Steven Jackson shows no sign of back injury

The first play of Rams training camp was symbolically a run by Steven Jackson. 

He made a nice gain on the play and he’s repeated the effort more than once since.  Following surgery on his back this offseason, Jackson looks ready to carry the franchise again.

“We don’t want to jump out there too quick and have a setback, but I was
impressed,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said on Saturday.

ESPN’s Mike Sando had a great stat on Sunday.  Every team in the NFL has at least four players with a Pro Bowl on their resume.  Except the Rams, who have one.  Jackson knows how important he is to the franchise and says his back won’t be a problem.

“The back is fully healed,” Jackson.  “We really worked hard this offseason to make sure the
durability will still be there. I can still run in the natural way I’m used to
running. I don’t have to adjust my style for anything. I think it’s more so just
getting my feet underneath me again, making the cuts I’m able to make and
working on the field of vision.”

3 responses to “Steven Jackson shows no sign of back injury

  1. What type of back surgery did he have? That info is pretty important, but without knowing, I still think he won’t last a whole lot longer in the brutal NFL having had back surgery.
    I’ve had back surgery and you are never “the same” again… GL to him.

  2. I have always liked this guy for some reason. Just seems to always give his best effort. Good luck to him!

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