MDS can play for the Redskins

I’ve been thinking about trying to pass the conditioning test that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth consistently has failed.  Unbeknownst to me, a member of the PFT family already has.

MDS completed within the designated time period the pair of 300-yard shuttle runs, with a five-minute break.  (I don’t know — and I don’t want to know — whether MDS needed a potty break in between runs.)  Now, the 5′ 10″, 150-pounder should be ready to suit up and play nose tackle for the ‘Skins.

And, yes, I’d pay money to see that.  Especially if the proceeds would be going to his funeral expenses.

We’ll defer the details to the post MDS wrote for  And we’ll continue to ponder whether I should do it.

Maybe I’ll make Florio Jr. do it first.

20 responses to “MDS can play for the Redskins

  1. Come on, Mike, who really gives a rat’s what he did. Seriously, have him strap 200 lbs to his back and see if he can do it with Haynesworth’s weight. There’s a reason why 340-lb guys do don’t 4.25 40s and you should know that….

  2. Isn’t it a 3 1/2 minute break in between on the real test? Where did 5 minutes come from?

  3. Hell, MDS and Florio starting on the D-line is better than what the ‘skins have now. And less expensive.

  4. Holy crap MDS looks sick! Look at his picture on the front page on MMAfighting where he clearly has a double-chin then look at his new pic beside Haynesworth’s.
    He lost too much weight, and needs to meet in the middle between his new and old pictures. That said, I could stand to drop a few myself so maybe its just the jealousy talking here…

  5. @edgy.
    There’s a reason you pay 340lb guys $35 million dollars. It’s because they should be able to do that.

  6. Yea except you’re only allowed a 3 1/2 minute break for the Skins. So MDS failed too.

  7. Edgy, that is Hayneworth’s weight, that is the weight he carries around with him every day, he should be used to it… besides that, he’s a professional athlete getting paid $100 million to be the best athlete he can be not some skinny internet hack that looks disturbingly like Quentin Tarantino’s uglier and retarded little brother.

  8. mds’s frame isnt designed to carry another 200#. but, without being a pro athlete or being paid like one, he did the shuttle runs. good for him. he can now have a beer to celebrate. assuming he is older than rosenthal…
    albert’s frame is designed to carry those extra 200#. and he’s getting paid to be able to carry it and do those shuttle runs.

  9. Maybe you should have Florio Jr. write these asinine blurbs for you… he’ll probably do a better job at it.

  10. I’m 6’2 275 lbs and I could probably do it with less than 30 seconds break in between 😀

  11. Florio you are missing something here. AH is well over 300 pounds while these media members are 150-180 pounds doing this stuff. How about knocking some time off like 10 seconds to make up for the face these people weigh half of what AH does. Or how about having them put on 150 pounds worth of weighted vests and then do it? I will bet 1,000 bucks not a single of those media writers do it if they weighed over 300 pounds. Doing that 300-yard shuttle in 70 seconds for that size is still pretty impressive.
    I weigh around 200 and I would be upset if i could not do both of those runs in under 60 seconds.

  12. I love it. Look at all the idiots trying to make this a logical debate.
    @Football Fan
    Tell you what. I have some spare time on my hands today. I went ahead and looked up the definition of a joke. Here’s what I found:
    1 a : something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist b (1) : the humorous or ridiculous element in something (2) : an instance of jesting : kidding c : practical joke d : laughingstock
    2 : something not to be taken seriously : a trifling matter —often used in negative constructions
    There. The next time someone presents an idea that is “not to be taken seriously”, you are now equipped with enough knowledge to react appropriately.

    How mad would YOU be if a cop wrote you a ticket for going 66mph in a 65?????
    You would probably say that cop is an A__HOLE AND JUST TRYING TO BE A JERK!! Im sure u would…we all would….

  14. Weigh 240 and could do the runs with a 60lb pack strapped on. Give me $100 mil and Ill do that all day.
    I’m not in great shape but I’m far from a lazy fat a$$.

  15. ” (I don’t know — and I don’t want to know — whether MDS needed a potty break in between runs.) ”
    Really, this is what you went with?

  16. This test is made for a 300lb+ lineman,not a 150lb wimp. If he wants to show his moxy try doing what a cornerback has to do. beleive you me iam sure its a lot harder then this test. Anyone 150lbs should easly past this test,even if you smoke a pack of smokes aday.

  17. Not trying to make waves here…but we had to do the exact same conditioning test in college and our 300 lb. linemen had 64 seconds the first time and 68 seconds for the second time…and all of them made it with time to spare…the test isnt that hard if you are in shape (which you should be in to play football)…Albert is just totally out of shape

  18. I think this whole thing is hilarious. You guys should get everyone in the NFL to run this test just to show Haynesworth how lazy he is.
    I mean $100M dollars…. come on.

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