Lions, Ndamukong Suh agree to deal

Ndamukong Suh is ready to sign the damn contract.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Lions and Suh reached an agreement on a five-year contract today.

Although there’s still some contractual language that needs to be worked out, Schefter reports that the total value of the contract will be more than $60 million, or $12 million a year. No word yet on how much of that will be guaranteed, or on whether Suh will end up with a better deal than Matthew Stafford got as the No. 1 overall pick of the Lions a year ago. But suffice to say, Suh will be well compensated.

The Suh signing leaves two first-round picks without contracts, No. 6 overall pick Russell Okung of the Seahawks and No. 9 overall pick C.J. Spiller of the Bills.

UPDATE: Jay Glazer of Fox reports that Suh will make $60 million over five years, with a maximum package of $68 million, and $40 million guaranteed. Stafford got $41 million guaranteed, so Suh didn’t do quite as well as the No. 1 pick last year.

Suh’s guarantee is $10 million less than the guarantee No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford got from the Rams. But Suh’s deal represents a 21.2 percent increase in guaranteed money over the deal No. 2 pick Jason Smith got in 2009. Bradford’s guarantee was only (only?) 19.9 percent greater than the guarantee that Stafford got as the No. 1 overall pick last year.

37 responses to “Lions, Ndamukong Suh agree to deal

  1. The “House of Spears” will soon be destroying a quarterback, near you. Check local listings.

  2. Thanks dipshit Lions for signing him to a 5yr deal… did you not see that all the rest of the top 5 signed 6yr deals and the Hawks are trying to get Okung to sign a 6yr deal…

  3. I don’t care if he’s actually the second coming (for real), that is way too much money to pay a guy that’s never taken a snap in the NFL. Has the NFLPA ever explained exactly how they can be against a rookie scale? That makes no sense since they players getting the deals aren’t even, you know, NFL players yet and their members ARE. I wonder if the the top agents have lobbyists yet?

  4. nice 12 million a year to be a fat ass and fill holes… Somewhere Tom Arnold is crying..

  5. i hope to god that there is a lockout after this yr so we can get this damn draft signing money issue taken care of. this shit has been gettin out of hand for yrs and EVERYONE is to blame,Players,Owners,Agents,and yes the NFL itself aka Paul T and Roger G.

  6. I agree that the rookie pay scale is out of wack, but that isn’t Suh’s fault.
    To the idiots saying he’s a fat guy that fills gaps…. you’re an idiot. He hits like a mack truck and is faster than 90% of the QB’s in the league…
    Farve just retired for the third time because he peed his pants upon hearing this news from Detroit.

  7. Year in and year out the Fords have to give huge sums of money to college kids. One big reason for their perpetual sucking. I actually feel sorry for the rich bastards that own that team and their fans.

  8. “REAL” D lineman like Pat Williams must want to puke when unproven fat asses make that kind of dinero…..

  9. Hey Pervy,
    In case you haven’t noticed, Suh isn’t fat, he’s almost all muscle. Pat Williams is a fat ass, not Suh.
    A lot of players must want to puke when a fat POS like Pat Williams gets busted taking banned substances and not get punished like the rest of the league does.

  10. bart please get your facts straight Mccoy signed for 5 also
    1. Sam Bradford QB St. Louis Signed Six years, $78 million ($50M guaranteed)
    2. Ndamukong Suh DT Detroit Agreed Five years, $68 million ($40M guaranteed)
    3. Gerald McCoy DT Tampa Bay Signed Five years, $63 million ($35M guaranteed)
    4. Trent Williams OT Washington Signed Six years, $60 million ($36.75M guaranteed)
    5. Eric Berry SS Kansas City Signed Six years, $60 million ($34M guaranteed)
    6. Russell Okung OT Seattle Unsigned
    7. Joe Haden CB Cleveland Signed Five years, $50M million ($26M guaranteed)
    8. Rolando McClain LB Oakland Signed Five years, $40 million ($23M guaranteed)
    9. C.J. Spiller RB Buffalo Unsigned
    10. Tyson Alualu DE Jacksonville Signed Five years, $28 million ($17.5M guaranteed)

  11. Didn’t Gerald McCoy get 5 years, 63 million with 35 million guaranteed? If that’s correct, that’s more total money than Suh…and not that much less guaranteed. Well done Parker.

  12. Forget the rookie pay scale. He deserves every penny he gets for being stuck in Detroit and playing for the Lions.

  13. @ Bart,
    Only 3 players in the whole 1st round signed 6 year deals, chill out dude and get your facts straight.

