Sean Gilbert "intimately involved" in Darrelle Revis holdout

Plenty of Jets fans are shrugging off the absence of cornerback Darrelle Revis as a short-term protest aimed at making a point.

It could be more appropriate for Jets fans to engage in a somewhat different activity that starts with “sh” and ends with “ing.”

Per a league source, former NFL defensive tackle Sean Gilbert is “intimately involved’ in the holdout process.  Gilbert, the brother of Revis’ mother, once sat out an entire season in a contract dispute with the Redskins.

Gilbert’s level of involvement wasn’t clear in past weeks, especially when Revis seemed to ignore Gilbert’s general view that a player in such situations should let his agent do the talking.

We’re also told that Revis has no concerns about holding out beyond August 10, despite a widespread belief that he’ll report by the last date for picking up his fourth year of credit toward free agency.  As we understand it, Revis is fully committed to staying away until he gets a long-term deal with real genuine guaranteed money, not the D’Brickashaw Ferguson fiction that requires the player to get through at least one season without suffering a serious injury before beginning to unlock real dollars.

We’ve got more to come on this.  But this particular cow has a full udder, and we need to milk it slowly.

50 responses to “Sean Gilbert "intimately involved" in Darrelle Revis holdout

  1. Well if Revis is willing to lose a whole year of free agent eligibility to get this done, then he really must want to stay a Jet. We are shrugging it off because we know he will eventually get paid.

  2. What has 8 thousand legs and 15 teeth? No, it’s not some exotic bug, it’s the first two rows of ticket holders at a New Jersey Jests game.

  3. And we know how well that worked out for Gilbert. He sat out a year and was worthless when he came back.
    I hope Sean tells him how great holding out can be for your career. Revis needs to be a man, report to camp, and let his agent work out a contract extension. These whiney brats in the NFL are starting to annoy me big time.

  4. Damn Florio — don’t leave us hanging with this soap opera of a team. As the jests turn.
    If Sean Gilbert is involved, you jests fans might just as well write off the season!!!!! Man, is this funny or what? All the jests fans have been telling us for weeks how he wasn’t going to hold out because EVERYONE loves to play for Rexy.

  5. See Jet Fans go back to my earlier comments I knew Sean Gilbert was involved in this somehow, PFT give me some credit for this!!!

  6. I think Revis should sit out the entire year. He was just named the best player in the ENTIRE LEAGUE and even Rex Ryan said he was the best player in the league….sooo…pay the man. He’s one bad twist from being another Domnique Foxworth

  7. The five things that will never said by New Jersey Jest fan:
    1. “Man, that Super Bowl title last year was such a great memory”
    2. “I’ll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex.”
    3. “I just couldn’t find a thing at Walmart today.”
    4. “Checkmate”
    5. “Hey look! Coach Ryan only has one chin!”

  8. – intimately involved
    – “sh” — “ing”
    – full udder
    I don’t even know where to start.

  9. “per a league source”
    a hunch was made based on Revis’s uncles past.

  10. “We’ve got more to come on this. But this particular cow has a full udder, and we need to milk it slowly.”
    This wins the most obvious fact award for 2010…
    Keep on keepin’ on, Florio.

  11. The words “Sean Gilbert intimately involved” scarred me. I mean, he was a big and mean DT. If he is intimately involved with anything I don’t ever wanna see it.

  12. F Revis. He can’t hold the entire team hostage. I’d offer him 10 mil for the season. He could take it or leave it. If he wants to F up his career that’s his choice. THE JESTS WILL WIN WITHOUT HIM. There are MANY weapons on this team.

  13. “If the NFL would raise my damn pension, my nephew wouldn’t need to ask for so much money.”.

  14. The two things Ralphie will say next February, 2011:
    1. I can’t friggin believe the Jets actually won the Super Bowl this year.
    2. Are they really going to play the 2014 SB in New Jersey?

  15. tdowdy11 says:
    August 1, 2010 9:11 PM
    And we know how well that worked out for Gilbert. He sat out a year and was worthless when he came back.
    His play may have been worthless when he got back, but if I recall he got the money he was asking for.

  16. Trade him. Kris Jenkins said it best in that this defense is more then capable of playing at a high level without one great player. Plus the Jets still have Cromartie, Wilson, and Lowry. If Revis stays away pretty soon we’ll be talking about Cromartie Island. Rex Ryan’s system is why Revis is even in position to ask for Nnadami type money. Put him on another team and he becomes the next Nate Clements, really good corner that won’t be worth nearly what he’s being paid.

  17. Yeah, like revis will hold out till he gets a new deal. Well, he has 3 years left!! What will he do if the jets don’t offer him a new deal? Will he sit out 3 years?!?! We’re calling your bluff revis (well, everyone except florio….)

  18. Yadda yadda yadda….more rumors spread by Florio with no facts to back it up. We are sick of your ‘league sources’…give the source or shutup.

