Michael Johnson doesn't back down from the "other" Steve Smith

We told you on Monday how Carolina’s Steve Smith was plotting his revenge against Giants safety Michael Johnson when the two meet in Week One.

We’re delighted to inform you that Johnson took the bait, and fired right back.

“Who you talking about? The Steve Smith that went to the Pro Bowl?”
Johnson asked today, via the New York Daily News. “So you’re not talking about Pro Bowl Steve Smith,

Boom. Roasted.  (Although Carolina’s Steve Smith has gone to the Pro Bowl four times.)

Johnson denies that his hit that broke Smith’s arm was illegal and says he’s not worried about payback.

“No,” he said. “The only Steve Smith I’m worried about is the one on my team.”

25 responses to “Michael Johnson doesn't back down from the "other" Steve Smith

  1. Steve Smith’s main wrath is still directed at Florio. Words can’t express how excrutiating it is to get your shorts in a knot with two broken arms.

  2. Oh, the Michael Johnson who played on that defense who was embarassed after their 5-0 on their cupcake schedule?

  3. Michael Johnson was the one on the ground after the hit. I don’t understand why Smith is worried about revenge. Johnson couldnt stop Smith at all, not to mention the Panthers KILLED the Giants and will spoil their house warming party come Sept 12. LETS GO PANTHER NATION!!!

  4. Actually smith should have referred to johnson and the nyg smith as the sb champion steve smith and johnson. eff a triple crown

  5. I’m a giants fan, but does Johnson even start anymore? Aren’t the two safeties Rolle and Phillips now?

  6. Look, Carolina Steve Smith gets off from this stuff. When he is motivated and trash talking is going on? He WILL cook you. I am Big Blue all the way but this guy is no joke. He grew up in a tough hood and walks around with a chip on his shoulder. THAT said their passing game is predicated on how they run the ball. What other receivers do they have? We stop the run, we win. Anyway, anytime Carolina Steve Smith wants to see some Super Bowl Bling, he can ask NY Steve Smith to show him his ring. BOOM!

  7. Mini Steve Smith is a has been, and the Giants are gonna blow our Carolina come week 1…

  8. Mini Steve Smith is a has been, and the Giants are gonna blow out Carolina come week 1…

  9. Dude come on. Don’t bring rings into it. Was the “other Smith” even a starter back in 07?
    Fact is, there is only one Steve Smith and he’s in Carolina, not in the nation’s armpit: New York, New York.

  10. OH they never learn. Name one time trash talking Steve Smith, the ONE AND ONLY STEVE SMITH of the CAROLINA PANTHERS, has ever paid off. Go ask Fred Smoots how that worked for him.
    Johnson for your sake I hope you don’t think you can handle the REAL Steve Smith. NO ONE CAN. Including Revis. Smitty had him burned more than once had Delhomme thrown it where it should have been. BY REVIS.

  11. robert ethen says:
    August 3, 2010 9:36 PM
    It’s the short, nasty, one with really bad grammer, Michael. If that helps
    You mean grammar? Boom. Roasted.

  12. Panther nation is a bunch of yuppies who go to games in their khaki pants and argyle sweater-vests and attempt to tailgate out of their land rover, or mercedes, or BMW. I live in Charlotte and tailgated a couple times, and they are boring as hell to tailgate with. And i hope Johnson pops him again.

  13. Remember Fred Smoot? Remember a trashtalking Viking corner who guaranteed he would shut down Steve Smith (the real one)? Do you remember how Steve Smith scorched this CB and did a TD rendition of the paddling of the “love boat”? Was that Fred Smoot? Who is he, and where is he now?
    Michael Johnson, I think you might be next….

  14. I tailgate for Panthers games and yes it is lame, but I make the best of it by driving a beat up pickup truck and rock my Smitty jersey while boozing it up playing cornhole and making noise.

  15. Andro21 says:
    Is there a Panther Nation? Does anyone care about the Panthers?

  16. Seriously Panther fans you all need to relax. Michael Johnson sucks but he has a ring and your Steve Smith got his arm broke in two by a back up safety and the break was so bad that your guy couldn’t even make it through a flag football game at the YMCA! He is a hack and hasn’t been a productive WR since 2007.

  17. Steve Smith had 1421 yds in 2008, and he was suspended two games for breaking Ken Lucas’s face in training camp. The only reason he had under 1000 yds in 2009 was because Delhomme sucks. Also, don’t forget Jonathan Stewart torched you guys for 200 yds rushing in your going away party last year. Look for a repeat Sept 12.

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