Jets try to paint Revis as greedy

NFL_johnson.jpgWe recently suggested that, when it comes to working out a new deal for cornerback Darrelle Revis, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum’s hands are tied by the reluctance of owner Woody Johnson to authorize the funds necessary to get the deal done.

On Monday, Johnson denied that the impasse has arisen from a lack of money.

“The main issue with the New York Jets is total compensation,” Johnson
said Monday, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “When you get to some of the details like the
guaranteed money or the length of the contract — all of those things
that are a part of the contract — but to get to the point where we
haven’t even negotiated that because we’re so far apart on the other
ones.  I’d love to sit down and negotiate.  We can be flexible.”

Johnson reiterated that the team has offered both a long-term deal and a short-term “Band-Aid” solution.  Rich Cimini of reports that the long-term deal included total compensation in excess of $100 million.  The “Band-Aid” would have paid Revis more than his current $1 million salary in 2010, but less than the $5.3 million they’ll pay left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson this year.

“This is my eleventh year,” Johnson said. “We’ve never had an inability [with] lack of resources to sign whoever we wanted.  We can go down the
list.  You want to talk about Brett Favre or even Mark Sanchez in terms
of signing the players we want.  We can do it.  But we have to do it in
the context of what’s best for the organization.”

That’s fine, but is it “best for the organization” to approach Revis’ agents only two days after the Jets were knocked out of the playoffs and suggest ripping up the last three years of his rookie deal, which he held out to get in the first place, without saying that:  (1) the Nnamdi Asomugha contract, with an average value of $15.1 million is an aberration, not a benchmark; and (2) the 30-percent rule and the reallocation rule will affect the total dollars and the guaranteed money?

Even though the Jets are now crouching behind the gap in total dollars as the primary impediment to working out a deal, the amount of truly guaranteed money is a huge part of the picture.  They can offer him a deal worth $500 million, but all that really matters is the amount that’s truly guaranteed once he signs his first name and last name to the bottom of the contract.

Ferguson signed because, for reasons neither known nor apparent, he wasn’t troubled by the complete lack of an injury guarantee or the application of a year-by-year skill guarantee.  Revis wants $15.1 million per year — and he wants the appropriate amount of guaranteed money to be guaranteed upon signing, not after he gets through 2010 and then 2011 and then 2012 and then 2013 without suffering a serious injury or without suddenly losing the stuff that makes him, as coach Rex Ryan says, the best defensive player in the game.

So, basically, the Jets’ new approach is to paint Revis as greedy.  Put simply, they’re saying he wants more money than the Jets think he’s worth, and they think he’s worth a lot.

This new approach might win them some points in a P.R. battle they had previously bungled, but it won’t get Revis into camp in the foreseeable future.  Or thereafter.

111 responses to “Jets try to paint Revis as greedy

  1. They dont have to try He is doing a great job of looking greedy by asking for 50 cents more than Nnamdi Asomugha. He has talent but ya cant fix stupid.

  2. So basically every team in the history of negotiations that doesn’t immediate acquiesce to a player’s wants is painting said player as greedy.
    Correct? Because that’s exactly what you saying. Or you can leave out the melodramatic headline that you just invented.

  3. As a Fin fan, I love it. Revis, if your reading, I think you should sit out the season, that’ll show’em, your worth the money, lots more, so sit out! 😉

  4. Just trade him to Miami. He’s done more good for the Phins than the Jets anyway.
    I understand get paid, but really, how’s about more than 1 season before you start claiming you are a shut down corner.

  5. Call me crazy, but I’d trade him. Imagine what they could get in return.
    And given the track record of clowns like Revis who seem more concerned with money than winning (see Haynesworth-less, Suggs, Roy Williams), trading him could save their season. Remember they drafted Kyle Wilson and picked up Cromartie. And the type of picks/players in exchange for Revis could turn this team from a 1-2 year run into a dominant player in the AFC for years to come….
    Either way, bet on Revis taking this year easy.

