Steve Smith plots his Week One revenge

Panthers wideout Steve Smith doesn’t forget a man that breaks his arm.

I’m going after him,” Smith told SI’s Peter King in reference to Giants safety Michael Johnson, who injured Smith in Week Sixteen last year with a big-time hit.

It’s a game full of payback storylines.  The Panthers embarrassed the Giants 41-9 in the team’s final game at their old stadium.  With a trip to Indianapolis looming in Week Two, the G-Men don’t want to start the season slowly.

Smith’s availability won’t help the G-Men’s chances, but the wide receiver has no doubt that he’ll be ready for the season opener against New York.

“I’d bet my game check on it,” Smith said.

Next stop for Smith after dispatching Johnson?  Find the dude that broke Smith’s arm playing flag football.

UPDATE: Here’s a look at the Panthers offseason, while we’re at it.


24 responses to “Steve Smith plots his Week One revenge

  1. ha yeah because we all know michael johnson will play. I really hope the injury bug doesnt hit us.

  2. It’s gonna be pretty tough to get Michael Johnson back considering he’s 3rd on the depth chart at best. If Kenny Phillips is playing, Johnson will be 4th behind Phillips, Rolle and Deon Grant.

  3. Yawn. Wait till he gets his arm broken again by the new starting safeties in NY. This guy’s story is getting old. Retire already and let’s pray for one less loud-mouthed idiot WR in the League.

  4. Only one Steve Smith to worry about that night and he will be catching passes from a man named Eli
    This is the perfect game for our yes our as I own a peice of the Stadium it is part my team
    Our Steve Smith will convert more 3rd downs and score more TDS that that over the hill never was fool from CLT

  5. I’m sure he’ll try to lay a hit on Johnson and end up re-breaking his own arm. I’m sure of it. Book it.

  6. So the Panthers are going to draw up some plays that have WRs running routes near the Giants bench? Johnson is going to be lucky to make the team no less seeing the field. Stay classy, Mr. Smith.

  7. can you say BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL, steve is gonna have a target on him for saying this and hes gonna get laid out

  8. Bigbluefan, I’m sure your Steve Smith will do the exact same thing he did in the last game, nothing. We disgraced you 41-9 in your home stadium closing and now we will emabarass you in your new stadium opening and I guarantee you that “over the hill”, one and only real Steve Smith will have twice the touchdowns and 3rd down conversions that other guy will have. But I wouldnt be as concerned with him as I would Jonathan Stewart, from what I remember you had a little trouble with him last game.

  9. Smith is going to find those guys and break THEIR arms. Which is a bit ominous for you Florio, since you broke his balls, as I recall.

  10. Do us all a favor and retire. Quit opening your mouth when you can no longer back it up. Besides it doesn’t matter if he plays anyway the Panthers are going to suck this year no matter what.

  11. First off this game means something when we last played it was a meaning less game our guys knew and packed it in early
    That old Stadium as you call it was the home of a 3 time SB championship
    What have you redneck nascar fans ever won
    Other then being the first team in the NFL to hav PSLs your rednecks
    the Panthers Smith is over the hill and guess what he wont be playing fag football when he enters the swamp 2

  12. big blue fan- are you kidding me? calling smitty a “never was”? man you people are ignorant. and people think us folks in the south are dumb. apparently, you have not paid much attention to the nfl from say, 2002 until now if you think smitty is a never was. he did more in 2005 than the giants’ steve smith has done in his career.

  13. hahaha!!! I laugh at you whiny giants fans!!! Also that was the home of the 23-0 shut out in the 2006 playoffs in which the “never was” scored 2 TDs!!! Oh yeah, Jonathan Stewart is better than anything you have on your entire roster.

  14. Craflo…
    Let me get this straight… The Panthers Steve Smith did more in 2005 than the GMen’s Steve Smith has done in his career?
    Did he win the Superbowl that year?

  15. Bigbluefan wrote: “First off this game means something when we last played it was a meaning less game our guys knew and packed it in early”
    I’m a Giants fan too, but man, you give us a bad name when you say stupid stuff like this. What do you mean the game last year was meaningless? Are you friggin kidding me? It was our last game ever at Giants Stadium, and the team should have showed up for pride if for nothing else.
    But not only that, we still had a chance for the playoffs if we won that game. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless. And the Giants flat out didn’t show up that day. The Panthers kicked our asses up and down the field all day in every aspect of the game, and with a no name back up QB to boot.
    It was a disgrace to Wellington Mara, and all the people that helped make that stadium mean something. So to sit here and say that the game last year was meaningless is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a long time. And again, this is coming from a fellow Giants fan. But the truth is the truth.

  16. Giants fans saying the Panthers are going to suck this year?
    That’s funny.
    That’s like a Lions fan saying the Raiders are gonna suck this year.
    Seriously, just stop it.

  17. The panthers trend has been on one year off the next. Last year was an off year and from what the sportswriters are saying, Matt Moore is looking great and so is Dwayne Jarrett (finally- still won’t believe it until I see it).
    So just like last year, our defense will shut down your second rate manning and your second rate running game.
    As for saying kenny phillips will break smith’s arm? Johnson’s helmet hit smith in the arm and broke it. Freak accident. Yea…the man is pound for pound the strongest man in the league with speed. He has the most severe case of Napoleon Syndrome too. Good luck with your season giants fans, as you will be bringing up the rear of your division

  18. 22. DOUBLETROUBLE says: August 3, 2010 11:48 AM
    Yea…the man is pound for pound the strongest man in the league with speed.

  19. pound for pound the strongest man in the league with speed?? Is this an MMA promo? Look, Carolina Steve Smith has been a beast no doubt. He is a warrior and has to be accounted for on almost every play. That said PLEASE don’t get it twisted. If you can’t run the ball, Matt Moore isn’t winning you anything. You have a good formula but without Peppers what is your D gonna do and without Muhammed being the consummate pro, who is helping your Steve Smith? Please man.

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