Donovan McNabb: Philadelphia got "spoiled" by Eagles' success

When Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb looks back on his time with the Eagles, he thinks the folks in Philadelphia weren’t appreciative enough of the success the team had over the last decade.

“They were 3-13 the year before they drafted me,” McNabb told the Philadelphia Daily News. “The next year, we went 5-11 and then the next year we went 10-6. After that, we were winning 10, 11 games almost every year and going to the playoffs. Not only did we get spoiled as players, but the organization and the fans got spoiled, because that’s what they were seeing every year.”

McNabb says there’s a very different attitude in Washington.

“You come here [to the Redskins], it’s like, will we win more than four games? Will we make it to the playoffs? That’s the thing that excites me because it’s the [same kind of] challenge [as 1999]. That’s the drive to lead this team to the playoffs.”

McNabb also said that although he was sincere when he apologized on a Philadelphia radio station for leaving town without ever winning a Super Bowl, he also doesn’t think players should be judged by whether they have a Super Bowl ring.

“Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl,” McNabb said. “Same with Fran Tarkenton. Are their careers failures? Not at all. I would love to be like Dan Marino.”

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  1. Let me see if I read this correctly…, McNabb said that Dan Mario had a successful career, even though he didn’t win the Super Bowl.., and then follows that up saying he’d love to be like Dan Marino?
    Congratulations Donovan.., you’re on the right team for that.

  2. I wonder if that means Donovan wants to star in an Ace Ventura movie along side Jim Carrey like Dan Marino did.

  3. As an Eagles fan I will agree with McNabb, everyone became spoiled with the success of the team. The team was attrocious before he got there, and not that all the success came directly from McNabb, but the fans do forget how bad the Eagles were and became spoiled with what the team has done the past 10 years.

  4. So there you have it. McNabb defines success as winning more than four games a year. He just doesn’t have that extra drive that you need in a QB and team leader.

  5. yeah, im seeing less and less comments every day, because profootballtalk decides to write articles every single day about what some people have thought or have said five f-ing years ago. what is the point out of this article..what is it? what can i get out of this? can you tell me michael smith? what about you mike florio? your just as bad. do what favre cant. just retire, get a life.

  6. He realizes hes still playing right? Why would he want to be like Dan Marino who never won a superbowl?

  7. Every year there is 1 winner and 31 losers. Sounds like McNabb got used to losing and accepted it.
    Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit

  8. When the greatest legend in the history of Philadelphia sports Rocky Balboa,
    has a statue built to celebrate his win over Apollo Creed,
    you better believe that the people of Philadelphia have very high expectations of their sports stars.

  9. Well then, if you end your career in Washington, you will be just like Marino, a good/great QB that never wins a SB.

  10. Except in this case, instead of the Redskins getting better every year they will all steadily decline as they prepare for retirement.

  11. McNabb has a good point: The Eagles HAVE been spoiled.
    Trading McNabb to the Skins was the second worst mistake the Eagles have made in the last 5 years. The first of course, was hiring a overrated dog torturing psycho backup for 32 snaps and $5 million a year.
    Now with an unproven, inexperienced QB and a dumb-as-rocks has-been for a backup, the Eagles will learn they really were spoiled…. Especially when they start looking at losing seasons for the forseeable future.
    Can you say “downward spiral”?

  12. No pressure to be great. Any spineless fool would want that situtation! Can’t wait to see the reaction of Skin’s fans when he throws his first ankle toss or over throw to his 10 foot tall receivers!!

  13. So a player who doesn’t have a championship ring believes that he shouldn’t be judged negatively for his failure to win a ring. Really??? What are the odds?

  14. Wow, those comments are exactly why it was time to replace McNabb. It was frustrating for Eagles fans to have a talented team that was being held back by the combination of a quarterback who didn’t care and a coach who doesn’t know how to manage close games.

  15. Here come all the ignorant McNabb haters. He’s classy, plays hurt, wins, and is a great qb. Some Philly fans embarrass me. The majority of us love and appreciate what Don did. Best of luck in D.C. McNabb.

  16. pgcd3 says:
    August 3, 2010 5:01 PM
    Lower expectations excite McNabb. Enough said.
    Now that ish is funny, and it’s funny because it’s true!

