Wes Welker jumps off the PUP list

W. Welker3.jpgWes Welker’s stay on the physically unable to perform list was a brief one.

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio revealed Sunday morning that Welker passed his physical and will return to the field for the team’s morning practice.

While the move was expected, it’s a significant step for an organization that uses the active/PUP list as carefully as any team.  The Patriots usually won’t take a player off the list until they are absolutely sure he’s “full go” and there’s no chance they could need to use the designation later.

A few months back, many thought Welker would miss the season’s first six weeks on the reserve/PUP list.  This move makes it appear Welker is on track to return for the team’s opener.  NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi writes he wouldn’t expect Welker to play in the preseason until the team’s third game.

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  1. I’d still feel better if he was limited in training camp and the preseason and missed the 1st 4 games coming back after the week 5 bye, but if he’s good to go…

  2. Bill Belichick New England Patriots record
    Pre SpyGate
    5 11 2000
    14 5 2001
    9 7 2002
    17 2 2003
    17 2 2004
    11 7 2005
    14 5 2006
    87 39 0.69047619 win %
    Post SpyGate
    18 1 2007
    11 5 2008
    10 7 2009
    39 13 0.75 win %

  3. So this cat could play week one?
    I thought that being ready for game 7 would be aggressive.
    Meanwhile he has to watch crappy pre-season games just like the rest of us. Albeit with a better seat.

  4. Could be why Patten retired so early in camp? This gives the receiving core a better chance to gel sooner rather than later! Wes must have been chomping at the bit to get going!

  5. August. So the Patriots were better POST spygate. Well..All the haters out there, and theres plenty, will all say they still cheated. I am a Pats fan. I know that all teams did it and they just got caught. Im not naive, nor am I just a homer. I am realistic. Ive been a Pats fan forever. And I was as suprised as anyone when they did well with Beldsoe. They stunk. He stunk. Coach Bill and Brady have a certain chemistry that works. this spygate crap is all drummed up so fans of teams that lose have something to bitch about. Im glad you brought this up. And did the numbers. I never thought to do so. Its a clear example that, if spygate helped?…it obviously didnt help that much. They were better without it. Explain that one haters!!

  6. Going to laugh when he reinjures himself for coming back to early. Goodluck Welker you a good player but I hope I am not right for your sake.

  7. Ummmmmm……….you can’t “use the list later.”
    You can only go on PUP if you’re not physically ready for the start of training camp. It means that you didn’t pass the initial physical. Once you participate in ONE practice, you cannot go on PUP. The only option at that point is Injured Reserve, which puts you out for the entire season.

  8. A true warrior. Wes is one crazy dude.
    oh shizzleee, we are stacked.

  9. What do they make guys like Welker out of? Seriously , a torn ACL and injured MCL. A damaged shoulder. And he is back 9 months later? For a lot of players, their career would have ended.

  10. This is good news I guess. Its a little scary to think Wes will be out there going 100% full throttle so soon.

  11. hey a-hole august…you dont think the post “spygate” percentage has anything to do with tom brady getting injured ? jealousy will get you nowhere……

  12. CollegeToPros says:
    August 1, 2010 10:35 AM
    A true warrior. Wes is one crazy dude.
    oh shizzleee, we are stacked.
    Not really.
    Moss is a year older and he is always a threat to give up on his team at any given second.
    Welker…even if he is back in week one, he won’t be the Wes Welker of old. That injury is gonna show.
    Edelman…he is only valuable to the team as a poor man’s Welker. And if Welker is playing, Edelman has no value.
    Tate… he will be good someday. Maybe next year with a full year under his belt.

  13. Hey ItalianArmyGuy – Look at the post-Spygate numbers (including that gem of a season with Cassel at the helm) and then go get F’d.
    PatPatriotRules – what are you talking about?

  14. @PatPatriotRules
    The post-spygate winning percentage is actually better than the pre-spygate winning percentage. Basically the Patriots have a better win/loss ratio since they’ve stopped filming. Chill man.

  15. He’s found a ‘secret vitamin’ that’s enabling him to accomplish these incredible feats…..

  16. @Pat Patriot Rules
    Uhhh, I think August was trying to say the Pats have been BETTER since Spygate. Did you not see the win percentages? He is obviously a Pats fan. You are calling one of your fellow Pats fans an a-hole. Wow. Thats embarrasing. Lmao.

  17. PatPatriotRules – what are you talking about?
    Can I second that? I dont get it. They were better AFTER the drummed up spygate. Meaning they won more games without spygate. In other words…they played better without the help of cameras. AKA.. the cheating excuse is worthless. in other words..they are a better team post spygate. Is that clear? Yes I said that 4 times on purpose..to cram it into the heads of the dumb haters that spygate was no help whatsoever. But..what other gripes do they have I guess?

  18. Geez, you thin skinned patsies fans need to butch up. BTW- enjoy those PAST years numbers… that is as good as it will get, pats are in decline. Soft and no longer the media darlings… get used to the reality of being “just another team.”

  19. @ GRpatriot
    Would not surprise me if the reason why BB signed Patten in the first place was b/c they were worried about Welker and with Welker coming back, they offered him the option of announcing his retirement so to avoid humiliation of being cut.

  20. Sterlize THenry,
    Being a Bills fan you really shouldn’t be wasting your time on a Pro Football site.
    You would be better off spending your time on CFT studying the stats of the best QB’s in college since the Bills look to having the first pick in the 2011 draft as their current group of QB’s are better suited for the UFL.
    You really should do what you know best and play with friends on your equally inept franchise the Jets instead of trying to stir up the fans of the team who is the Daddy of the AFC East and has dominated your team for the past DECADE.
    Last Super Bowl win is 1973 ??? 37 years !!
    Maybe its your the Dolphins DNA ???

  21. @SomeFans Pats in decline…
    I love this thinking:
    Defense: 2 pro-bowl DL
    1 Stud ILB (pro-bowl this year)
    1 Probowl SS.
    That alone is more than most teams have to work with. Add the youth, and speed. This group with make mistakes sure, but all they have to be is in the top 15 of defenses because…
    HoF QB
    Moss/Welker best tandem in football…then add
    Edelman- more than serviceable slot
    Holt- who people are laughing at partly becasue of Galloway last year–who in his best year couldn’t carry Holt’s cleats, I think Holt is still good for 50 grabs.
    Then the group of unprovens, a couple of which are lighting up camp.
    RB that as a group does just fine.
    Best 3rd down back in the game…maybe ever.
    2 stud kickers…you have to see the distance this Zoltan kid is kicking. Teams are just not going to have field position advantages against the pats.

  22. 2 stud kickers…you have to see the distance this Zoltan kid is kicking. Teams are just not going to have field position advantages against the pats.
    Man I hope you are right. Ghost is gold and has been since day 1. But as for punter, I have been pining for the Josh Miller days for awhile.

  23. PatPatriotRules says:
    August 1, 2010 10:49 AM
    hey a-hole august…you dont think the post “spygate” percentage has anything to do with tom brady getting injured ? jealousy will get you nowhere……
    Yes, the win ratio was higher post spy gate, even with Brady down for a year.
    Thank you for strengthening my contention, albiet inadvertently. I want an apology. From your teachers.

  24. @ ampats
    How do you figure I am a Bills fan? Because I am making fun of one of their RBs from like 5 years ago who had like 12 kids? Yeah, thats a dead giveaway that I am a Bills fan.

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