Pats take a look at a veteran defensive end

With Derrick Burgess contemplating retirement, the Pats are looking at contingency plans.

Plan A for their Plan B is veteran defensive end Adewale Ogunleye.

Oguleye undoubtedly would move to outside linebacker in the 3-4 system that the Pats use.  Ogunleye has spent the past several seasons as a defensive end in a 4-3 front.

Per a league source, the Patriots officially are undecided about signing Ogunleye.

24 responses to “Pats take a look at a veteran defensive end

  1. No listed sources? And you’d think they’d go after a guy experienced in playing outside backer in the 3-4 instead of having an older guy make the switch.

  2. You’re funny. That last line really wasn’t included when I made my previous comment.

  3. Burgess rarely shows up on time. He’s always had his own set of rules even if he has mostly been a so so player most years.
    Some sacks, can’t play the run. Shows up to camp when he wants to. Always hurt.

  4. I don’t think he’s old enough for our team. Belichick has been running sprints after practice, I think he’s going to suit up.

  5. Pats take a look at a veteran defensive end
    They secretly taped him.

  6. Pats take a look at a veteran defensive end
    They secretly video taped him.

  7. These guys are so old the Pats have to put on reading glasses to get a proper look at them.

  8. oh yea Patriots are so old…
    super old lol

  9. @collegetopros
    im glad you cn list there backups… good job now besides mayo and meriweather what young buck is worth a da*n to anyone but the pats???

  10. @collegetopros – The Patriots definitely are an old team, you list young and generally lower quality players than the older and retired Patriots. Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, the good RB’s (I know Maroney is still young but he still sucks too) are generally getting older. They don’t have a stud safety or cornerback anymore, the linebackers are decent but not what they were 5 years ago. They’re getting older, and they have experience in the skill positions, but did you hear Brady after the Ravens postseason game? “We need to get tougher.” The younger guys on the team are pussies, and honestly, the Jets and Dolphins are both very physical football teams. They might have a tough season just because they will be banged up pretty good playing 1/4 of their season against hard hitting teams.

  11. @smithopher
    Tom Brady isn’t old. He’s in his prime. Elite QBs play well into their mid 30s. He’s got at least 2-3 years left. Wes Welker isn’t old. He’s 29 lol. The running back core is old. The OL (except Vollmer and Mankins – who probably will be traded) is on the downside of their career.
    The DL is Warren and Wilfork: in their prime. The other lineman could end up being a lot of people.
    The LB group outside of Tully Banta Cain are all basically going to be very young.
    The DBs couldn’t be much younger. Only Leigh Bodden is potentially over the hill. He’s closer to his prime.
    A couple of RBs, a DL , a few OL, Randy Moss, and maybe a DB doesn’t exactly make a team.
    Don’t even bother with Torry Holt who already is fighting for the last WR spot. Alge Crumpler can’t even crack the starting lineup.
    That ‘crappy’ defense last year… 5th in points per game. This defense laughs at that defense.
    Oh and Tom Brady’s “down year”… 4398 Yards, 28 TDs (13 INT). Randy Moss dogged it to the 6th most yards and the most TDs in the NFL. If I were every other team in the NFL, I’d pray he doesn’t dog it again – because he might just be an All-Pro.

  12. Mayo -excellent ILB with great instincts and a solid tackler.
    Meriweather -Pro Bowl Safety
    Edelman -Slot WR who filled in for Welker and did so admirably.
    Guyton -decent LB with the ability to play both inside and outside
    Chung -will be starting this year after making some eye opening plays last year
    Butler -see Chung
    McCourty -rookie with high hopes for becomming a #1 CB while seeing time on special teams as well
    Spikes -once thought to be a possible top 10 pick, slipped bc of his lack of speed, but all indications are that he could be the steal of the draft.
    Tate -at UNC was better Hakeem Nicks, but fell to the 3rd round last year bc of a torn ACL which has fully healed.
    Vollmer -the STEAL of last yr’s second round. In an SI do over draft, they had him being selected 5th overall
    on top of this, Brady, Maroney, Wilfork, Warren, Moss, Welker are NOT old.
    Sure we got Faulk, Holt, and Taylor. but if that makes an old team, I have no idea what to think of the age of other teams.

  13. I don’t see why age is such a factor. Experienced veterans have been key in all of their Super Bowl runs.
    And it’s not as if they don’t have youth and some depth. There are a handful of teams in the AFC that could go to and win the Super Bowl. The Patriots are one of them. What will eventually determine who does go, is who can stay the healthiest and make the least mistakes.

  14. This post kinda makes me think Richard Seymour is having a good laugh somewhere.

  15. @collegeToPros
    Ok Moss is OLD as DIRT.
    secondly, your basing half these players on your projections. Yes, a lot of them were taken pretty early in the draft, but the fact is you never know anything in the draft.
    There is a lot of new players on this team, and personally I think they are on a down slope.

  16. Rival fans discounting the Patriots are kidding themselves. As long as they have Brady and Belechick the rest of the team could be geriatirics and I’d fear them until they were eliminated from playoff contention. The AFC East is a 3 horse race IMHO and even Buffalo, as bad as they look, cold cause problems early as nobody knows what to expect from them and Chan Gailey loves gadget plays. They make some of them work and who knows. I’d say NE, the Jets or Miami wouldn’t be a bad pick for this division and think there will be some epic battles when those teams meet. Of course there are probably some arrogant Pats fans who think their team is going unbeaten or something ridiculous like that.

  17. The offense is certainly the oldest part of the team…between running backs, offensive line, and half their WR corp, they are fairly old. But the defense got much younger over the last 10 months.
    Whether our younger guys can do anything, is another story. Belichick’s drafting has been pretty terrible along with his FA signings…if the recent two draft classes wash out like the others, we’re definitely on the down slope.
    Our defense was awful last year…i don’t care what the stats say…they were terrible…as they were the year before, and even in the 2007 season (offense masked the stink). But we got rid of our useless defensive coordinator so hopefully things turn around.

  18. @ smithopher and Zukny
    I agree that they were old…last year.
    Through the off season, they have actually become younger.
    Welker is 29. If that’s old, then I should be retired at 39. Brady turns 33 tomorrow. The starting OL averages about 31. But, the backups are mostly 2nd and 3rd year guys who will be stepping in next year when Neal and possibly Light are gone. They just drafted 2 TEs that everyone thinks are studs. Edelman, Tate, and Price are all young at WR. Moss and Holt are obviously old, but didn’t Moss lead the NFL in TD receptions? At RB, Taylor, Morris and Faulk are old, but Maroney and Ben Jar Jar Binks are in their mid 20s.
    On defense, Merriwether is a 26 year old pro bowl safety. Chung and Butler will start as 2nd year guys. Wilhite’s a 3rd year guy. McCourty is a rookie. Bodden is 29. The DL averages 29 years. The LBs including Burgess who may retire average about 27 years.
    I’m only counting guys who project to be in their positional rotations not everyone on the current roster.
    The comment was that they are “getting old”. Actually, they got younger this off season. There are no projections here. Wilfork is one of the best NTs in the league. Mayo is one of the best ILBs in the league. Meriweather is a pro bowl safety. Bodden is a solid corner. Ty Warren is a solid DE.
    They do need to get younger on defense in terms of guys actually playing, like the TEs, WRs, and OLs. I hope they are incorporated into the mix this year. The defense is pretty much turned over to younger guys. I think offensively, that will happen more next year.

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