LaDainian Tomlinson shrugs off Chargers' comments

Now that LaDainian Tomlinson has left the Chargers for the Jets, talk is starting to emerge in San Diego that Tomlinson was never the most popular man in the locker room, with Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers describing Tomlinson’s departure as “a little bit of a relief.”

But anyone hoping for a war of words between Tomlinson and his ex-teammates will be disappointed, because Tomlinson isn’t participating.

“Honestly, I really have no reaction to it,” Tomlinson told the New York Post. “I don’t spend any of my time thinking about what’s going on there because I’m so focused in this football team and job at hand. I’ve moved on.”

Tomlinson hinted that he expected to hear negative comments after he left town.

“It doesn’t hurt me, but nothing surprises me because guys want to speak their opinion on things,” Tomlinson said. “Junior Seau went through the same thing with guys when he was the big star and he left the team and guys said how they felt about him. It’s the same situation. Good luck to those guys.”

36 responses to “LaDainian Tomlinson shrugs off Chargers' comments

  1. Tomlinson is a diva and always has been. We Patriot fans witnessed it first hand. A somewhat injured (??) LaLa sat on the bench with his helmet on sulking during a playoff game against the Patriots. In the same game Philip Rivers tears his ACL (needed surgery) yet plays the entire game and plays well.
    The Chargers haven’t lost anything with LaLa gone from their world and the Jets haven’t gained anything having “that” in their room.

  2. Or……it might just be that LdT isn’t arguing because you can’t argue with the truth. I don’t recall anyone saying these type things about Seau when he left.

  3. A somewhat injured (??) LaLa sat on the bench with his helmet on sulking during a playoff game against the Patriots
    LT was not “somewhat injured”. He had a significant knee injury which made it impossible to run or cut, things which a running back must do. If it had occurred during the year he would have missed 6-8 weeks, and if the Chargers had managed to somehow win that game he would not have been playing in the Super Bowl.
    Consider this: that was only the second game LT had been injured enough to leave during his entire freaking career. He’d played through cracked ribs, he’d played through pain, he’d killed himself playing for some not very good teams. If your going to call out LT for that, then people should be able to call out Brady for missing a year with a knee injury. Diva. But of course that’s insane, and so are your comment about LT.

  4. I am with Mr. Stead on this one. This is just a big PR stunt by LT2. He knows he just has to say the right things and the media and the fans will suddenly think this guy has class again for some reason. It’s sad that feeble minded fans will still believe for some strange reason that this clown has an ounce of class.

  5. Agree with everyone that LT’s best days are behind him, but with the Jets offensive line and their ability to wear down defenses, I can see LT doing some damage to teams in 4Q this year. Hoping he makes us forget about Thomas Jones.

  6. You’re an absolute moron if you think a QB playing on a torn ligament is the comparable to a running back playing on a torn ligament.
    Learn something about football before saying something so profoundly stupid.

  7. Wow, it seems like you must know the guy. Oh wait no, you’re just a Patriots fan. I’m sure there are 100’s of possible reasons for the chargers saying what they are saying about LT, but you have to give LT some credit for not taking the same low-brow approach as his former teammates are. We all know that the Chargers began focusing on their “passing” game last year and it left LT with fewer touches. This is probably a result in the poor offensive line that the Chargers had as well as their wanting to showboat Rivers. So one possible explaination would be that LT wanted the ball more so he probably made it known in the locker room. ‘MAYBE’……but then again as a Patriots fan you just jump onto a bandwagon…… 🙂 J-E-T-S…SUPER BOWL OR BUST!

  8. Rather immature comments from Rivers…LT takes the high road.
    That’s what I read here…

  9. seems like a pathetic attempt to pass the blame for the chargers’ shortcomings in the playoffs on a departed player. LT wasnt a factor in the game against the Jets. neither was sproles.
    anyways, that whole game i was telling my buddies how much of a p*ssy rivers was and that the jets would beat him. i was right.

