Bills decide to divorce Aaron Schobel

Thumbnail image for A. Schobel.jpgIn-limbo Bills defender Aaron Schobel has been compared to Brett Favre in recent days for his wishy-washy retirement plans. Bills G.M. Buddy Nix has now decided to play the Ted Thompson role in this minidrama.

“Aaron has been contemplating retirement for the past seven months,
but we are at the point where we are moving forward and have informed
his agent of our plans,” Nix said in a statement released by the team.

“Aaron has been a very good
player for the Bills and we wish him and his family the best, but there
comes a point where we have to move forward and that point is today. We
are focusing on the team’s best interests.”

For once, it really doesn’t seem to be about the money.  Schobel was set to transition to outside linebacker and was due $8 million in base salary and a roster bonus from the Bills. It’s hard to imagine another team taking on that contract. 

We think this is a wise move by Buffalo — why pay huge bucks for one year to a guy at a new position when he doesn’t want to be there?

The Bills could explore trade possibilities now, assuming Schobel does want to play again. It seems more likely that the team will eventually release him.

29 responses to “Bills decide to divorce Aaron Schobel

  1. Best move Bills made all off season. He was so overrated its a shame that his name and the word million are even mentioned in the same sentence. Bye Aaron, we won’t miss you.
    P.S. thanks for your 4 good games.

  2. This is long overdue.Was a good player, but when you are rebuilding (perputially), why allocate the time and money to someone who is going to be short term and in all honesty not make a difference to our overall record. All that does, it hinder our cap, and stunt the growth of someone who may grow into the role of starter.

  3. where does it say that the bills released him?
    seems to me that there just going to go about business as if he wasn’t there

  4. Enrgy2Burn says: August 2, 2010 11:17 AM
    wouldn’t mind seeing him in Eagles green opposite Cole!
    Was thinking the same thing.

  5. the bills’ 2008 season went down the tubes when schobel got hurt.
    someone will make an offer at some point, more likely to a released schobel than to the bills.

  6. Definitely the best player the Bills had during his time with them. However, he wants to be near his family and that is more important to him than money. It is too bad that he is leaving, because with his speed and demonstrated coverage ability, he would have been a natural at OLB in the 3/4. During the off season there were some articles ranking DEs based on situational wins and losses last year and Schobel was rated #1 in the entire NFL. It would be great if he could play for the Houston Texans, no more than one hour’s drive from his home, he certainly has paid his dues during his years with the Bills.

  7. Wise move by the Bills.
    Why mess up the opportunity to get the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft which the Bills seemed destined for with their group of UFL QB’s?

  8. Aaron may have been a good DE for the Bills, but I am not sad to see him leave. He may have had good sack totals, but most game in meaningless situations, not when we really needed him. Pay him 8 million to learn a new position? No way. Use that money elsewhere.
    Mr. Nix, trade him for whatever you can get and move on.

  9. it probably would have been wise to shop him around before telling the entire league they don’t want him, but whatever. I guess losing him for nothing is just as good as trading him.

  10. Welcome to the Pats, Aaron. You can play end for us in sub packages. Definitely better than Burgess

  11. yeah I dont see why the Patriots wouldnt be interested. They need to find a pass rush BADLY

  12. Quit dreaming eagles fans, he’s too old for us to sign. Plus graham has been looking really good.

  13. Most over-rated 240 lb.DE in the NFL. Gets suckered by draw plays like nobody else. I cant remember how many times this guy rushed the passer at the cost of opposing RB’s running with the ball by his swinging door. He should be put on the did-not-report list and trade him to a team thats willing to overpay for him. The Bills certainly dont need a 33 yr old tweener with an attitude thats making $8 million a year in their lockerroom during a rebuilding period. He thinks hes all that and Bills fans know better. His 10 sacks are a joke as most came at meaningless times against 3rd string tackles (Like the 3 in the last game of the year against a rookie backup) Goodbye and good riddance Schobel.

  14. Does nobody remember the story a couple months ago that he didnt want to play in Buffalo because he has to leave his family in Texas for half the year. I bet he plays for the Texans or Cowboys and is a contributor.

  15. Lovin’ the Bills fans getting on Schoebel…he was what one of your 2 or 3 decent players?
    However I can certainly understand a fan’s POV when a player just can’t seem to want to play for their team…but c’mon guys you’re acting as if this guy was a stiff. If it weren’t for him Brady would’ve thrown 5-6 TD passes each time the two teams met.

  16. i dont know how anyone can say Schobel is over rated he has the second highest sack total in BUFFALO since bruce smith with 78 and since he has entered the league he is only behind jason taylor and maybe Dwight freeny for sacks, although his game may have taken a step back in recent years,injury will do that to older player. i think he was still earning every dollar. but as far as him as a LB, no let him go

  17. Shobel and the Bills have been through a lot together, but damn, that young intern is wicked hot.

  18. @iggles
    Thank you. If someone said Chuck Bednarik was available, there would be fans shouting out “SIGN HIM.”

  19. This is a game of chicken. Schobel basically wants to break his contract to go play for Houston. So he threatened retirement. The bills called his bluff. They will not release him. They dont have to. He is on the did not show up/retirement list. He never has to come, the bills never have to do anything. They hold his rights until he fulfills his contract.
    So the only way schobel gets to play with Houston is if Buffalo trades him. Now if schobel shows up then buffalo would have to either release him or trade him, but if he doesnt show up they never have to do anything.

  20. He doesn’t even come close to being compared to Favre, he’s only been contimplating retirmentfor several months.

  21. Dude is an idiot. $8M PLUS he was due this year. That is a nice cushion to retire off of. Now he will get much much less than that.

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