  19. Oh, Florio, you always make me swoon with the farmer metaphors.
    As for Revis, maybe the Redskins would like to tap that hotline to the Jets yet again?

  20. Ampats, my good buddy, how do you do?
    It’s not so much a big problem, it’s like a pimple on prom night, big and ugly, but it will resolve itself in due time. Revis is simply making his life harder. From what I understand, the Jets can buy back his years, he is under contract, after all. We have plenty of depth at the CB position, but they’re no Revis. If he wants to play hardball, everybody loses, but if he had the maturity to kiss and make up and play out the contract he signed, everybody wins. (Most importantly, the Jets.) Not to mention he’s not winning over many people either. I’d imagine the F/O cracks in the coming weeks, they’re not stupid. He’ll get paid. Whether it’s a “band-aid” contract or a full blown agreement, I’m not so sure of, but we’ll see.
    Revis will get paid, it would be absurd that he doesn’t. It’s like the Colts not re-signing Peyton Manning.

  21. “Revis OWNS the Jets right now”
    no, not really. Revis has 3 years left on his contract, which is why the jets wont cave to his demands. why should they since they control his rights for that long? heck, if there is still a franchise tag after the new CBA, then the Jets actually control him for four years.
    Revis will get paid eventually. he just wont get the QB type money Nnamdi got since Al Davis is a senile old turd.

  22. Keep it coming with the Anti-Jets talk Florio. With every article your credibility goes further and further in the toilet. While you are in the toilet say hello to all the dolphin fans down there too. Thanks.
    I love when Dolphin fans yap on and on about the Jets as if they have a long history of showing up and selling out their own games without half the fans being visitors and when they never win anything. They had one of the best QB’s in the sport in Dan “Lord of no rings” Marino and couldn’t get him a ring. Stick your tails between your legs and go back into your holes Dolphin fans, where you belong.

  23. Jets shouldn’t offer this jerk a dime. Watch Mevis walk into camp with his tail bt his legs on August 9 bc if he pulls a no show on August 10 he stays with the Jets yet another year. Even Uncle Albert isn’t stupid enough to want that.

  24. Jets will be fine with or without Mevis…sure we’d love to have him in camp and happy, but not at any cost. So, if he becomes a turd (which I surely hope he won’t as we’re all of a 1/2 dozen hours or so into the so-called “hold out”), then he’ll suffer the fate of others who saw themselves as the sine qua non of the Jets, as Trader T has proven adept at handling problem children (see Kerry R, Pete K. Chris B, etc.) In other words, he’ll get with the program or bring back value to the Jets ala Herschel Walker. He should fire Schwartz, send Uncle Sean back to the rest home and make sure the nurse gives him his meds, and take a meeting to talk things out like real men do. For you Phinsfans I’d apologize for using big words but pretty sure you wouldn’t get that either…
    p.s. lastly you Phins fans are just about as F’n funny as Florio (NOT)…looking forward to getting great seats for cheap on 9/26 in Miami and applauding loudly when Jason Taylor makes the Phins all sad for letting him go as he pounds Chad (either one or both) to the turf, and Jets romp all ‘over them.

  25. @JMClarent
    True, but then uncle can be the brother of Revis’ father, ot the brother of any of Revis’ four grandparents.

  26. One has to think Revis’ holdout is a product of the way Tannenbaum has treated past Jets players and a lack of trust on the part of Revis towards Tannenbaum and the Jets FO.
    The problem appears to be:
    1. Look at all the players that have said Tannenbaum has lied to them. Kendall, Baker, Moore, Coles, Revis, Leon, Mangold and many more.
    2. The Leon situation Leon was the Jets MVP. He was due less than one million last year and he wanted a new contract at only $5 million per year. Tannenbaum floated a rumor that Leon refused to accept $5million dollar a year contract. Leon denied he was ever offered over $2 million per year. He breaks his leg and gets shipped to Seattle for a Starbucks coupon. Revis is one play away from being the next Leon and being traded for a Big mac. So of course he does not want to step on the field without some guaranteed money.
    3. The Jets offer on its face of $12 million per year sounds good but in reality its a terrible offer as it offers no signing bonus. Until the Jets give a good faith legitimate offer why should Revis play. If he gets hurt they will cut him in a second. Tannenbaum has no loyalty to Jets players and is a proven liar.
    The bottomline is Tannenbaum’s shifty behavior is the problem here. One can only play fast and loose so long. He has no credibility and there is no reason Revis should trust him to do the right thing. I don’t blame Revis at all. Show him a credible offer with a signing bonus and I am sure he would be in camp. he is arguably the best player in football and the key to the Jets D. Pay the man he deserves it.