  10. I’ll make two very quick and easy to understand points about this LT situation…
    1) I’d rather a guy on my team that sulks like a baby when he’s hurt and losing than a guy that doesn’t give a sh&%. I guess in today’s world everyone’s expected to react to adversity in the manner in which Sportscenter approves???
    2) Is Phillip Rivers anymore of a man than LT for choosing to voice his dissatisfaction with LaDanian now. He had 4 seasons to do it “face to face”. Sounds like the QB version of Tiki Barber
    Geaux Saints

  11. Look the artist know as LT is well know as a tempermental high achieving athlete who is without question emotional about his standards and his success. The fact that he was a volitile personality in the locker room does not make him a bad person, just emotional. The fact that PR states that the tension of LT’s emotion is gone is a relief to others is also ok, it was a fact. The bottom line here is that there is no real story except that some in the locker room where rendered uneasy by LT’s passion and volitiltiy.

  12. It wouldn’t be a Jets post with out KoaMisi giving us his 2 pesos worth of BS.
    Hit the road Hombre
    There must be a Dolphins article some where you can latch on to. Try You and your loser buddies can rehash the good ole days last season when Henne choked big time.

  13. If I got canned from my job after 9
    Years of giving them everything I had, I know I’d be MF’ing the company, my boss, co-workers and just about anything that had to do with the place, as I’m sure most of you would too..
    Give the guy a break!

  14. If I got canned from my job after 9
    Years of giving them everything I had, I know I’d be MF’ing the company, my boss, co-workers and just about anything that had to do with the place, as I’m sure most of you would too..
    Give the guy a break!

  15. Chapnasty. says: This is just a big PR stunt by LT2.
    Yes, I bet you’re right. He used his special Jedi mind tricks to infiltrate Rivers mind so he (Rivers) would make a negative comment about him (LT). He did this purposefully so he could then come back with a calm, rational retort. Brilliant, I say!

  16. Why Spygate Dorkative would I want to leave this wonderful rumor site when the jests just are so darn entertaining? I have never in my life seen so much drama coming from one team in my entire life. The jests are a joke and their fans are the goofiest in the world. So, if you don’t like it……don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

  17. Oh, and Spygate — which 300+ yard game did Henne choke in? He had three of them near the end of the season. Or are you talking about the games where he embarrassed the jests defense?

  18. Dolfag fans are drawn to Jets articles like retarded moths.
    18 posts and 12 are from Dolphin fans. Pathetic

  19. Maybe Fin fans like comedy better than the ignorant jests fans. There is no better humor going on in the league right now than that pathetic excuse of a franchise.

    Go ahead now, say it. It’ll make you feel better if you get it out.
    112 yards AND A WIN. Had our Special Teams and Defense not had such an easy time, Henne might just have had 400 yards against them (but we’ll never know since they did). But when you’re on the field for only a few minutes, you just can’t seem to rack up the stats.

  21. Did everyone forget LT’s earliear comments regarding the Chargers? Remember how he said that he was not being used correctly, and that the locker room had bad chemistry? The fact of the matter is, that the Chargers were unable to run between the tackles last year. This was because of substantial injuries to the line, and the hall of fame RB havng lost a bit of a step. Remeber that this is essentailly the same o-line that blocked for LT when he scored a record number of TDs in a season. Norv wanted to run between the tackles, but could not due to the afforementioned reasons. LT could have still been a great 3rd sown back, receiveing and blocking, but that was Sproles’s role. Rivers was simply saying that it is refreshing not having a disgruntled hall of famer who is frustrated about how he is being utilized in the scheme. With the fresh legs of Ryan Mathewss, the Chargers will be a much more balanced team, that can run between the tackles effectively.

  22. first of all, it’s LT , it’s his initials people, deal with it
    what the chargers said about LT is true, but it’s good to see LT not stick his foot in his mouth further, like he always does (and usually vs the pats he completely swallows his own foot)
    anyway, it’s a relief to have a struggling old over the hill rb off the team, that’s like common sense and shit……
    i envision LT as nothing more than a goal line specialist /3rd down catching rb in ny , we’ve all seen how off he has been the last couple years, and usually 30+ years old = death for nfl rbs
    that’s just the truth…..