  6. Crazy you know. The dude is great and they want him but you can only pay a guy so much money before you are hurting the team. Trade him?

  7. Nmamdi deserves all that he is paid. Revis is a cover 2 corner there a dime a dozen….hall, samuel, etc…..

  8. They are not trying to paint him as being greedy they are just putting a couple of clear coats on to make it look better when they do call him greedy.

  9. It’s just August and this is hardly anything new for the NFL, The Jets or The this case Revis.
    I guarantee he is there opening day. Everything else is crap.

  10. ” it won’t get Revis into camp in the foreseeable future. Or thereafter.”
    This point is very shortsighted and probably intentionally inflamatory. The fans (and even the local NY media) haven’t looked at the details of this debacle yet. When they do, they’ll see that had Revis shown up to camp, he had a 3 year/$21 million guaranteed contract. This isn’t like the Chris Johnson contract at $500K. He’s holding out because he’s only getting $7 million per season in salary and bonuses. Just watch. The fan base turn on him very quickly. Revis is not Peyton Manning. He doesn’t guarantee NY Jets 10 wins a season.

  11. This is exactly what is killing sports.
    I don’t know who to support here.
    They need to base pay on overall league revenues and make it flexible from year to year.
    The first Super Bowl played outside the USA will be the last game I n(ever) watch.
    The greed is just insane on both sides and the $7 beers I have to pay to watch The Browns play is a joke.
    That is called MEDICATION because they suck so bad ! AND STILL WILL !
    Make the NFL family friendly and just give it up.
    They tried that with Las Vegas and got slaughtered.

  12. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. That kid should shut up and play out his contract. He is greedy. I bet as soon as he gets what he wants his level of play slacks off too.

  13. Ha Ha jest fans……Revis isn’t worth it. Move on. Your still not going to win anything this year anyhow.

  14. How many years did Nnamdi play before he got that contract? More specifically, how many years did Nnamdi dominate before he got that contract? How many of those years before he got the contract was he paid as the top CB in the league?
    In case you’re wondering, yes, those are rhetorical.

  15. Oh come on it was the Jets Coach and office that told him he was Superman and should be paid accordingly. They told him he was not only the best corner in the NFL but the best player in all of football. Raquel Alexandra anyone, you New Yorkers kill me.
    The market is set for an elite corner. You want to shop with Chevy money you buy a Chevy and might as well get the Rolls out of your head. Revis was promised that he would be made the highest paid corner in the NFL by the Jets and that it would get done.
    Pay the man or get off the pot. I would be mad as hell if I was Revis, it is one thing to be lied to over and over again by everyone from your coach to the front office. But to now be made out to be the bad guy and have the team pushing you are greedy is to much.
    I told you long ago that this was going to get dirty. Revis should call Big Al, I am sure the Raiders could find a spot for him.

  16. Completely agree with the Nnamdi contract. Revis thinks hes worth 15 mil cause the Raiders pay their top corner that price. The problem is that everybody else is making well under 15, and the fact that the raiders are overpaying Asomugha is screwing the Jets over. 100 mil contract should have appeased the situation, and if Revis believes hes as good as Rex Ryan says, he’d take slightly less guaranteed with large incentives. I wouldn’t even say number of picks is important, I’d say more about how many games he holds somebody to under 4 rec, 35 yards. That’s his true value, and he had at least 10 games like that last season.

  17. Guy is considered by MANY the best player in the NFL that doesn’t play quarterback. I’m just a layman here, but I highly recommend you put A.J. Smith’s playbook down on this one.

  18. R.Ryan must be so happy for telling the NFL media, how Revis was the best in the world. lol.
    Somewhere in Oakland, Al Davis must be laughing at this..
    Asomugha is the best and gets payed like it. Davis pays his players.
    Revis – Pacman, D.Hall, Newman, Cromartie all 1-2 yr wonders.