  17. McNabb has decent QB athletic skills but has never been outstanding, and clearly never won the big game.
    But much worse, IMHO I think he thinks he is above reproach and never did anything wrong. I can’t recall him ever really taking the blame for anything bad that ever happened. As the leader of the team, has this guy ever bitten the bullet and said, “it’s my fault we lost”? “I had a bad game”? I really don’t recall him just saying that. Compare that to somebody like Ben of my Steelers. Notwithstanding Ben’s sometimes questionable off-field judgement (ahem!), on the field he is the first one to take the blame for a loss or give someone the credit, no matter his performance. He comes across as humble related to football. Ben has done this time and time again. He is not afraid to fall on the sword, while McNabb just ignores taking the blame for anything.
    McNabb comes off as a very arrogant person, an elitist, who does not care nor maybe even perceives what reality is. In his mind, things are just fine and he has done a wonderful job. That is probably a big reason why it seems most of Philly, including reportedly the Eagles players, does not care that he is gone.

  18. CarlHess1:
    Shut the hell up, man. McNabb made the Eagles annual contenders. What did you expect him to do, go win the big one by himself? How can you idiot Eagles fans put so much blame on the QB, who has been nothing a but a winner and a productive player? Especially considering the fact that he had no help at receiver outside a season and a half of Terrell Owens’s services.
    Philly fans are straight up MORONS who never appreciated what they had in McNabb, and didn’t ever deserve him. I don’t give a crap about the Redskins, but I hope they sweep the hell out if the Beagles this season and Kevin Kornkolb chokes miserably.

  19. I think the fact that the eagles didn’t win a super bowl reflects more on Andy Reid than Donovan McNabb- Reid always relied on the pass too much-
    Shannahan is a much better head coach (Just look at what he did with an AVERAGE jay cutler) and I wouldnt be surprised if he leads McNabb to a super bowl. I am going to laugh at eagles fans after their 6-10 record this year…

  20. The Eagles had a “nice” decade with McNabb when you compare it to the last 5 Eagle decades.
    But when you compare it to other team’s decades, such as Pitt ’70’s, 49er ’80’s, Dallas ’70’s & ’90’s, Redskin ’80’s, Dolphin ’70’s, Packer ’60’s, Raider ’70’s, you will see the Eagles under McNabb were nothing anyone should feel “spoiled” about.
    Then again, if you have never reached the mountain top, I suppose your view would be a little different.

  21. did any of u punks read the whole article?
    “It’s a shame that [not winning a Super Bowl] has to be the telling tale of somebody’s career. Think about it. Walter Payton was the greatest running back of all time. But it wasn’t until he won the Super Bowl that people started talking about him being the best. But he never scored a touchdown in that Super Bowl.”
    McNabb still gives respect when the media and fans try and tear him down. i guess u just can’t fanthom the type of QB he is whos never gotten into any trouble

  22. So Donovan admits he was spoiled as a player by winning 10 or 11 games a year!??? Well I guess that explains why he never worked hard enough, or never stepped up in the big game, because he was too spoiled to do so. I’s SO glad this loser is off of the Eagles! He never had any heart, and he never showed a shred of leadership. He CONSTANTLY points the finger at everyone else except himself! He will never win anything worth mentioning in DC because he doesn’t hold himself to a high standard, as he said he was spoiled by 10 or 11 wins!

  23. He’s right. I’m from philly, and I sure remember the losing. The fact is until Donovan/Andy/Jeff arrived, you didn’t go into games expecting to win. Those guys provided the city with a sense of pride it hadn’t had in a generation. Sadly, we didn’t respond well to our newfound success, we quickly showed why anyone with half a brain and an ounce of self respect leaves that place as quickly as possible, it’s an awful place to live, work, play. As for me I left for the D.C. metro area 11 years ago, and wish Donovan had gotten here sooner, welcome brother.

  24. Like McNabb said we won 10, 11 games a year. Sounds like mediocracy to me.
    Glad to see him go.

  25. I guess if he tells himself this enough he will start to believe it. The Saints have spoiled us because we just won a Super Bowl. Big difference McNabb.

  26. So he had to go out to the desert before training camp and run hills during his vaunted “Hell Week” just to win 10 games? This bum is truly done. Which means, of course, that Snyder will give him that lucrative long-term extension tomorrow.

  27. Nice to see Philly fans still don’t get it. Maybe when you go back to 4-11, you’ll get what he’s actually talking about. You’re almost as bad as Cleveland sports fans.

