49ers have high hopes for 2010

With my “working vacation” (which is still better than “no vacation”) and some renewed technical issues at the PFT home studio, we’ll continue to rely upon periodic video segments of which we had no involvement.

Apart from writing the crappy, perfunctory, introductory text.

Here’s a look at the 49ers’ offseason, as compiled by the fine folks at NBCSports.com.  (Of course, we haven’t met all of them yet; there’s a statistical chance that at least one is a complete asshole.  Other than me.)


10 responses to “49ers have high hopes for 2010

  1. I’ve been an Eagles fan for a long time, but my first team was the 49ers, back in the glory days of Montana and Rice. I would love to see them get back to being a serious contender. Going to need a QB though, guys.

  2. The 49ers are finally going to turn the corner & get back to the Playoffs this season. The last 7 years I didn’t have the confidence or conviction to say that, now I do.

  3. That was one of the worst videos I’ve seen. Its nothing new, its just a rehash of old, crappy Florio bits. Why not, I don’t know, try something new and up to date? Just a thought…
    SDW2001 – Since the eagles are in the mood to dump QB’s, could you send us Kold please? 😉 j/k

  4. The 49ers should win the West this year.
    It will be interesting to see what they can do in the playoffs. If they can generate some kind of consistency on offense they could win a game or two.
    Who knows what will happen, after all the Saints won the Super Bowl, it would only be fitting for the Niners to be on the cusp of a return to greatness.

  5. @Pilehiclown
    Its people like you that take the intelligence out of the fan perspective. You hate on a team to just hate. Its logical to say that the Niners have a good chance of winning the west and doing something in the playoffs. Its not me being a homer, its just knowing that for the first time in a long while, they have put together a team who can accomplish that. I say you just shut your mouth and let the season do its own talking.

  6. The NFC West is wide open this year. I think every team except the Rams have a shot at winning the division. The Niners refusal to give up on Alex Smith is all that is holding them back.

  7. If your not a miner fan why are you here? Don’t rain on us we have been down a long time go read the lions page.

  8. You guys do know we’re back, don’t you? I’m afraid you missed your two year window. 12th man gonna rain all over this parade opening day.

  9. If your not a miner fan why are you here? Don’t rain on us we have been down a long time go read the lions page.

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