Pacman Jones believes he's been a victim of police harassment

With the Cincinnati Bengals giving him his third chance in the NFL, Adam “Pacman” Jones has two jobs: Prove he can still play on the field, while avoiding trouble off the field.

But Jones says that in his few months in Cincinnati, trouble has been trying to find him.

Peter King of reports that Jones has been involved in two incidents in which police trailed his car, including once when police told him to stay out of the car while they ran his plates, which seemed to Jones like a clear case of police harassment.

“Back a few years ago, I might have gone after the cop,” Jones told King. “Now, I’ve grown up. I just waited ’til the situation was over, and I went on my way.”

This isn’t the first time someone associated with the Bengals suggested that the local police acted improperly. In 2007 Bengals coach Marvin Lewis claimed that his players were victims of “profiling” by Cincinnati
police. Lewis apologized the next day.

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  1. “TFBuckFutter says:
    August 2, 2010 7:44 AM
    To be fair….Bengal players do commit 87% of the crime in Cincinnatti… …”
    Guess dumbasses luv the 1 liners to get their post listed by the PFT team…..terrible…try better next time.
    Now with my beloved Bengals doing much better then MANY other teams with the arrest meter…After living 25 years in Cincy I can definitively tell you that CIncy is 1 of the most racist and Police harassing cities in the country….If YOU ARE FROM OUT OF TOWN or they know you have past criminal history they will RIDE YOUR ASS until they get something on you. If you are from out of town they will trail you run your tags and may even pull you over and search your car…SO BE WARNED! This isnt a 1 lining joke to get attention these are REAL FACTS. If you travel with a firearm into that state you had better know the laws or your ass will be in jail…
    Adam “Formerly known as Pacman” Jones is doing everything he can to stay out of trouble…and I congratulate him on choosing the high road….STAY FOCUSED ADAM!

  2. Pacman Jones has brought this on himself, he’s a one man rolling disaster. If a Cincy cop knows it’s Jones in the car, and knows of his reputation, that in itself is almost probable cause that he’s done/is doing something stupid or illegal.
    You reap what you sow, moron. The mere fact that he admits he would have gone after a cop in his younger days ought to be enough for him to realize what an idiot he is.

  3. To be fair….you can’t even spell “Cincinnati” correctly even when it’s right in front of your face in the above article.

  4. If by “going after the cop” he meant bit the cop on the hand, then he’s telling the truth… but the real truth is, that Pacman has finally accepted the fact that he’s a little bitch that could never handle his problems on his own and if he tried then just about everybody he messed with would have kicked his ugly grill wearing predator-looking ass.

  5. Hey Michael David Smith: First of all, it’s pretty g** to have 3 names and call yourself that. Second of all, Adam Jones has requested that he not be called Pacman anymore. Could you at least respect the guy for that? He hasn’t caused any trouble here in Cincy. Yeah I know it hasn’t been long. But I wouldn’t be surprised to know that the police will tail a professional athlete just waiting for them to F up. Especially a guy with Jones’ history. Oh and how many times do we have to defend ourselves and say that our team, compared to others, is about average in player arrests and discipline now. There are other teams getting in a lot more trouble than we are. So how about we get off that subject finally?

  6. This is good news for Pacman. And is a lesson for all those being harassed…stay cool.
    Thanks for the PSA moment.

  7. Thats good for Pacman, he now is mature enough to know you don’t attack police officers.

  8. Pacman spent years building his “rep” and now he doesn’t like the attention that it gets him……….what a baby and what a weasel.

  9. The former criminal known as Pacman was making it rain inside his car at the time…not that it is illegal…

  10. BengalsDouche2 said:
    … how many times do we have to defend ourselves and say that our team, compared to others, is about average in player arrests and discipline now.
    Changing sports to basketball … I am from Portland, OR formerly of JailBlazer fame. It takes quite some time. Even if what you say is true, the image takes a long time to fade.

  11. Dear Pacman, you can believe whatever you want to believe.
    I believe there’s a man out there somewhere that isn’t able to ever WALK again – because you are a disgusting waste of air.
    I hope 5.0. makes it rain on your ass every chance they get.
    You should not be allowed back on an NFL field.
    Any kind of police harrassment is JUSTIFIED.
    THUG LIFE YO!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gives you a little insight into the mind of Mr. Jones when he says that “back a few years ago, I might have gone after the cop, but now I’ve grown up”, and seems to want some sort of credit for that.
    Well, Adam, 99% of people in this country would never have the thought of attacking a cop enter even the deepest corner of their mind at any point in their lives.
    So people, by their nature, are going to treat you a little differently because they know what you are capable of.
    It’s the same thing with the Vick supporters who want us all to believe that MV, after years of non-stop criminal activity, is a changed man because he has managed to not get arrested for a year while on probation.
    Stay clean for 4 or 5 years, instead of 1, and maybe people will believe you’ve actually changed. Until then, expect a little skepticism.

  13. “Back a few years ago, I might have gone after the cop,”
    Really? Really?
    That says so much about what a %^&* this guy is. Note to all 5′ thugs… normal people don’t “go after” cops just because we were stopped and it happens to lots of people.
    So unfair in life that a guy like Sean Taylor gets an unfair and untimely death when this waste of air gets millions of dollars.