  28. Thank God you are gone McNothing.
    You never understood Philadelphia sports mentality from day 1. You whined and passed the buck every time you could.
    We’re spoiled?? Thats so freakin hysterical!! YOU NEVER BROUGHT US ANYTHING BUT 1 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, IDIOT. Why in the world would everybody loooove you? Good bye & good riddance you total choke artist loser.
    The Facts During Your Eagles Years:
    -The players that surrounded you deserve far more credit than you do for your Win/loss.
    the facts:
    -Westbrook took a huge ammout of heat off you and inflated your amazing completion rate. You owe that guy huge props. If you were to ever be lucky to get a ring, you should drive it to BWest’s house immediately.
    -A rock solid Jim Johnson top 5 defense every year you were here had much to do with your success.
    -Your stats completly SUCK during 4th quarters. I can count on just a few fingers your stunning 4th qtr leadership combacks.
    -You completely hated the fact that the fans loved TO more than you. Everyone saw it. Black on black crime or ego wars?
    -I saw you personally clowing rabid Eagles fans from the sidelines of multiple games.
    -Ronde Barber is still running…
    -You showed up out of shape and puked in the 4th qtr of your only Super Bowl chance, period.
    -You don’t belong in the same sentence as Dan Marino, you fool. He was a stern field general, not a happy-go-lucky goofball.
    Pardon me if we don’t swoon over your amazing career completion percentage. (a product of the west coast offense for sure) Cause after that, you have nothing, abosolutely nothing to show.
    Go die in QB hell/Washington and see how well you do with a receiving corps that will certainly “show it’s youth”. Can’t wait till you throw your skins teammates under the bus too…
    This guy never got it, never will. Great natural talent, but a goofball choke artist WHENEVER it mattered.
    Buh bye egotistical assh*le.

  29. @bbq: you said, “McNabb made the Eagles annual contenders. What did you expect him to do, go win the big one by himself?”
    Do you not see the contradiction there?
    How can he be the single entity to make them competitors but then all the losses are on everyone else?
    Football’s a team game. teams win and teams lose. McNabb was an inefficient leader that couldn’t fire up his team in crunch time.

  30. Can’t wait for the season to finally start so Kolb will shut all these haters up. Its how people call him “unproven” and yet proceed to bash him.

  31. @ BigSuede
    You’re an idiot!!!! What exactly did Shanahan do with the “average”Jay Cutler?????????? Did he lead them to the playoffs with him??? The answer is NOPE!! In fact Shanahan has only won ONE playoff game since 1998!! Only ONE playoff win without John Elway! Four playoff appearances in the 10 years after Elway retired, and the Broncos would normally end those playoff season by getting TOTALLY DEMOLISHED by the Colts or Baltimore (2000: 21-3 Baltimore, 2003: 41-10 Clots, 2004: 49-24 Colts). Try to formulate at least a sensible argument before you make a total fool of yourself and start blathering about a Super Bowl in DC, MORON!

  32. McNabb does do a nice pregame dance, though.
    The one before the last playoff game was special.
    The Last Tango in Dallas.

  33. He seriously has nothing in his life now without us.
    Please, Donovan, move on with your life.
    We have.

  34. @Iusedtolovephilly
    Downtown DC is a great place to live, work & play?????
    Wow I think I’d rather take my chances in the badlands of the northeast.
    Hater. Have fun with Capt Skid Pass

  35. I agree. McNabb was treated like crap throughout his time with the Eagles for no reason at all.
    The fact is, he didn’t look for controversy. Controversy found him. And I want to see McNabb stick it to the Eagles when these two teams play.

  36. I’m 44 years years old and have been an Eagles fan since the Mike Boryla-Dick Vermeil Days. Reading what McNabb just said proves to me what he and Andy Reid have always been in my mind: Impressed with Mediocrity! I’d rather win one Superbowl than win 10-11 games every year. I love Dan Marino as well but he didn’t win the big one. That’s why everyone talks about Montana, Bradshaw, and Brady as the best ever. They won the big one, not 10 or 11 games. So long McChoker. Sorry you couldn’t take Reid with you!

  37. I like Philly but Donovan is 1000% right. Most of my family is Eagles fans and they’re going nuts as if its easy to win the superbowl and donovan lost it single handedly. He scored 45 pts against the Cards (or whatever) and somehow HE lost the game. That’s a joke.
    And Marino is the best pure passer EVER. Not even a question.

  38. @kolbfan
    Not even an Eagle fan but you nailed it, great take bro. Good luck in the East this year, I’ll be pulling for you guys, F the cowgirls!!

  39. Don is a nice guy and I wish him success with Skins, (except against the Eagles) but he has to get the Eagles out of his head. Doesn’t look good talking Philly when Mr. Dan is signing your check. Any city would be upset when you come close year after and your worst games came in the most important ones.

