just block for Cutler, their offense may really take off.
    This year may not be as good for da Bears but with Cutler maturing and Mike Martz calling the offense, their future looks bright.
    Just have to work on that O-line.

  7. Earl Bennett is the only legitimate WR I see on that team. Knox is an okay downfield threat, Hester is not a WR, and the rest are on the bench or practice squad on any other team in the league.

    bruce doesnt need to be part of any outreach welfare program for rich former ballplayers. yes it’s welfare for him… it doesnt matter who else was up for the job or whether they just created it for him.
    it’s another bs program and he didnt need it.
    minorities and their k-gobblers love to scream about how they are put upon. it’s really about how they cry “i’m a perpetual victim” while they put it upon all others. it’s a scam, and u should be old enough to know that.
    and i do just fine as a matter of fact. i am not a viking fan or much of a fan of any team. i just tend to bet on pro games.
    my “handle” has nothing to do with favre, or whatever else u may be referring to. if u had a clue, u would understand i am not a fan of that player’s on again off again antics.
    and i would tell u to calm down, but then again, i dont really care.
    we can tell u are a closeted bears fan.

  9. hey number four,
    I’m sure that this grave injustice of issac bruce being in a program for black coaches will not go unpunished in the eyes of god.
    get over yourself and your misguided political beliefs. who is this hurting? white coaches? why do you give a crap? why take so high-maintenance? why are you such a fruitcake?
    closeted bears fan I am not (quite out in the open about it, actually).
    you’re a closeted racist though. or maybe not so closeted

  10. #4 –
    as soon as your tax dollars go to pay Issac Bruce’s salary with the bears, then get all pissed off.
    until then, you’re a white guy who is pissed that a black guy has made more money than him.
    go listen to el rushbo some more, you need some new talking points.

  11. @scfan- he’s the least explosive WR on the roster. Get to know Aromashadu, Hester, and Knox, cause you’ll hear their names a lot more than Bennett.

  12. Maybe the program is a chance for Bruce to see what coaching in the NFL is really like. Maybe Issac Bruce is broke, but I doubt it. Maybe you think of it as charity, but it could be Smith is doing a solid for one of the best players on a team that helped him get a job in Chicago.

  13. actually i dont care how much money bruce makes. but u cant answer why he needs a special program to get employment. he doesnt have connections and experience?
    what part of “yer free” slipped yer mind? “yer free” to succeed or fail. on yer own, like everyone else. (ooohhh the horror… please give me another security blanket…)
    yes, the notion that one doesnt need “special help” and shouldnt get any. that slipped yer mind.
    u are a moron.
    whether i am racist in any sense or not means nothing. racism exists, and blacks commit all interracial crime between blacks and whites. but they dont talk about that in the media u prefer!
    so… who is racist? gee, my wife is hispanic btw.
    talking points? u get all yers from the rest of the media, which all sing the same song. i dont need talking points from anyone. cant say i agree with limbaugh on everything. but he has been pretty effective lately, and all the numbnuts non-media can do is play off him. your media doesnt have any original freedom-loving ideas. that is because they are just fellow travelers and they arent interested in being a media. they are merely being cheerleaders for a stupid ideology, and pretending they arent.
    and if an outfit does stupid stuff, i dont have to patronize it with any dollars. or votes.
    my political beliefs are just fine.u, on the other hand, prefer privileges for folks who dont need any. but they vote like hell to make sure they keep getting goodies from someone’s stash.
    and just so people can see it, my original comment was: he’s made millions. why does he need to be in a preferential treatment employment program? your response is merely that i am not paying for it, have no right to say jack, and am a racist. u are incapable of rational thought. please return to the hood. it’s where u belong.
    it simply doesnt make sense why he needs it; he could have simply asked former supervisor martz for a job anyway. but, numbskull kneejerk supporters of minorities and their preferential programs never do make sense.

  14. well, this whole argument is just stupid!
    why do people seem to think there always some conspiratorial drama behind the scenes?
    the reality:
    Drake is the receivers coach; the staff roster is already full and Angelo has no desire to put anyone else under contract, so….
    Since IB is willing, maybe even his idea to be a “pseudo coach” – there exists the mechanism for him to do so, wasn’t created by the Bears, but can certainly be used as a pass to legitimize his presence in training camp. Big deal – not.
    Far as Bruce being able to help do anything positive there, yes… he knows Martz’s system and yes he can probably help the Bears WR’s in that respect… but it remains to be seen if the ball even gets down the field with that O-line they have.

  15. although I do love it when someone writes, “I’m no racist! But I hate when minorities [insert racist statement here]…”

  16. umm… this is a football site right? I want to be excited for football season, not depressed because people are angry and narrow-minded. I am glad Isaac Bruce is helping the Bears receivers.

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