Ed Wang injured his hand, not his leg

On Monday night, Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News reported that Bills rookie offensive lineman Ed Wang suffered a serious leg injury, which could require surgery.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Wang actually hurt his hand, not his leg.

Gaughan apparently concluded that Wang injured his leg because his leg was wrapped after the team’s Monday night practice.  Apparently, Wang was simply icing the ankle injury he suffered during the offseason.

Either way, Wang could be out of action for a while.  Coach Chan Gailey said that a decision regarding surgery will be made today.

12 responses to “Ed Wang injured his hand, not his leg

  1. Ah hah, so the injury probably was from the removal of the mandatory Bills knee brace. I could just imagine getting my fingers pinched in one of those things.

  2. Surgery is the answer for everything! Break a leg, surgery, pull a muscle, surgery, tear a tendon, surgery. Heck surgery is even great for your wang! All jokes aside, is surgery really what is good for all these injuries? Isn’t it a little extreme when it comes to your hand? When i was playing football it was usualy Ice n’ Go! Not plan for surgical repair!

  3. “Either way, Wang could be out of action for a while. ”
    Sucks when your wangs out of action for a while…
    Florio, you must giggle like a school girl imagining all the innuendo you could insert when writing these stories about Wang…

  4. Al Czervik: “I think this place is restricted Wang, so don’t tell ’em your Jewish, okay?” Mr. Wang: “Fine.”

  5. What a limp effort Florio…we’ve come to expect so much more…have you sold out to NBC?

  6. Gailey is having issues with his Wang, who knows if Wang will see any action this season.

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