  19. Where exactly does Johnson paint Revis as greedy? Nothing that I read even suggests it. Few people claim that those with legal training have normal comprehension of the english language. So, basically, Florio’s approach is to paint the owner of the Jets as an unfair cheapskate. I can’t wait til Florio tries to tear up his contract with NBC while he still has three years left on it. I hope he doesn’t try to claim to them that he is the ‘best in the business’ and deserves more. NBC will be launching a new site called featuring Jay Leno’s dialogue.

  20. Testify says:
    August 2, 2010 6:29 PM
    Nmamdi deserves all that he is paid. Revis is a cover 2 corner there a dime a dozen….hall, samuel, etc………
    You know nothing about the CB position and even less about football in general. Learn…then post.

  21. Sure, the Jets (like any business) don’t always treat their employees great. That’s life, and it’s smart to be smart (and talented).
    But does Leon Washington breaking his leg mean every guy who depends on speed is going to demand extra tons of guaranteed money?
    When ego meets paranoia meets business, good things are bound not to happen for the fans.

  22. Immediately when I saw the headline, I knew it was another wild accusation by Florio. No where in the article does it show the Jets painting Revis as greedy. They’re trying to give him a reasonable amount of money without crippling the team long term. That’s how every team operates, except the Raiders.
    Revis is gonna get his money sooner or later, and it doesn’t matter if it comes tomorrow or a day before they play the Ravens on MNF. He’s gonna be there to help lead the Jets to the SB.

  23. Is it possible for the Jets to be more hostile to their players?? Maybe if they imported AJ Smith… but still…

  24. That is true, Revis held out for the extra years in his initial contract and now wants the team to toss them out. Woody should make the ingrate play out his original contract, or let him sit at home. Teach these young punks a lesson. I said it last month, I’m saying it again now, i will say it again in 3 weeks, and Jets fans will believe me in November……… Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks, this Jets team is not a Super Bowl contender. Last year was a fluke, and there are too many ME players on this squad. Infighting, bickering, and blame games will be in full force in the Jets locker room by week 7.
    8-8 season for this squad full of ME ME ME’s,

  25. You’re making a strange logical jump.
    Just because the Jets are saying Revis wants more than he’s worth, doesn’t mean they’re painting him as greedy. Every day, players ask for more than they’re worth. And every day, owners say they’re worth less.
    That’s the dance they play.
    What I don’t understand, is why you have to paint Jets management, as trying to paint Revis as greedy?

  26. Revis had one good year now he deserves more the top corner in the NFL in Nnamdi? Nnamdi is the reason why D-Hall is in Washington….no one throws his way. The most consistent corner in the leauge is Nnamdi so yes he is greedy.

  27. The Jets are to blame for repeatedly telling the world how great they think he is.
    Revis is to blame for being extremely greedy and only thinking about himself.
    At the end of the day, it looks like he’ll be playing elsewhere.

  28. My question is alway “if he wants more money because he played well, will he give it back if he sucks?”. The guaranteed money is out of hand, but the unguaranteed contracts aren’t fair either. Neither the owners or players ever seem interested in what is truly fair in my opinion.

  29. The Paper Champions have never taken care of their players. They are a sub-par team. Playing in a sub-par state (NJ) for a sub-par loud mouth coach that couldn’t coach himself out of a wet paper bag. Revis is good. He should demand a trade to an organization that has a history of winning… maybe Miami, Dallas, Pittsburgh or SF!!

  30. Honestly, I think Revis is greedy here too. He’s a great cornerback and deserves a contract over 10 mil a year, and everybody agrees on that. What makes him look greedy is that he needs to make 50 cents more than Asomugha. It can easily be argued that Tom Brady is worth every penny that Peyton Manning is worth, due to his 3 Super Bowl victories vs Peyton’s 1. The difference is that Brady took a discount so the team could put in solid players around him, and look at what happened. The Patriots won 3 Super Bowls, the Colts won 1. Revis, you’re worth the money, but whats worth more to you? The potential Super Bowl season the Jets are suiting up for, or the money? …You greedy bastard.

