Brad Childress to meet with media soon

Well, this morning just got a little more interesting, huh?

Everyone will have an opinion about whether Brett Favre will or won’t play this season.  No one truly knows because Favre doesn’t know. 

What we do know: Brad Childress and the Vikings will do everything possible to change Favre’s mind.  The team still has a month before the season starts, and two weeks before they expected Favre to show up anyway.  They are rightly going to consider Favre’s status an open question.

Just don’t expect Brad Childress to say that publicly when he meets with the media at 12:10 ET.  (It can be seen live on the Vikings’ website.)  We suspect Childress will say the team is moving on, even while working behind the scenes to bring number four back.

Whether Favre comes back or not, Rich Eisen knows: FavreWatch is just getting started

So what do you think: Will he return or not?