  40. @HereThere
    “Nice to see Philly fans still don’t get it. Maybe when you go back to 4-11, you’ll get what he’s actually talking about.”
    When did the NFL go to a 15-game season!!!!!!!
    And if you really thought about what happened in the off-season, you will realize that the Eagles knew they had to change the culture of the team. It was an admission that they needed a new direction. So they traded McNabb (who basically admitted in his statement that he too had become spoiled) and Sheldon Brown (who was becoming a malcontent), released Westbrook (who may be on his last legs – a painful thing for a Villanova alum to say), and a few others who just were no longer seen as productive. The new faces are Kolb (yes, he does have to prove himself but the staff felt strong enough about him to trade MCNabb to a divisional rival), McCoy (who basically was the starter at the end of last year), Ernie Sims (an upgrade at LB which cannot be disputed), Hobbs or whoever takes the starting job from him (yes, shaly but the Eagles have a good record determining when a CB – in this case Brown – is kaput).
    So in a sense McNabb was right but then he also was part of the change that was needed.

  41. This is classic Donovan, passive aggressive Donovan. He tosses a lot of people under the bus. He does that when he thinks it comes off as “Classy” It doesn’t.
    Mark this down, Andy put up with this act, Shanahan will not, at some point he will try to toss Shanahan under the bus, and will really be shocked when he is running laps with Albert.

  42. As usual, things taken out of context.
    Everyone, please read the entire story on

  43. Kolb is good and everyone will see, I’m just happy he get’s his chance. Thankfully that paranoid 2nd rate QB is gone. Hey Philly, look for big things this year.

  44. All you McNabb haters have to understand something…McNabb doesn’t NEED to win the superbowl to be happy in life. That shows he is a well adjusted person…but it also shows that he doesn’t have that extra something needed to compete at the highest level…and he will never understand that.

  45. Well, Washington’s fans got spoiled too, going to superbowls and beating up on the east every year. Are you spoiled when you expect players and coaches to bring their best efforts to bring a championship to the city? I think we have a right to expect that, and it didn’t happen. Why? Because D-Mac choked in every big game. Got there year after year and let the pressure get to him. He will get his numbers this year, too. Even if DC goes 8-8 or worse. He could always post numbers, if he wasn’t hurt. What he lacks is leadership ability, accuracy, and poise in pressure situations. After coming up short year after year, Philly fans aren’t spoiled. More to the point, fed up with his lame act. There wasn’t anybody in town that didn’t know how the season would end up. Even after a winning regular season. Don’t get your hopes up DC, you will learn soon enough that D-Mac will choke there too. And, by the way, try not to let that goofy grin of his get to you when the team is leaving the field after a close game that ends in a loss on a stupid-ass red zone interception.

  46. @buddy1994
    “Reading what McNabb just said proves to me what he and Andy Reid have always been in my mind: Impressed with Mediocrity!”
    That really makes no sense whatsoever. All it proves is that McNabb was impressed with mediocrity. If Andy was impressed with mediocrity, he would not have made wholesale changes this year. He would not have moved McNabb. The Eagles recognized they needed to change the culture and that is exactly what they did this off-season.

  47. @philcommander
    I really don’t know McNabb well enough to know if he is happy or well-adjusted. But I agree with your observation that he doesn’t have that extra something. If he had that extra something, he would have taken TO during all the nonsense after the Super Bowl, slammed him into a locker and told him if he doesn’t STFU, he is going to have to pay the piper. I pick that because that is when his lost his leadership role on the team. For God’s sake, Hugh Douglas had to fight that fight.

  48. 100 % Correct.
    Eagles Fans ran off the best QB they’ve had since Randall Cunningham. Idiots.
    have fun with your 10 years of below .500

  49. that philly johnson defense made them for years.
    mcnabb drove the train later. but not as well.
    he’s ok. but he wont make the skins contenders all by his lonesome. especially since they have no back as good as westbrook in 2008-earlier.

  50. @Dustin Chandler
    So what you are saying is that one man and one man alone was responsible for the winning record over the last 10 years. Is that correct?

  51. McNabb is right, and the Eagles made the wrong choice in letting him go, especially to a division rival.

  52. McNabb has for the most part of his career really sucked! I’m a ‘skins fan from south jersey and have had to watch all the eagles games on tv. Yeah he had some great games but he also had mostly suck ass games. The media only focused on the good games. I almost pucked when I heard the ‘skins got him! There is no one in the league I hate more than McNabb. He is one of the biggest hotdogs and the first to pat himself on the back when they win. He was the self proclaimed “captain” of the ship in philly. Since the ‘skins have mcchoke as he’sknown around here I hope the lose every friggin’ game until he gets hurt or has enough bad games for coach to give him the hook. You can bet on him sucking this year! I can’t wait to tell the blind ‘skins fans “I told you so”!!!