  31. So he has one great year and he is the second coming of jesus in the secondary? This guy is a joke and this episode just serves to show his true colors.
    You have a contract, honor it! All these rich whining babies are ruining the league.

  32. The whole thing is about to blow up, jets style. But hey, at least they’ve got Tomlinson…

  33. Uh, he is greedy. End of story.
    And on another note:
    Florio, could you have found a a less flattering picture in the Getty files of Woody Johnson? He looks like a rich doofus (maybe because he is) in his jacket, tie and baseball cap.

  34. @ The Tool of Tools
    The players DO get paid based on revenues. It’s the reason why the owners might lock them out. The players get 60% of the revenues noe. The owners think that’s too much.
    If I were the players, I’d knock it down to 52.5% as long as the owners guarantee the contracts. That way there’s no bitchin’ over signing bonuses just the total value of the contract.
    I agree with you about the SB being played outside the country. When will the NFL learn that they are NOT a global game. When pro leagues pop up in Asia, Africa, and South America, then maybe. This isn’t basketball or soccer–the only 2 truly global games.

  35. Rex created a monster…. both EGO and worth.
    Revis is a heck of a corner but we ALL know Aso.’s deal was just his agent spitting out a hypothetical value thinking the Raiders wouldn’t bite… Old Al bit, hook.line.sinker. You think Aso really wanted to stay in Oakland?

  36. So the Jets are supposed to pay Revis more than his current contract because he had such a great season last year…
    And, of course, if Revis gets his new contract and has a poor season, he’ll pay money back to the Jets… Right?

  37. Do you think contract demand would fall if they made all contracts guaranteed against injury or something to that extent instead of just the Bonus?

  38. You silly jests fans. Quit saying he is making $21 mil over the next three years. We all know that if he got injured and missed the rest of the contract period, they’d cut him like fat on a serloin.
    And quit thinking they can trade him for a lot of draft picks. Who’s going to take a player they know is wanting 15.1 mil + .50 a year? No team is dumb enough to pay that for a CB that hasn’t proved himself for more than one year.
    You jests fans are just way too funny.

  39. @ Florio,
    Funny how you forgot include a few other quotes from the same article:
    “The lines of communication are totally open. I’m open. If Darrelle wants me to come see him, I’ll do it.”
    “I’d love to sit down and negotiate. We can be flexible. We drafted him, so he’s our guy. We love Darrelle.”
    It totally shows Woody and his worst… right… I mean he’s such a greedy awful owner… how dare he… right, Florio… you pussy!

  40. Mevis is losing his fan base every day the jets release one more story about how greedy this kid is. Let’s seeif he shows up to camp on the 10th.

  41. He is not even a shut down corner. He plays 10 yards off he only has to worry about the deep ball he always has help underneath. WTF this guy is a joke. He is all hype for the N.Y. media because they need something to talk about.

  42. Yeah, that’s going to end well. You’ve already given him the leverage by repeatedly calling him the league’s best and his play would suggest he’s at least top two in the league. Sounds like another overhyped Jets season coming like their fans are accustomed to.

  43. It’s not fair to compare Revis’ situation to Asomugha’s. Asomugha has to play in Oakland. That’s why he gets the premium.

  44. It makes sense to have rookie wage scales to keep total flops (J. Russell comes to mind) from earning big time $$$. Instead there should be modest compensation with escalators built in to where if they perform then they get big $’s.
    At the same time I don’t want to see the owners or franchise get all fat and happy either. Pass some of that down to the fans so they can afford tickets to go to the games!

  45. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Go live on Revis Island!!!