  23. Not for the jests. They have no problems and all their players will prove to be pro-bowlers. They all sit around and sing kumbaya and rejoice in their lombardi trophies. Oh, wait…….

  24. KoaMisiFan says: Had our Special Teams and Defense not had such an easy time….
    and if if’s and butt’s were candy and nuts, maybe you would have made it to the post season too. but alas, you sucked ass when it counted most and didn’t make it…. ohhhh boooo hooooo, no wonder you’re still crying.

  25. tryagain
    I’m just a little confused with your post. Did anyone say “if” or “but” in any comment? I’m just saying that NYJALLFINGDAY said something about Henne only having 112 yards. But I heard the equipment staff didn’t even have to wash Henne’s uniform because he didn’t even need to break a sweat in that game because your coach forgot that there were three parts to football and our defense was better than the jests.
    I’m not crying at all. Because unlike jests fans, I live for the present and not the past and we all know the Fins OWN the jests. And since the league changed the rules now, we know the jests won’t be gifted into the playoffs like last season and we all know with their upcoming 6-10 record (well, 4-12 if Revis doesn’t get into camp really soon) won’t make them playoff bound.

  26. Not only is Philip Rivers stoopid, so are the Chargers. Think.
    They let Drew Brees walk so this loud mouth could take over. Nice move.
    They hire dumass coaches like Schottenheimer and Norv Turner who choke under pressure and don’t teach their teams the nuances of football. Here’s an example. It’s the playoffs. It’s 4th and 6. NE has the ball. SD on defense. The game’s in SD. Brady drops back to throw. If it’s incomplete, the Chargers can pretty much run out the clock. What do you do on a 4th down pass in this situation if you’re the D? Intercept it or knock it down?…
    You KNOCK IT DOWN and take the ball. Did SD do this? Nope. SD db (Florence?) intercepts the ball and Troy Brown forces a fumble which NE recovers. First down NE. NE goes on to win. LT gets pissed because NE does Lights Out sack dance at mid field AFTER the game. LT calls NE classless even though SD talked all week leading up to the game that they were making plans to go to the SB while NE kept quiet, did their talking on the field, and wondered why SD was overlooking a team that had won 3 titles in 5 years.
    I’m a Pats fan. I always liked LT. I hope tyhe future HOFer has a good year (except in 2 games of course). But, SD is a loser organization.

  27. can somebody please tell me why dolphin fans call the jets jests? it sounds so retarded

  28. dirtysanchez6 says:
    August 3, 2010 9:58 PM
    why do dolphin fans call the jets jests? it sounds retarded
    llok again at your question; the answer lies within. (sorry fins, that was too easy)

  29. “why do dolphin fans call the jets jests? it sounds retarded”
    Not to mention that one time at a jests home game, the last two fans (painted with letters on their stomachs) lined up wrong and someone got a picture of them spelling out J-E-S-T.

  30. L.T2 is nothing but a little bitch ….all this time the patriots fans where right….Go Chargers!

  31. You people are funny. Especially Chargers fans who did not appreciate what they had (LT, Brees). Let’s not talk about LT and focus on Brees a moment – smart move with that. Rivers moves his mouth pretty well, but that is all he moves better than Brees (1 Super Bowl, 1 Super Bowl MVP….0 for the whiny Rivers)…But hey, at least they have Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates (the 5th best TE in football).
    That being said, go JETS. Thank goodness they signed LT.
    And I have a nice Giants tee shirt too, for all you videotape-loving Patriots fans. It reads “18 wins and ONE GIANT LOSS”…..

  32. Do the DOLPHINS even still have a professional team? I thought they and Buffalo sort of just occupied the basement of the NFL east to keep it warm…..

  33. “Fins own the Jests”
    Get out of your Dan Marino glory days, moron. Last time I checked, last year the AFC championship game was IND vs NYJ. Same two teams this year….

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