  14. Can “Scoop Florio” find out why the Lions & Suh agreed to a 5 yr deal instead of 6?
    Please. (Please with sugar on it)

  15. Yeah, Bradford was overpaid..
    He will be a bust.. the Rams were stupid for signing him..they’d be better off signing Tyler Thigpen or a comparable journeyman.
    The very fact that teams still pay this amount of money to unproven rookies is frustrating ( I pay money to go to games from time to time and prices cost this much due to stupid contracts like this)
    It’s a racket, the NFL needs a realistic pay scale..
    The very fact the league lawyers and unions can’t square this away is incredible.

  16. @JaggedMark
    From what I hear, the Lions wanted to do a 6-yr deal, but didn’t want to pony up the extra guaranteed $$

  17. I think its hilarious how people were bashing Bradford’s deal yet they give the Lions a pass despite the fact that DTs bust at a much higher rate than QBs. DRINK THAT KOOL-AID!!!

  18. This is probably the best deal in the draft for the player. While there are a number of factors important in a deal, many of these deals are judged on base value, guarantee, and number of years in the contract. A club naturally wants to sign the player to as long a deal as possible, as they can always cut the player if he doesn’t warrant the salary. So it’s probably advantageous for a 1st rounder to do a five yr deal instead of six, as he hits the market one year earlier in exchange for some guaranteed coin. Here’s the reported guarantees and base values for Bradford and Suh, versus last year’s picks:
    Bradford: Guar: $8.333m/yr; Base: $13m/yr
    (Stafford: Guar $6.95/yr; base $12m/yr)
    Suh: Guar: $8m/yr; Base $12m/yr
    (Smith: Guar $6.6m/yr; Base $10.8m/yr)
    Bradford got a 19.9% increase in guar and a 8.3% jump in base over Stafford.
    Suh got a 21.2% increase over Smith in guar and a 12% jump in base pay.
    And Bradford was a QB. And Bradford was the No. 1 pick – traditionally in a market unique to themselves. (No. 2 is typically closer to No. 3 than he is to No. 1, etc.)

  19. MizzouRam:
    Keep telling yourself whatever you need to make yourself feel better about the guy that’s getting paid $78 million to lead your offense. Just try really hard not to think about his destroyed throwing arm and the fact that he sat out his junior year before jumping into the draft.
    Bradford wasn’t drafted number one overall because he was worth it — he was picked number one because the Rams had to have a QB of some kind.
    They should have taken Suh to go with Long, let Steven Jackson play QB this year and taken Jake Locker with the #1 pick next year.
    But maybe Bradford is the next Peyton Manning! Yeah, right.

  20. bbq:
    Oh I have thought about it. I’ve thought about how Dr. James Andrews said that Bradford’s arm is fine. I’ve also thought about the THREE physicals the Rams have put him through this offseason to assure themselves that his shoulder is fine. I’ve also thought about the countless other hits Bradford took in college where he didn’t get hurt and apposed to the one that injured him and the next that aggravated it. I also thought about how crazy it is everyone bases his potential on the ONE injury he had in college as if no one has ever been injured before.
    I also have thought about the Rams drafting Jimmy Kennedy, I mean Damione Lewis, I mean Adam Carriker, I mean Chris Long, I mean Glenn Dorsey, I mean Big Daddy Wilkinson, I mean Amobi Okoye, I mean Justin Harrel, I mean Ndomukong Suh and how he is a sure fire NFL blue chipper just every college DL is.
    So yea I will keep telling myself that, mainly because it is based on fact and not some pre-determined re-injury that Bradford hasn’t even had yet.

  21. 20% increase from 2009?
    you HAVE to be kidding me. inflation and the cost of living index doesn’t go up even half that amount. the wage scale for rookies here is just absurd. cap them now before we hit complete insanity.

  22. For all you guys that keep complaining about how players’ salaries, rookie or otherwise, have inflated the price of your tickets: I guarantee you that with a rookie wage scale, your tickets will go up and up and up and up. If every team took a stand and went to the floor, your tickets would go up. Hell, Jerry Jones made $200+ mil on his PSL and decreased payroll and STILL nearly doubled the ticket prices in Cowboys Stadium. At what point do you guys start to realize that the players aren’t the greedy bastards here.

  23. 20% increase per year at a time when the rest of the country is getting no increase or laid off is just sick. It is already bad enough that these guys that are unproven are getting this kind of money, but it is just silly for them to be getting a 20% increase over the guys from last year that were unproven.

  24. @ texasPHINSfan,
    I think we passed the point of complete insanity years ago.
    @ 500Boylston,
    Suh’s contract is closer to the number 3 pick than number 1, so what’s your point? The reason Suh’s contract was a larger percentage increase over the previous years slot than Bradford’s contract was, is because of McCoy’s contract.

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