  53. dustin, I didn’t know the Philly fans had the power to trade Eagle players. That must be news to Andy Reid, since HE, the guy who drafted McNabb, TRADED him, not the fans. If I am able to trade players, then I want my share of the GM money. That said, McNabb was not leader, except in his own mind. When someone has to say he’s the leader, then he really isn’t. He can’t compare himself to Dan Marino. Unlike McNabb, Marino never had a defense worthy of his game, whereas McNabb had one of the NFL’s best defenses for most of his Eagle days. Face it, if it weren’t for Westbrook stretching to catch errant passes or McNabb’s three-yard dump offs, his stats would be pitiful. His interception-to-completion ratio is crap as he wouldn’t throw a ball unless a receiver was wide open. He had a top receiver in Sean Jackson, but didn’t throw to him in several games because he thought Jackson was getting too much ink. The man just could not share the spotlight. Twice after playing Green Bay and watching Favre zip TD passes through a couple of defenders, McNabb said, “I wouldn’t even try a pass like that.” That’s all you need to know about 5.

  54. I’ll give this to Donnie Mac…he usually drives his own “WAHHHHHHHHMbulance”. The other times, his parents do the driving.

  55. Two words come to mind when I read these posts and they are “UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS”! You bums will want to run Kolb out of town after the awful year he will have, PERIOD! You had a class guy who was a winner and who won consistently, but he didn’t win the big one, so that makes him a loser, unbelievable. Who do you think built that new stadium and jail you have in Philly?

  56. I love the confidence the Eagles fans have in a quarterback that has not established himself in the league. How many games does Kolb have under his belt? How many games does McNabb have under his belt? Enough said!!! McNabb has established himself as a proven winner, and he makes a great point that Dan Marino did never win a superbowl, but is a favorite of every dolphin fan out there because he won games.
    To all the Philly fans out there just keep telling us how much you hate McNabb and how your Green horn quarterback and dog killer back up will take you guys to the promise land!!
    Hail McNabb

  57. “he also doesn’t think players should be judged by whether they have a Super Bowl ring.”
    hear hear! great point i happen to agree with. barry sanders never won a super bowl either.

  58. It’s like every Redskin related story gets every hater and their momma to come on here and do what ???……HATE ON THE REDSKINS !!!!! I guess we are the most dispised team in the league….HAIL !!! :(…….

  59. Well it’s clear that winning a SuperBowl isn’t a priority for McNabb. Good luck Washington!

  60. incomplete pass to the worm on the 35 yd line!!
    Everything will unfold as the seas gets going…….
    Good luck Don, thanks for 10 OK yrs!! You’ll need all the luck you can gather in DC!!

  61. I think he meant he wanted to be like Marino as a player/qb not a guy who NEVER won a Super Bowl. The way you people twist things is ridiculous.

  62. @kolbfan
    really, you want to compare life in philly to life in DC..not close!! from the night life, to the opportunity, to the have a statue of a fake boxer!!!! FAKE!
    As far as you hurt fans, I understand, YOU HAVE NEVER WON A SUPERBOWL!!! Before you guys got were an automatic 2 wins in the NFC east for every other team except the Cardinals..can you say cellar dwellers!!! You have to go back to Cunningham to remember when you were relevant. Funny, another QB who was under appreciated by you silly fans!!
    Did one of you call Rocky Balboa a great philly athlete??!!!!???
    Its interesting that during McNabbs tenure with you guys he was easily a top 5 QB but you continue to bash him!! Think about the teams that won the super bowl during his tenure…All of them had multiple pro bowl players on offense..not too mention a relevant WIDE RECEIVER!!! Name your WR that has been relevant in the last 10 years whose name isnt TO???
    You finally get some decent WR options and you get rid of the guy, really…silly eagle fan deserve what you get!!
    and so Dan Marino is not a top QB to play the game!! as if Trent Dilfer is better because Trent won a super bowl…
    Look he is gone, it didnt happen there, but he served yall well. I mean who was a better QB for the eagles ever because never of them won the super bowl..

  63. People must forget who the wide recivers were his first 8 or 9 years he played here. Guys like thrash, freddie mitchell, torrence small, pinkston, guys mcnabb made good. Once those guys left town there careers were over. And mcnabb still got them to like 4 championship games. Then u bring owens to town and they go to superbowl. Not to mention he was up for mvp that year. Give the guy a break he did all he could for philly


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