  14. “gone after the cop”?…….Just what the hell does that mean. Bring a knife to a gun fight. This joker is insane. But he is the face of the new NFL.

  15. Can’t police run his plates before they pull him over?
    Doubt they were running his plates, not saying it was harassment but it is still just a minor inconvience. Have a CCW and half the time I have to wait outside the car while they run the checks. Not really something to get worked up over unless a driver smacks into you while you’re waiting outside the car.

  16. “WhoDeySchenk says:
    August 2, 2010 8:09 AM
    To be fair….you can’t even spell “Cincinnati” correctly even when it’s right in front of your face in the above article. ”
    First, I was just leaving for work when I posted that so I was half out the door.
    And second and more importantly… often does someone have to know the correct spelling of Cincinnati (Or really any city in Ohio) off the top of their head anyway? It’s not like it’s that important of a state.

  17. numberfour says:
    August 2, 2010 9:50 AM
    rp, suggest 88%
    93.5%, and that’s my final offer.

  18. Well duh! It’s Cincinnati. It’s one of the most segregated cities in America. There is a reason they constantly have the DOJ looking into their police matters. lol

  19. Why are some people thinking or defending Adam Jones. I am not one of them. Adam Jones brought this on himself. He’s been a walking troublemaker his whole career. this isnt police harrassment, it’s the police doing their job. Keep that nose clean and the police leave Jones alone.

  20. Stay classy Bungles – Hey, Maurice Clarett just got out of jail – perhaps you want to see if he can join the team. You obviously need to restock the shelves with thugs and low-life personalities to keep the police busy and your fans distracted from the laughable product you normal spew out on the field. Keep some money ready for when Mike the dog killer is released from Philly.

  21. You can take “Nora” out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of “Nora”

  22. You WHITE GUYS can make all the jokes u want…but until you spend ONE DAY being BLACK–you are in NO POSITION to call foul on this one…
    Believe it or not–IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME TO US!! I have never been arrested in my life, am a college grad with a very good job…yet bc I wear my hair in dreadlocks and drive a nice car to my home in the subarbs, I ROUTINELY get followed until I pull up in my cul-de-sac…….IT DOES HAPPEN!!!

  23. This is b.s. If this man is being harrassed the officers involved should be subjected to I.A. scrutiny. Society has deemed Jones worthy of being on the streets and he should be accorded the same rights as any other citizen. Judging by some of the responses to this article, some of you spent to much time watching YFWB Jack Bauer. While you’re busy alternately flaunting or cowering behind the 1st Amendment, check out the 14th.

  24. I’m with D.R. Universal, and I’m not even black. I’ve seen it, grew up with it, and the high school kids I teach tell me about it all the time. Out in California we call it DWB…Driving While Black, as a reason someone gets pulled over when there’s absolutely no other reason. It especially happens if you’re driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood; it’s like they think there’s no way you could EVER belong there. Parents have to teach their kids how to act if pulled over by the cops, because it could be a matter of life or death. I mean that literally. My husband’s half hispanic and I can’t count the number of times he’s been pulled over (he’s an engineer). I very rarely get pulled over and I’m no angel when I drive, but I’m also white.
    I can’t spend a day being black, but I have sympathy and I KNOW for a fact that the cops discriminate. Whether you care about Adam Jones or not, there are plenty of good, law-abiding people out there who get discriminated against for no good reason except the color of their skin. And that’s sad.

  25. First off, i agree with DR Universial somewhat. Yes many black people get incorrectly harrassed by the police, BUT siding with a LOSER and known trouble maker like Adam Jones isnt the answer. he’s went to two teams and had legal issues. Jones brought this on himself.

  26. D.R. Universal, can’t say what that’s like to be black but playing the race card here is weak. There is a pattern to the man’s behavior. Believe it or not, the police do have a tendency to keep their eye on known felons no matter what color they are. Were he a choir boy I’d be right there lock step with you. Also I’m sure the police will leave him alone now that he said he’d have gone after the cop back in the day. Just saying that shows how close he is to his established behavior and how stupid he really is.

  27. Before people start make blanket statements about Cincinnati being a racist town, you should check out a Landmark organization from there that helped slaves to freedom across the Ohio river. Its called “The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center”, it took place right in Cincinnati and helped many slaves to freedom. Something Cincinnati should be congratulated for. The center is between the Reds and Bengals stadiums, about 1-2 blocks south of the main street the stadiums are on.
    What was the Underground Railroad?
    The Underground Railroad is a term for the covert network of people and places who assisted fugitive slaves as they escaped from slavery in the South. Most widespread during the three decades prior to the Civil War, this activity primarily took place in the regions bordering slave states, with the Ohio River being the center of much of the activity. Of course, Underground Railroad activity did not literally take place unde-rground or via a railroad, nor was it an official organization with defined structure. It was simply a loose network of people who attempted to move enslaved individuals escaping from slavery to and from safe places in a quick and largely secretive manner.

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