Bob Sanders calls "tabloid media"

Colts safety Bob Sanders is on the practice field in training camp, and he’s firing away at for reporting last month that his career was in jeopardy.

Asked about a report from’s Michael Lombardi that Sanders “might never be able to play football again” because of the ruptured biceps tendon that cost him most of the 2009 season, Sanders went off.

Tabloid media. I barely read it,” Sanders said. “I had a couple of people call me and say it was crazy, but I don’t know. [The media] can come up with that type of stuff, speculation about how a guy’s doing.”

The Colts and Sanders’ agent previously disputed Lombardi’s report that Sanders had reduced his contract.

Sanders has been plagued by injuries for much of his career, but he said he was surprised by the report because he actually feels better right now than he does most years at the start of training camp.

“I’m as healthy as I’ve been in a long time,” Sanders said. “It is strange. I’m usually on the PUP [physically unable to perform] list and sitting out, not expecting to play very many preseason games. I’m excited this year. [That’s why] it was kind of weird that they were saying my career was almost over.” and Lombardi are apparently standing by the story, because it still appears online with no correction appended. Then again, Lombardi’s story that Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis will not hold out from training camp also still appears online with no correction appended.

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  1. I don’t know why anyone would go to for news reporting. It’s the official line, which generally sucks as far as truth in information. Even worse are Sirius NFL Radio and of course the NFL Network on TV, which are basically meathead-facilitated cheerleading sessions. They’re just rah-rah NFL, fluffy and boring interviews, and they suffer from a complete lack of polemic or otherwise contradictory reports.
    Step one in fixing this: stop dressing up meathead former NFL players and having them dance around as media types. NFL players are typically horrible at this, so just dressing Michael Irvin or Shannon Sharpe in a gaudy suit and expecting him to actually provide decent analysis is a trainwreck waiting to happen. The world needs more Buschbaum and less Bradshaw.

  2. Bob ‘Too Small’ Sanders will not play double digit games this year. Lombardi’s integrity will be preserved.

  3. Sanders can say what he wants but the way the Colts hide and lie about his health just fuels reports like this. Sanders himself wouldn’t even talk to the media last year. Actually, Lombardi was the same guy who broke the news of Mannings surgery a few years back while the Colts denied it. Sanders has missed 2 of the first 3 practices by the way and has not yet practiced in full pads so the jury is still out imo.

  4. Lombardi’s a hack who somehow still believes he has connections.
    The guy offered to work for free in Denver and they said no thanks, get out of the building. He must bring soooo much to the table…

  5. He has confused with BSPN. I stopped watching BSPN years ago. The only thing I watch on that channel is PTI (pardon the interruption for the uninformed) and Around the Horn. That’s it. And ever since NFL Network started carrying the NFL Draft…fugetaboutit.
    ESPN is a joke. They should change the name to E! Sports. Because that is all it is, it just doesn’t star Parrez Hilton (or however you spell it). Now that I have NFLN, I don’t need BSPN.

  6. @bodhisattva
    How is that preserving his integrity?
    Lombardi needlessly said his career is in jeopoardy, which is a lot different than him missing 10 games, which he has done a couple times before, and alas, his career is still going. Lombardi has an out, since he did not say Sanders is definitely retiring, but either way, it seems like a very hasty story for him to have written.

  7. I can’t igamine the tabloid media getting anything wrong. Heck a hack on this very site thought the Redskins would do well and reported a former players death, even though he was live a well…..

  8. Sanders is right. Over the last 10 years or so there has been a steady movement of the press that covers the NFL doing everything they can to make up and generate stories that they perceive will get them higher ratings than what is actually going on.
    A fine example of this were the statements by the pathetic a-holes at BSPN this year who said that Brady was going to hold out from camp. There are many examples of this sort of trash reporting not just from but every news outlet there is. ESPN is the worst and the scumbags there constantly make things up and throw them out hoping the sh*t will stick to the wall and something will come of it.
    This happens primarily because there is no accountability for sports reporters. Make up something and its not true and doesn’t happen ? Oh well. Nobody gets fired or reprimanded for things like that in the sports world.

  9. New development. Bob Sanders was injured while making this comment and will start the season on the PUP list again.

  10. So PFT is calling out Michael Lombardi…well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. This sites “writers” will never be able to hold a candle to Lombardi. He’s forgotten more about football than anyone posting for PFT will ever know. He actually analyzes football and doesn’t just repeat breaking news or give some sort of twist to a story just to get page views or try and legally break down something to look smart or give plugs to some sort of product he’s involved with or pat himself on the back constantly or try and garner interest in his kids. I come to this site to get the latest breaking news and nothing more. I read guys like Lombardi and Pat Kirwins articles to try and learn something about, you know, football.

  11. So Sanders, don’t read it goober. Jeez, guess ya’ don’t hafta’ be too terribly smart to run around a grassy rectangular field after a weird shaped ball. DOH!

  12. With the sad ass phonies Steve Wyche and Lombardi the 2 foot wonder they make that sute suck. They just re-use the same crap. Is Brett Favre back? How will Tim Tebow be used? Blah blah blah.
    They make look like a Godly website.

  13. He’s right all these so called ” Football reporters, blogger’s and so called experts” do is throw a handful of crap on the wall and they see what sticks and we are so desperate for football news we read it and pay for their kids college funds and drumming lessons !

  14. I agree that he is confusing with ESPN, but then again only MDS would put this crap up because he is a “Four-Letter Butt Boy” who gives praise to a network that’s full of garbage.
    MDS: Bristol, CT’s very own “unpaid” and “unofficial” employee.

  15. All media is terrible and I don’t buy anything they say. Especially the liberal scumbag media. Communication degree gets you absolutely nothing unless you are willing to pander to the liberals and be one of their drones.

  16. I’m not going to do the digging because I just don’t care, but I wouldn’t be surprised if PFT originally passed on the Lombardi article as news rather than speculation. PFT likes to rephrase entire articles and bury links to them inside their own text (click on those links sometime and see how often the PFT “article” is just a complete rephrasing of something someone else wrote, often using the same adjectives). But they sure are prompt at distancing themselves from the article they summarized when a dispute arises…

  17. New development. Bob Sanders was injured while making this comment and will start the season on the PUP list again.

  18. In other news… PFT has approached Michael Lombardi about being a columnist on their hack reporting team…!

  19. Making this shit up is the sum and total of Lombardi’s career. Why would he want to append it?

  20. I hope you post a correction if Favre retires. Your prediction is he will play.
    its VERY rare when anyone in the media acknowledges when they were wrong. But of course they remind us about the few times they were correct..

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