Nick Mangold discusses his decision to show up for camp

NFL_mangold.jpgDisgruntled Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis didn’t show up for the start of training camp.  Center Nick Mangold, who also is anything but gruntled, opted to show up.

He talked about his decision on Sunday.

“I’m a football player,” Mangold said.  “Camp is what you do.  You know it’s just one of those
things.  I decided after thinking about every option to be here and put my best
foot forward and try to have a good time up here in beautiful Cortland.”

That said, Mangold supports Revis’ decision to stay away from camp.

“He’s got to do what he’s got to do,” Mangold said of Revis.  “I don’t hold anything against him.  He’s got
to do what he thinks is best.  More power to him for whatever he needs to get

But the reality is that Revis is more likely to get something done now that he’s taking a stand that Mangold will manage by showing up.

14 responses to “Nick Mangold discusses his decision to show up for camp

  1. I don’t think so, as far as Revis being more likely to get something done. The Jets got D’Brick done first, it will be interesting to see if they get Mangold done to show Revis what happens when you play nice.
    But like they say, “in a perfect world.”

  2. I’m sure Daniel Snyder would be willing to give up two number 1’s and two number 2’s for Revis. And then pay him.
    Bye bye Revis. Go and whine somewhere else.
    Mangold and Leon Washington are men. They sign a contract. They honor it.
    No matter what happens with the Jets:
    Miami goes 5-11. And Dan Marino could never win the big one like Joe Namath did. (In Marino’s Stadium)

  3. Seriously florio, what did ‘tannenbaum ever do to you? You guys seen to just hate him. For example, rosenthal wrote how it’s surprising that he got an extension which either suggests blind hatred or he doesn’t know what ‘surprised’ means. All ‘tannenbaum had done is put together one of the best young cores in football. Now, it seems like your carrying revis’ water and literally begging mangold to hold out.

  4. Mangold is a warrior, old school and all class. I don’t begrudge his few comments admitting how frustrated he feels about not having an extension in place.
    David Harris is even more of a model citizen – not a peep about his not having a new deal at this point. He just lets his 300+ tackles over the past three years do the talking for him…
    With Rexy at the helm this team will continue to rock and roll for many years!

  5. Mangold reminds me of the cool “old school” NFL players. He just loves the game of football, like all players should.

  6. nymuts is just obsessed with the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino. He can’t go two posts without showing his love- sick

  7. @NYMets
    That wasn’t Marino’s stadium dude. Marino didn’t get drafted until ’83 and the Jets won their only Super Bowl in 1969. So calm down and stop hating on Marino because you guys haven’t done anything since 1969 and that trend will continue.
    Note: I am not a Dolphins fan.

  8. @NYMets
    “No matter what happens with the Jets:
    Miami goes 5-11. And Dan Marino could never win the big one like Joe Namath did. (In Marino’s Stadium)”
    Man, that just hurts…. I mean, we all know you are a fan of garbage but to dump some trash like that when I’m trying to go to sleep? That’s just hurtful. At least Marino only made out with a man that was really a woman playing a character (Einhorn). Namath wanted to make out with a real one on the sidelines! (Kolber) That’s a handsome woman…

  9. revis is holding out for hard knocks benefit. jet fans would probably be watching but the thought of the jets ‘imploding’ will be so exciting for so many that many more will watch.

  10. monropoobah, I partially agree. HBO and the Jets are all about ratings and selling more PSL’s and if you think otherwise you are a fool.
    Aug. 10th is the big day, if Revis stays away then he loses a year of eligibility. This is not shaping up well for both Jets and Revis.
    Mangold is pure gold, he says I am the best center in NFL, I signed a contract, I am outplaying that contract, but I know I will be taken care of in good time. Let’s hope the Jets brass recognize that he is the next leader on this team.

  11. I don’t understand why anyone would think Revis is worried about losing his year of eligibility since he’s already stated he wanted to retire as a jester. So if he holds out past Aug. 10th and loses his year of eligibility, he’ll make sure his contract includes whatever years and amount of money he wants. Then, in a few years he’ll want out of that contract and stir the pot again.

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