  46. Trade him to Baltimore…they need a CB and would give up a lot for Revis. He is more of a hindrance to the team now. The defense is still elite without Revis and they can sign the other impact players they have. His ego will only get worse. Why is it that people say that some players are paid tens of millions of dollars because of the risk of injury…and then say that on top of their base salary and incentives there needs to be guaranteed money in case the player gets injured? If the player gets injured they wont get paid but the team doesnt get the production they are paying for either.

  47. I think the Jets should let him hold out until the 11th, then give him what he wants. This way he loses a year of eligibility for free agency, and if the scenario ever came up, the Jets can match any offer teams offer.

  48. Try to paint him as greedy?
    He is greedy. They don’t have to, try to portray him as anything.
    Let him stay home and rot.

  49. I give it til Friday before this guy is on the block. Hate to see you leave Revis but trading you right now instead of letting you holdout/or actually paying you your Revis Island stimlus package would benefit the team alot more. I can guarantee the trigger happy cap guru Tanny is thinking the same thing…

  50. so revis is greedy? this is a case of a player wanting what he thinks he is worth. many analysts and even his coach think he is the best corner AND defensive player in the league. rex has also called him the best defensive player he has coached. and rexy has been around some great ones, ray lewis and ed reed come to mind right away. this gives revis more leverage than the jets. isnt it the jets who have promised contracts to multiple players in the past couple years only to let those promises not be fulfilled?
    remember, the owners opted out of the cba to get more money. where does the greed really lie?
    now to naamdi. nnamdi struggled early on in the league. he played safety at cal and was transferred to a bump and run corner with the raiders. he is near the top of his game and what is expected of a bump and run corner, he shuts down his receiver. he studied the position with charles woodson, rod woodson, and ronnie lott. some all time greats. the studying has paid off and he is the best or 2nd best corner in the league, depending on where your bias lies.

  51. i love you jackass football fans who think revis isnt a shutdown corner..
    420 revis isnt worth it? the most dominant defensive player in the nfl isnt worth it? your a fool, period.

  52. Well whatever he wants i’m sure he’ll get eventually. It might not be the jets who gives it to him , but as earlier posted , He could get 15.1 million from Big Al , well minus 50 cents cause being a no. 2 corner next to Nnamdi would amount to the most feared corners in the league. hmmm.

  53. @FinFan68: The Ravens can’t afford him. With Ngatas’ contract looming, we need to be somewhat frugal. I’d love for the Ravens to get a top flight CB though. I wanted one of the Buffalo CB’s for Gaither… Ohh well.

  54. Oh, the same old joke jets at it again. So few left to attempt to defend this woefull franchise… who says all jet fans are dumb?
    BTW- you really can’t say jests and Super Bowl with a straight face now can you? Thought not…

  55. All right, I’ve put up with as much of this as I can take. I feel very strongly about this issue, and I want everyone to pay special attention to what I am about to say, because it may be the most important and relevant post ever:
    10 paragraphs is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too long for a PFT article. Seriously, 575 words? What the hell? How am I supposed to stay focused on a post when I am trying to work, watch sportscenter, play 3 online Poker tournaments and read PFT at the same time when your damn articles are this long?
    If you keep this up, I am going to have to become like most posters on here and just base my responses on the headline.
    Seriously, the word of the day is “brevity”.

  56. There is a reason nobody knew who Darelle Revis was until he played in Rex Ryan’s scheme.
    Put any corner with some athleticism and common sense in that defense, and they’ll be just fine. They traded for Cromartie and they drafted Kyle Wilson. Darelle Revis… prove you can perform for more than 1 season. Prove to us you aren’t just the product of a great defense. Shoot… Cromartie only had one GREAT season, but it was better than Revis’s one great season.
    Sorry, you were overhyped by the media and fans. But you’re not THAT good. The Jets will be fine saving money if you sit out. They don’t need you for Week 1, that’s for damn sure. And I have a feeling once you see just how little they miss you, you will be anxious to get back on the field so you can make more money than all those people that end up paying your paycheck.

