Torry Holt could be odd man out in New England

David Patten may be gone,  but the return of Wes Welker from the active/PUP list highlights a potential numbers problem for Torry Holt in New England.

Simply put, there are five Patriots receivers that should safely have roster spots.  Holt can’t be counted as one of them.

As SI’s Don Banks notes, Brandon Tate and Julian Edelman are roster locks behind Welker and Randy Moss.  Tate has impressed onlookers early in camp and should have a major role in the return game. 

That leaves Holt and third-round pick Taylor Price, who is too talented to consider placing through waivers.  Plus, Price has shown up with a big camp of his own thus far. 

Holt has zero special teams value, so he basically needs to hope the Patriots keep six receivers to make the team.  That’s possible, but it also allows for the possibility Holt would be inactive on gamedays. 

In the end, Holt looks like an insurance policy that could run out if the receivers in front of him stay healthy.

24 responses to “Torry Holt could be odd man out in New England

  1. Kinda ironic that Torry Holt is trying to catch on to the team who beat his Rams in Super Bowl 36, the Pats.

  2. Well thats a good problem to have Pats fans. But honestly I would drop Holt without hesitation. You don’t really need him, you have plenty of talent at WR.

  3. No chance the Patriots cut Holt. Last year, there were problems finding enough receivers to play because of injuries.
    With Brady at QB, it would be stupid to not overload on wide receivers. This is a passing league and you need as many solid WRs as you can get.
    It is true that Moss and Welker are 2 solid talents. And Edelman showed he has some quicks. Tate missed the entire year besides 1 game where he clearly wasn’t 100%. Price is a nice young sleeper prospect who could be great 1 day, but he is an unproven rookie.
    No way do we cut a veteran, smart, great hands, and flawless route runner like Torry Holt. He caught 50 passes from Garrard last season. He has a lot left in his tank.

  4. Detnflfan….thanks for “,the Pats” Kinda knew that. But true…We (they) did beat them up that game.

  5. This is news? Thirty two teams need to drop from 80 men to 53. According to my abacus that will result in 864 odd men out. Are you really gonna try to pad the number of new entries by speculating on all 864 of them.

  6. They probably will keep 6, but they just signed Sam Aiken to a long term deal this offseason, so he’s still the odd man out.
    I don’t really understand why everyone said the Pats would struggle with WR depth this year. This might be the deepest group I’ve seen ever…

  7. Didn’t the Pats draft like 3 TEs? Its only a matter of time until A.Hernandez fails a piss test for smoking buds. I would keep Holt, great route runner, great hands. Cut Moss, he will never be on a winner, ever.

  8. Torry would be a great #2 receiver for anyone else to have. the past 3 years he has played for some of the worst teams in the NFL….Bulger was cut…Garrard is on his way out..Go ahead Pats, cut how fast other teams snatch him.

  9. Aiken showed he’s best on special teams and that’s about it. I think they’ll retain Holt. 1. He’s a professional and knows how to run routes…which means he’ll be where he needs to be, when he needs to be there. 2. Welker may be cleared to play, but I wouldn’t think they’re going to give him 80 plays per game from get go.
    For the last reason, I think Holt will stick on the roster. If anything, Aiken could be on the outs with Price and Tate joining the active roster via special teams and receiver corp.

  10. They will keep 6…….and although Aiken is listed as WR, he is really a special teams guy

  11. We would be retarded to cut Torry Holt right now. I would be extremely dissapointed if he doesn’t play for the Patriots. He has a lot left to offer and he is an excellent route runner. That is exactly what Brady needed last year. Galloway was a horrible route runner. On top of that, he is a solid locker room guy and will provide great leadership to a young team.
    So by this logic, you are telling me we are going to cut Holt for Price who is a rookie. That is just asking for trouble.
    As I said before, there is no chance the Patriots will let Holt go.

  12. Holt has looked terrible in camp. I personally have watched him drop balls put in his hands as well as fumble. I can’t see him making the team.
    Somone mentioned the TE’s. Hernandez has looked great and the kid has the right mindset too. All of the high-dog talk looks like garbage to me. He is going to be a standout. Mark my words.

  13. It’s a good problem to have for us to be sure. That Holt may be cut is a testament to how deep we are at the receiver position. If Holt were to make the team, I can assure everyone that he is not Joey Galloway redux. He could be a prime third down target.
    But it seems clear that Tate is ready to make a name for himself, and Edelman seems ready to become Welker Lite. I love our receiving corps.

  14. If he could put up over 700 yards last year with Garrard throwing to him, there is no way the Pats cut him. They will keep 6 WR. Especially after the problems they had at WR last season.
    And I dont care how great Tate looks, you cant trust a guy who was injured BOTH knees in the past two years.

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