Goodell says final decision has yet to be made on Vick

Despite a Philadelphia Daily News report to the contrary, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that he hasn’t made a final decision on Michael Vick’s status for 2010.

The expectation remains that Vick will be cleared to play in Week One, but perhaps Goodell wanted to meet Vick face-to-face before announcing anything.  The two men were scheduled to meet on Tuesday, but had yet to talk as of late afternoon.

Goodell reportedly stressed to the media Tuesday that Vick’s judgment needs to be better.

UPDATE:  Yeah, so now the decision has been made.  The NFL released a statement at 6:30 ET that Vick will not be punished by the league.  Carry on.

25 responses to “Goodell says final decision has yet to be made on Vick

  1. Beg, Michael, beg. Okay now, sit up. That’s a good boy. Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!

  2. Man I hope he can still play. Goodell is a moron. Eagles will need him when Kolb starts stinkin it up.
    Go 7!

  3. They’ve made the decision to put him down, it’s just a matter of which method to use, and how to explain it to the kids.

  4. If ben r. got 6 gms (which i agree with) and he isn’t a convicted felon (strike one), didn’t lie to goodell’s face like vick did (strike two) and hasn’t broken the majority of his probation rules by hangin’ with other felons, being in area of firearms, etc. etc. then vick should get a one year suspension but goodell does have the balls to do it, he is afraid of the backlash from the black community. without a suspension, goodell is risking his entire legacy as commissioner on one michael vick……..i couldn’t take that gamble if i were him.

  5. If he chooses to not suspend him then how can it be said this is the “final decision”? If Vick were to screw up again then it may be the “final decision”. Until he makes one and/or Vick is out of the league his last decision will be his “final decision”.

  6. Im an eagles fan first off and Im rather impartial to Vick. I dont really support him or not because hes not really done much good or bad for the team to this point. However, I do think its a bunch of crap about this shooting. I mean, I wouldnt lose my job for not being involved in a shooting and neither should he. If he isnt involved, he isnt involved, who really gives a crap. If he is than take it from there. The person did his time for what he did do and regardless of what anyone thinks, he has been allowed to play football again. It is not effecting anyones life in the least, outside of the organization. If eagles fans dont like it stop being fans instead of crying about it. I mean why care? It is what it is.

  7. Nothing will happen to Vick, only if you are a Super Bowl winning QB and no charges filed do you get suspended!

  8. This guy is a piece of garbage and I could care less about his physical talents. I’m completely ashamed he is STILL on my team.
    Boy it’s a good thing we let Dawkins go to then turn around and sign Mike Vick. Disgraceful.
    I will be at Lehigh 3 times next week and will be heckling him every day.
    Trouble follows trouble. Just ask Chris Henry & Sean Taylor.
    Wake up Jeff Lurie

  9. They could not pay T.O. $5MM to win a title. Because they wanted to show the field hands who was boss.
    But they can pay this never-was non-entity of a player with no aptitude for the game of football $5MM as a “social experiment”. Essentially, its welfare.
    This while stiffing the city on taxes, at a time when local kids (who didn’t kill dogs) were seeing their libraries and pools close.
    Luries = dirtbags.

  10. “The two men were scheduled to meet on Tuesday, but had yet to talk as of late afternoon.”
    ————————————————–OK, Goodell was there, who was the other man?

  11. I read that at military day today at Eagles camp that Vick was the player that was mobbed the most for autographs, so he still has lots of support or people just apprecate his great talent.
    BTW, the altercation with Phillips supposedly occurred when he crashed the party and was asked to leave, so how does that translate with Vick hanging with him. Also, it is shown through videotape that Vick left prior to the gunfire, so what should he be punished for?
    People like Mike Florio on this site say he showed bad judgment forr holding the party, but remember the party at Miami that Vick did not show to. That was goin to be open to the public also, and it was known weeks in advance that it would occur. I never heard one peep out of Florio or these other media types saying that it was bad judgment for Vick to attend. The only opposition was from the animal rights people.

  12. It’s funny how raping a teenage girl pales in comparison to being in the vicinity of an unrelated shooting. Matt Jones basically doing cocaine in the locker room… big deal. Goodell is just trying to make it look like Vick’s status is still in limbo…….therefore he still looks like the ultimate judge and jury. Gimme a break with all of the backlash from the black community. Uncle Roger is worried about the backlash from the white community.

  13. FLASH…Vick is so happy that he’s throwing a party and inviting Plaxico Burress, Shaun Rogers, Robaire Smith, and Marvin Harrison.

  14. Vick is enjoying a nice steak and lobster dinner, all on Goodell!! LOL
    sucks for ya doesn’t it haters??

  15. Micheal needs to find some new friends. The old ones are just trouble. Alright Eagles fans, when will Vick start for the Eagles? How long will it take for the starting QB to play himself out of a job? The Eagles didn’t pick up Micheal out of sympathy. The Eagles now he can play. Perhaps, I’m being too optimistic to think that Micheal’s best playing days are ahead of him? We’ll just have to see.

  16. Actually, they did pick him up out of sympathy.
    Read, they admit as much.
    Owner’s wife is super-liberal.
    Coach wants a second chance to fix troubled youth after failing with his own sons.
    GM thought they could trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder prior to the 2010 draft.
    They’ve done nothing but try to deal him since the end of last season.
    This is all really public record.
    You have a better chance at starting at QB than Vick.

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