  57. The AFC East basically plays a similar schedule within a game. They each play a different AFC West team. No one can accurately predict how differently the contending Pats, Jets, and Phins will succeed in their matchups against the same teams at this point of the preseason. We don’t even know the rosters of those teams yet.

  58. onlymyopinionmatters says:
    “That is true, Revis held out for the extra years in his initial contract and now wants the team to toss them out.”
    There is a reason a strike is upon us. Revis wants as much as he can make this year because the players know there will be limited football next year or none at all.

  59. Ha ha ha ha good may the corruption in the Jets start! They win a few games and now they want to get paid like they won the superbowl. HA HA!

  60. No Nnamdi wanted to come play for the mighty Jets Org lol a bunch. The Jets have been bottom feeders for decades people, decades. You clowns could play another 50 years and you will never reach the NFL Record 14 AFC Championship Games the Raiders have been in or the 5 Super Bowls.
    Only in New York where you have to pull your paint legs up just to walk down the street the bull is so high. The Jets promised the man the money, pay up or shut up. Revis is good but is no Nnamdi. Playing for an Org with decade after decade of never mattering or making the Playoffs he should be paid a bunch. I know, Joe Namath lol, you people kill me.

  61. Gotta love the jests fans. A week ago, this guy walked on water and EVERYONE wants to play for Rexy so he’ll be in camp.
    Now, he’s the biggest greediest scumbag to ever walk the face of the earth. No wonder the entire world laughs at them!!!!!!

  62. All you dicks who say Revis is not that good, last season he SHUT OUT EVERYONE! And all you dicks wish you had him on your team. Especially those Miami won nothing in 35 years Dan Marino failure Nick Saban Dolphin fans.

  63. # Calir says: August 2, 2010 9:14 PM
    onlymyopinionmatt ers says:
    “That is true, Revis held out for the extra years in his initial contract and now wants the team to toss them out.”
    There is a reason a strike is upon us. Revis wants as much as he can make this year because the players know there will be limited football next year or none at all.
    Completely untrue. Revis did not hold out for more years. He wanted less years, specifically a 5 year deal while the Jets insisted on a 6 year deal. The standard deal for a 14th pick was and is 5 years. the Jets wanted to change the landscape and were unreasonable in asking for 6 years. Revis refused. Eventually the Jets tried to save face and a a compromise was worked out where he got a 4 year deal with an option for years 5 and 6 guaranteed at 5 and 15 million if the option was used. At the time it appeared to be really a 4 year deal as no way would the Jets pay that kind of money for years 5 and 6. But the Jets FO could call it 6 years and a victory. But considering his play years 5 and 6 turned out to be a bargain.
    In regards to Woody does anyone believe anything the Jets FO said anymore. Give revis a reasonable offer as they promised him in January with a a legit signing bonus and Revis will be in camp. $12 million a year offer sounds great but with zero dollars in signing bonus and no guaranteed money its a joke offer.
    He should sit out. How many players has Tannenbaum lied to in the last 5 years? lets count, Kendall, Baker, Coles, Leon, Revis, Mangold and many more. Way to many.
    Revis will never have a better season than last year and never will have more leverage. This is his chance to cash in and he should. After how the Jets screwed Leon last year and planted lies in the press about mirage offers that Leon denies were ever made. Revis is justified in looking out for himself. He will not make a dime after football. This is his one chance to cash in. He is considered now to be arguably the best player in football. He should cash in while he gets a chance.
    No other player has the leverage to force Tannenbaum to honor his promises. Revis should stick it to him. Without Revis the jets are not a top ten defense. Everything they do revolves around him. They have to pay him and he deserves it.

  64. JetFan in Miami, your post is pure gold: “PFT tries to paint Florio as intelligent”.
    Anyway, Revis is too good of a player for the Jets to screw this up. He’s proven that he’s an elite shut down cornerback, so it’s time for the Jets to put up, shut up, and pay the man.

