Cardinals get feisty in first full-pads practice

When the Cardinals adjusted their logo several years ago, former coach Dennis Green explained that the new profile of the not-so-intimidating bird would be angrier.

Maybe they should have just put Darnell Dockett’s face on the side of their helmet.

Dockett was at the center of a full-squad fracas on Monday afternoon, during the team’s first full-pads practice of the year.  As described by Darren Urban of the team’s official website, it started when Dockett showed why the Jets cut guard Alan Faneca, blowing up the veteran at the line of scrimmage and causing both players to land at the feet of quarterback Matt Leinart.

Dockett then swept the leg of Leinart, knocking the quarterback down — a blatant breach of training-camp protocol.  So Leinart, who has engaged in MMA training in the past with FOX’s Jay Glazer, confronted Dockett and spiked the ball as his feet.

Enter tackle Levi Brown, who attacked Dockett.  The two then mixed it up, and a scrum broke out.

Dockett later was contrite.  “I shouldn’t have done that,” Dockett said, in reference to his decision to put Leinart on his butt.  “But when you get caught in
the battle, the engine turns on and you don’t think about it.  I’m not
trying to hurt him but I am trying to go 100 percent every time I put my
hand on the ground.  If I am doing that, I am making my team better. . . .

“That’s what it’s all about.  As much as you love your teammates, when
you put the pads on, you have to try and kill them,” Dockett said.  “That’s what it is all about.  That’s the only way you can get better.  You can’t come out and play 80 percent and expect to win a third
divisional title. It ain’t going to happen.  We have to treat [the
offense] like they are the 49ers and they have to treat [the defense]
like we’re the 49ers.”

Amen to that. 

Though it still remains to be seen whether the Cardinals can compete without Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin and Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby, it looks like Dockett will do everything he can to help defend the division crown once again.  If the Cards played in any other division, we’d say “fat chance.”  In the NFC West, anything can happening.

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  1. Hah. Unless the Cards have some sort of secret super-soldier weapon ALA Patrick Willis they won’t be able to replicate the 49ers D… Watch our for Justin Smith again, Leinart, lest you get your ass handed to you like Warner did…

  2. Looks like we’re on somebody’s minds!! Haahaha Screw AZ…ur gettin swept again AND are NOT winning the division!

  3. The Cards are better than being predicted, they’ve filled a lot of their holes with solid players, despite what people have been saying. For all the negativity about Leinart, he’s been pretty decent when he’s had chances in the last year, and i think he can be a solid QB for this team.

  4. Damn, the Niners must of mind F’ed Dockett good and proper to get him to knock down his own QB and start a riot with his own team. The season has yet to start and the Niners already have a psychological advantage.

  5. U lil tweety birds suck anyway…jus hurt each other n make it worse. Dockett is a damn good player but come on man…

  6. Well at least he didn’t put his forearm on his QB’s throat while he’s on the ground , like Darnell Dogsh*t did to Hasselbeck last year ..
    By all means Darnell , please take out your starting QB for the season . The rest of the NFC West appreciates your enthusiasm !!

  7. Desert Dwellers you had better hope that Leinhart is the real deal and doesnt get hurt . as a life long Browns fan you dont want to see Derek Anderception behind center.

  8. “So Leinart, who has engaged in MMA training in the past with FOX’s Jay Glazer, confronted Dockett and spiked the ball as his feet.”
    OOOOOH, I bet that scared Dockett!

  9. If the Cards played in any other division, we’d say “fat chance.” In the NFC West, anything can happening.
    Hopefully this is true and the Rams win the division. Hey, knock me for being a fan, but this is football, any given team can win any given day.

  10. Dockett has history as a dirty player going back to college. Did you approve when he got fined last season for digging his elbow into Hasselbeck’s windpipe?

  11. This Jay Glazer/MMA nonsense has really got to stop. Glazer is a blowhard that thinks being a business partner with Randy Couture and having won a single amateur MMA fight more than seven years ago some how make him the equal of Bas Rutten. Dude is a snake oil salesman who is suckering NFL players into a program that is teaching them nothing. Leinart would’ve been better off taking Tae Kwo Do lessons in a strip mall from some phony 17th Degree Grandmaster.

  12. Being feisty in camp is always a good thing. I always hated seeing guys mail it in at camp. Start with fire, you will end with that same fire, good for Dockett, also a class move with his explanation and saying he shouldn’t have done it….

  13. Onother team full of spit and vinegar in training camp. Come the season…..meek as lambs.

  14. Your not helping your team if you injure your starting QB (well, in most cases).
    Your also not helping your team if leg swipping at other teams QB is your MO, since, you know, that is against the rules and you will get snagged and penalties will go flying.
    Don’t hide behind the “helping my team” lines. You lost your cool and made a mistake that could cost your team in a real game. Man up.

  15. Hmmm? So the 9ers didn’t get a better QB, and somehow they have awarded themselves the division…Alex Smith, 57 turn overs in 3 seasons.
    Yeah, it’s a lock.

  16. David Carr will have his own Kurt Warner/Vinny Testeverde renaissance in Frisco and lead them to a 10-6 division winning season after noodle arm gets hurt AGAIN.

  17. For all the negativity about Leinart, he’s been pretty decent when he’s had chances in the last year, and i think he can be a solid QB for this team.
    How solid will he be win big mouth Dockett is trying to take his legs out in practice. And he wants people to think He’s the best in the league…moron

  18. Florio said:
    “In the NFC West, anything can happening.”
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  19. Hey douchebag 49er fans…please do not forget that ALEX SMITH (just threw up in my mouth typing that) is your quarterback before you crown yourselves division champs.

  20. It’s amazing how every 49 fag has all kinds of crap to talk when your QB situation is even worse than ours. Leinart isn’t nearly as pathetic as Alex Smith and David Carr is even worse than D. Anderson.
    Singletary is a mega-douche, love the wooden cross and stop-watch combo he wears all the time…Cards will 3-peat the division and then you can all talk about how you will win it hands down next year.

  21. Cards aren’t winning crap with that wanna be Justin Timberlake QB of urs. Niners have every piece in place. They win the division with even a mediocre season from Smith

  22. As a sort of Cardinals fan, I do not believe they can win the division this year. And I have absolutely no idea why everyone keeps bidding $40 on Fitz during the fantasy football auctions.

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