  27. The sky is falling?!?
    First, let me say that Revis is a hell of a cornerback. That said, there is just WAY too much teeth gnashing about him sitting out. Would everyone be declaring the season lost if he went down with an injury in the first week? Absolutely not. But because this is a media generated air raid, people are freaking out. So, the Jets have to find another guy who can play pretty good corner, and they shift to a Cover 2 with some deep help a little more often. Is that REALLY going to mean the difference in a lot of games?
    Revis has bought into the hype about himself and, like his uncle, he will have to learn a harsh reality. How many players have stayed away from football for an entire year (IR does not count because they are still “with” the team) and have come back to be top tier talent?
    Yep, exactly. Revis will learn one of two lessons.

  28. Zinn – sounds like you’ve sat thru these negotiations…good to know you’re so sure of what’s been said by who to whom and when. Be fair, and realize that (a) facts change, (b) sh.. hapens and (c) more often than not, players hear what they want to hear (not what was actually said)
    Now, back to reality…players want $$$ teams want to pay less. Players have a strong season or two and think they’re entitled to tear up negotiated deals they held out for. All I can say, is God bless American capitalism and a system that respects and allows folks the rights to enter contracts, and have them enforced.

  29. Us Dolphin fans may not be too funny. But let me try this. Ted Ginn owns your team. Now that’s f’in funny.

  30. Sean Gilbert? Oh christ. Well played, Revis. Your uncle’s reputation is exactly what you want in the league.

  31. Papoose059 says:
    August 1, 2010 11:49 PM
    Us Dolphin fans may not be too funny. But let me try this. Ted Ginn owns your team. Now that’s f’in funny.
    Actually bragging about a player thats not even on the team anymore is funny.

  32. Let him sit out this entire season … then get locked out next season. I’m sure uncle Sean will happily pay for his living expenses during those 2 years.

  33. @ ripken 09 i completely agree with you and kris jenkins. so here’s the deal. eagles give the jets a first round pick in next years draft. sounds good to me.

  34. Seriously, Jet fans should be grateful to this site for reporting Gilbert’s meddling.
    Revis reads the news; he’s spoken out RE: a few negative storylines on himself several times this offseason. Now, in addition to already looking like a greedy chump, he’s gonna read that he doesn’t really make up his own mind. And that he’ll screw himself more than his team if he holds out. This kind of publicity ain’t good and he’s sensitive about it.
    And I’ll take it even further: all negative press on the NY Jets is a very, very good thing for the team. They feed on it. So, keep up the good work, Florio!
    And to those of you who blindly hate other NFL teams…you really need to get a life. Kiss a woman. You know, not be a tool.

  35. Papoose059
    If Revis doesn’t come in on time, the entire league will again own the jests. No one believes their offense is good enough without Revis being able to shut down one side of the field because he won’t be able to blitz on every down.

  36. revis is holding out for hard knocks benefit. jet fans would probably be watching but the thought of the jets ‘imploding’ will be so exciting for so many that many more will watch.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks that Revis is a spoiled brat who ought to play out the contract that he signed?

  38. Maybe Uncle Sean should advise Revis by telling him this little story:
    “Once there was this d-tackle that thought he was the best in the league and wanted to get paid like it, so he held out. He was already under contract and his team didn’t appreciate him holding the rest of the team hostage so they didn’t give in. That defensive tackle sat out the entire season, came back the next season and was woefully average, was later traded to an expansion team and was never heard from again. The End”

  39. @ KoaMisiFan:
    Dude you say some of the dumbest things. Revis plays Defense! Next, if Revis is shutting down one side of the field, who’s blitzing?
    As to your earlier post, ALL Jet fans have been saying what??? I read this site just as much as the next guy and I don’t recall anyone saying Revis definitely won’t hold out, and certainly not because of Rex.

  40. Revis could go down with a career ending injury during training camp let alone the season. That said, even if he was under contract, the rest of the team isn’t going to forfeit the remainder of the season. They would move on and make do with what they have.
    That’s what will happen now. The Jets will move on. Revis should take the Band-Aid that’s already been offered, if he doesn’t like the long-term deal that’s already been offered (Tanny’s words from another article on a different site). My guess is, Revis thinks either the short-term or long-term fix should be $15.5M a season, which is just not going to happen.
    As for Uncle Jag-off. Why listen to a dude that pissed away the rest of his career for a few million dollars? He probably could have made that much or more playing at a high level for several more seasons in DC or somewhere else. Revis is still due $20M over the next 2 years following this season. So take the Band-Aid and get paid what you can now. IMHO, Revis is just showing that money comes first and football second (see Mangold for opposing opinion).

  41. Why do you jests fans keep saying he “is still due $20M over the next 2 years”? He only gets that money if he doesn’t get injured, so if I were him and saw Leon W. go down with a possible career ending (though, luckily, he seems to be fully healed and working out in camp) injury, I’d want the money to. Does anyone really believe with that front office that they would pay him if he did get hurt seriously?

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