  65. Its hard to be humble when you are the best, and Revis is that.
    He probably sees the writing on the wall, and that being the Jets missing the playoffs this season.

  66. Zinn says:
    August 2, 2010 10:11 PM
    Without Revis the jets are not a top ten defense. Everything they do revolves around him.
    umm…NO. He is a good CB but is not the central focus. His cover skills allow them to do some different things but the focus of the defense is about pass rush. The Jets force the QBs into mistakes or incompletions by making them throw before they are ready. Most of the plays made against Revis were when there was very little pass rush and he had to cover longer than normal.

  67. Florio I dont know how you dont understand that it doesnt make a difference if Asomugha’s contract is all fluff or not. All Revis wants is to make a dollar more then him and be the highest paid at his position. That doesnt mean his contract cant be fluff too. He just wants it to look like hes making the most.
    So it doesnt matter if the Jets pointed that out or not. Revis isnt looking for $100 million guranteed he just wants it to average out to more then Asomugha even if he will never see most of that money.

  68. He IS greedy, his current deal is worth $45 Million over 3 years, thats 15 million a year. Nnamdi Asomugha is making 15.1, is the extra 100,000 really that important to Revis? He makes that amount easy from endorsements and jersey sales.

  69. FinFan 68 – well put, Jets are a team first, and no man, not even Mevis, is an island – even if everyone calls him one. Football is the one sport that truly is TEAM dependent.
    Are Jets better with him than without him? Absolutely!
    Should Mevis get more money…sure, but the sky’s not the limit and in this non-CBA year everything’s FUBAR as to negotiating, i.e., absent just paying him $20-$30M cash today just for Revis being Revis. Uncle Sean (Gilbert) should go back to the funny farm and get out of his nephews ear. He held out as a rook for 20 days for this very contract and know is acting like a spoiled child b/c Rexy told him he was going to buy him an ice cream but now the store ain’t open. He won’t even sit down man to man to talk.
    Revis needs to either sit down at a table and hash it out w/Mr. T and Woody, or get his butt into camp. PERIOD.
    p.s. whoever monitors these posts sucks at his job, what kind of idiot allows:
    # prophet of the light says: August 2, 2010 7:30 PM
    The Jews deserve it.
    What the hell does that mean (apart from an anti-semitic implication)?

  70. umm…NO. He is a good CB but is not the central focus. His cover skills allow them to do some different things but the focus of the defense is about pass rush. The Jets force the QBs into mistakes or incompletions by making them throw before they are ready. Most of the plays made against Revis were when there was very little pass rush and he had to cover longer than normal.
    There would be no pass rush without Revis. The Jets had no pass rush last year and had to use exotic blitz paas rushes where they essentially overran defenses with superior numbers. The reason they had superior numbers was because of Revis. A normal top CB plays on the opponents #2 WR while they double team the number 1. Revis does something unusual he plays the other teams number one with no help. Basically leaving the Jets one extra defender.
    There is no other defender close to Revis. look at opponents QB ratings last year when throwing against Revis. It’s in the 30’s. No other DB is even close. Not only does he do this but he does it on other teams #1 WR with no help. There is no other CB in the game asked to do what Revis does or left alone on an island like he is. No one close.

  71. # omarvader says: August 2, 2010 11:11 PM
    He IS greedy, his current deal is worth $45 Million over 3 years, thats 15 million a year. Nnamdi Asomugha is making 15.1, is the extra 100,000 really that important to Revis? He makes that amount easy from endorsements and jersey sales.
    Lies. His current deal is $21 million over the next 3 years. 1 mill, 5 mill and 15 mill. Negotiations for a new contract have nothing to do with his current deal but an extension beyond the end of this deal which Tannenbaum promised him would be done last January. The hold up on this deal is not necessarily the total money its the guaranteed money and the signing bonus. The jets current offer has a zero signing bonus and is not guaranteed. The problem for Revis is he does not want to become another Leon, get injured , be traded for the equivalent of a Big mac and lose out on his one chance to be set for life. Not unreasonable.
    If Tannenbaum and the Jets FO had a better reputation and could be trusted more Revis may not be holding out. But whats happening is payback to Tannenbaum for years of playing fast and loose with other players. The Jets may have had the leverage and held Revis over a barrel in in 2006. But now he has the leverage and seems to be determined to make them pay this time.

