NFC North training camp one-liners

Bears QB Jay Cutler missed on 10 of 27 passes during team drills Monday, with one pick and another interception that was dropped; he’s apparently holding onto the ball for too long.

A year after the Bears thought DT Marcus Harrison was eating too much, they now think he’s not eating enough.

Most defensive backs end up there because they can’t catch; Bears CB Zack Bowman is an exception.

Bears third-down RB Garrett Wolfe remains in danger of getting cut.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said that WR Juaquin Iglesias has a quad injury, not a pulled groin.

Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan says he’s looking for a “go-to guy” at running back, but he also wants depth.

Lions S Louis Delmas (groin) remains on the PUP list.

Lions WR Nate Burleson says that teammate Calvin Johnson is “the closest thing to Randy Moss.”

The defensive line in Detroit is coming along; “We have better players,” coach Jim Schwartz said.  “What you are seeing
is some of the younger guys maturing and the addition of other, more
experienced players who are more comfortable with the system.  All those
dynamics are working together.”

A headline in the Detroit News says that new Lions CB Chris Houston is “showing moxie.”  (Since when did Steve Young start writing headlines for the Detroit News?)

Packers WR Donald Driver wants to play until he’s 40, presumably after retiring and unretiring multiple times.

Packers K Mason Crosby is missing too many kicks; it’s gotten so bad that he’s already gotten a vote of confidence from coach Mike McCarthy.

The Packers are experimenting with moving LB Clay Matthews from the right side to the left in the nickel defense.

Green Bay CB Charles Woodson is glad that others finally agree with his assessment that the Packers are a Super Bowl-caliber team; “That’s the great part about it, I don’t have to say anything this year,”
Woodson said.  “Everybody else is saying it.  I just go out and play now.”

Tyrell Johnson and Jamarca Sanford are still battling for a starting safety position in Minnesota.

Darius Reynaud of the Vikings continues to transition from receiver to running back by learning how to block linebackers.

Vikings QB Sage Rosenfels looked much better on Monday in work with the first team.

Unhappy throughout the offseason by his inability to hit the open market, Vikings DE Ray Edwards is now happy again; That’s in the past,” Edwards said.  “I’m looking forward to the season, getting out here with my
guys and getting back into the flow of football.”

Asked recently about the ability of DT Pat Williams to lose 18 pounds, coach Brad Childress said, Pat’s big enough to eat hay and sh-t in the street.”  [Editor’s note:  Reporters tried to reach Williams for comment, but he was busy eating hay and sh-tting in the street.]

15 responses to “NFC North training camp one-liners

  1. darius reynaud was a wr at west virginia while pat white was qb and steve slaton was rb.
    no transition

  2. “Pat’s big enough to eat hay and sh-t in the street.”
    What?! C’mon man.

  3. Cutler throws for 63%, and the headline is “Cutler missed on 10 of 27 passes?”
    Am I the only one that strikes as being more than a little bit intentionally misleading?

  4. I love how everyone’s SO quick to assume both the Pack and Queens will be contenders this year.
    Good–keep thinking that way, keep insisting the North will only be a two way race this year, and keep counting the BEARS out–in fact, the Bears best two seasons in the past decade (2001, 2006) came when expectations were at their lowest.
    And may I take this opportunity to once again remind the world that it was THE BEARS who beat the Queens on the MNF last year (something the Pack couldn’t/didn’t do), which cost them home field adavantage, forcing them down to New Orleans, where Failvre got the drama knocked out of him (temporarily), and the Biqueens, collectively, pooped the bed?
    So, it’s not too much of a stretch to say…it was, in a very real and very direct way, the BEARS that cost you your Super Bowl, Miniscrota–and yet you’re all still SO quick to count us out as viable contenders for this year?
    I guess we’ll see when the ol’ pigskin starts flying, won’t we?

  5. Hey Shinywalrus, He threw 63% in 11 on 11 drills. Which involves no QB contact. That said, the one liner segment is where they take noteworthy items from TC reports. If anyone ever bothered to click through (which is the point of these things) you’d see that this line “10 of his 27 passes were incomplete, including one interception and another pass that nearly was intercepted” appears in the article it was taken from. Take it up with your congressman.

  6. Hey “Rizza Gizza 36”,
    What profound commentary. I bet your case worker is so proud.

  7. MustyHunter is a mathematical genis ! (genius)
    Where most of us come from dropping 10 of 27 means you completed 17 of 27.

  8. BearsDuh says:
    August 3, 2010 4:43 PM
    MustyHunter is a mathematical genis ! (genius)
    Where most of us come from dropping 10 of 27 means you completed 17 of 27.
    Actually, where I come from dropping 10 of 27 means you CAUGHT 17 of 27.

  9. Completed 17 of 27 passes sounds a lot better, but since when does the media ever put Cutler in a good light.
    Also….all the hooplah about Cutler throwing to a “spot” and not a receiver in this new Martz offense, I wonder how many receivers did not get to their “spot”. But once again the media won’t bring that point up.

  10. Florio, you forgot to mention this is what Cutler did on Sunday:
    Cutler looked sharp in team drills Sunday, completing 9 of 12 passes in 7-on-7 drills and 15 of 18 throws in 11-on-11 work.
    That’s completed 24 out of 30 passes…or in your word play….he missed on 6 of 30 passes.

  11. Pacifus says:
    August 3, 2010 2:33 PM
    Hey Shinywalrus, He threw 63% in 11 on 11 drills.
    Actually, it was a combined 63% in 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills. Your point stands, I’m just saying.
    For the record Bears fans, by the end of camp we’d hope to see about 80%… which is what he did Sunday. for now, the rythm is going to take time so don’t be too discouraged by negative media sources.

  12. Looks like someone’s source is wrong. The tribune beat writer brad Biggs (good journalist) reports 19 of 27 completions, or 70%. (or missed 8 of 27 passes, for Florio)
    Oh yea, here’s his cumulative body of work for training camp.
    100 of 135 .741, 4 interceptions

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