  72. If they lose Revis, they lose loads of talent sure.
    But the secondary should still be solid and the NYJ defense would still be fearsome.
    I hope Revis loses this battle.

  73. Revis is good but come one who toasted him Ted Ginny jr? Gimme a break just another cover 2 corner…more than nmamdi yeah right…

  74. Omar, he’s going to be paid 1 million this year. I have no clue what it is you’re talking about.

  75. Football is a brutal, brutal, brutal sport, i don’t begrudge any player trying to get every penny he can out of these people. If he’s the best player at his position, he needs to be paid like it. Its an ego thing. He can’t walk around and think he’s the best if there’s someone getting paid more than him. Picture this. Lets say you are working in an office doing clerical work. Your co worker isnt’ as good as you are and he’s making 9.25 and hour and you’re making 9.00 an hour. H0w would you feel?

  76. The deal will get done and then on Week three Revis island will be invaded and destroyed by “The Marshall”!

  77. @NYMets
    You must be one of those dicks that wishes you had Revis on your team too. Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  78. Uhg, Ted Ginn did not toast Revis. For like the GAZILIANTH TIME (yes thats a technical term) Rhodes got beat on the coverage. Revis was in the vicinity when the ball was released, yes, but Ginn was not his man.
    It wasn’t Revis, it was the one-armed man… lol

  79. Damn Revis lying to all of us on Total Access when he said he was on Ginn all night long. Just can’t trust anyone these days.

  80. Didn’t Woodson win defensive player of the year award last year, playing in a depleted green bay secondary? maybe he should go on strike too
    self annointed all time best poster

  81. omarvader says:
    He IS greedy, his current deal is worth $45 Million over 3 years,
    Wow, do you just pull these numbers out of the air or did you write a computer program to randomly generate them because they have no basis in reality.

  82. # GoBlueBeattheBucks says: August 3, 2010 11:37 AM
    Didn’t Woodson win defensive player of the year award last year, playing in a depleted green bay secondary? maybe he should go on strike too
    self annointed all time best poster
    Woodson gets a lot of INT’s and makes the highlight reel but he gets burned quite a bit. he is not a very good CB not even average at best.
    Once he can hold Qbs to below an 80 Qb rating when throwing to him maybe we can talk. But his Qb rating is in the middle of NFL cb’s. he is mostly media hype an simply not that good a player and no where in near Revis’ class. Watch GB vs, Arizona playoff game and watch how many times Woodson gets burned for TD’s. It’s embarassing.

  83. Wait, wait, wait…he has to sign his first name AND his last name? And this is at the BOTTOM of the contract? Thank you, Florio, for helping me to navigate the complexities of the financial aspects of the NFL…

  84. Zinn,
    Woodson = media hype? Referring to media hype is really interesting coming from a j-e-t-s fan…..
    You should say thank you for another stellar former wolverine, David Harris, who is arguably just as important as your cover 2 cb
    Did Revis sign the contract? was he coerced? How much has he made in 3 years? Has Revis or Rex called the HoF to schedule his induction ceremony yet (surely they got the memo about Revis being the greatest ever??!!)
    rex ryan says I am the greatest poster ever, its embarrassing

  85. I was going to leave a comment but after reading Zinn’s comments, I will now lead everyone to read his comments because they are right on the money. If you don’t believe that, I’m sorry but there is no hope for you.

  86. ‘The greed is just insane on both sides and the $7 beers I have to pay to watch The Browns play is a joke. ‘ Line of the day!

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