Steelers won't talk contract extensions in 2010

K. Colbert.jpgIn the most professional way possible, the Steelers told kicker Jeff Reed and other impending free agents to shut the hell up on Monday.  (And like it.)

Director of football operations Kevin Colbert met with linebacker LaMarr Woodley,
tackle Willie Colon, cornerback Ike Taylor and kicker Jeff Reed separately to tell them the team won’t discuss contract extensions any more this year, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Woodley in particular had a “long chat” with Colbert over lunch.  The outside linebacker probably gets the most personal treatment because he’s the most important player on the list.  Reed was vocal in his bitterness to start camp, which perhaps inspired the Steelers to clearly state their intentions.

“I’m not going to have no contract on my mind out there while I’m
playing football,” Woodley said.  “If I have contract on my mind, I’m going to get
knocked upside my head and I can’t go out and help this team win.”

Hines Ward surprisingly identifies with the viewpoint of the team.

“Some guys are going to be mad. But how can you sign somebody if there’s
going to be a lockout next year? How do you determine a long-term
contract?” Ward asked.

26 responses to “Steelers won't talk contract extensions in 2010

  1. Hines Ward… the voice of reason.
    I wish he played for my team. The guy is great and he loves the game.

  2. “Steelers won’t talk contract extensions in 2010”
    …They hardly ever do anyway

  3. Woodley should do what Ward did a few years back, and sit out. He is the most important person on the Defense after Troy P. They are going to handle his the same way as Faneca, god….just pay the man.

  4. Ike and Reed will be gone. Willie is a little overrated, but a solid NFL O lineman I guess. Woodley however they should have taken care of him. I mean you have Harrison on the other side who got a huge deal last year.
    I still can’t believe Reed would basically call the Steelers liars after the off the field issues he’s had. What a douche….His franchise tag salary this year is in the top 5 for kickers

  5. Have fun with your unhappy players knowing knowing if they get injured during the season it is unlikely for a contract entension for them. They will be less likely to play through a minor injury and sit those games.

  6. Aaron Smith is the #2 defensive player on the Steelers D. Often unnoticed, he is the key to stopping the run. Check the run yardage when he’s injured.
    Woodley is great but the Steelers have let great ones go before. And he needs a 3-4 defense. Most of the NFL is still 4-3. I would hate to see him go but there’s a reason the Steelers draft so many LBs in April. When it comes to letting LBs go, the Steelers get it right 99% of the time. See Chad Brown, Jason Gildon, Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, Joey Porter, Kendrell Bell, etc.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to rework Harrison’s contract after next year and give some to Woodley. They might even part with Harrison (depending on this season and his health) and reward Woodley.

  7. Hey Reed..If you are upset, don’t take it out on the system by running your mouth. Just go and destroy a restroom. Go ahead tear a paper towel dispenser off the wall, get drunk and yell at a cop!!

  8. cbatchel:
    You think a player is going to dog it in his contract year? Who plays crappy then expects a big contract from his team or in free agency?
    He HAS to play well or his free agency value drops.
    Spungy: Please retake 4th grade English.

  9. @Spungy says:
    August 3, 2010 9:39 AM
    When they go 4-12 this year all their value will go down.
    * * * * * *
    Dude, are you serious in your 4-12 prediction? Come on. This ain’t your team, this is the Steelers. When did your brain cells start to deteriorate? Probably the day you were born. Is that how you got the name “Spungy”? LOL.

  10. They should take care of Woodley asap. . . . Throw him a bone. . . Even if it is a performance bonus. . . . Some good faith. . . I guess they could always franchise him.

  11. # C.Bass says: August 3, 2010 9:49 AM
    Spungy: Please retake 4th grade English.
    Hanging out with the kiddies is more your quarterbacks cup of tea.

  12. This is an intelligent and composed strategy with next season going to begin with a lockout. Who knows what the CBA will look like after 2010 and whether any Franchise or Transition tags will still exist.
    I feel strongly that they’ll take care of Woodley in the long run, but he’s the victim of timing. His generation in the Union should’ve pushed for a resolution before the uncapped year took effect and free agency went from 4 to 6 years. Timing cost them big time.

  13. Would some of the idiots in here please stop whining “pay the man” every time one of your players starts bitching and crying for a new contract? It’s not YOUR money. Until it is, we don’t care what you think.

  14. The head office is saying “When you can prove you’re not the new Bengals of the AFCN, then we’ll talk about paying you more. Now stop raping women.”

  15. @Calir says:
    August 3, 2010 10:52 AM
    Hey Jets, take note how a Super Bowl franchise handles their players contract requests.
    Then they tell them there is a 20 year old chick in the port o potty so it is time for them to pull their junk out.
    Stay Classy Calir

  16. I learned a long time ago to not question the Steelers front office. Their record speaks for itself.
    I believe Woodley will be their top priority after the season. They rarely let such talent go until the play is in his 30s.
    As for Colon, his play was much improved last season, and they expected this to continue this season, however he’s now done for the season with an injury. I’m not guessing he’s going to get a huge contract from the steelers.
    Reed is another loudmouthed “idiot kicker”. Yes he’s been superb through the years kicking on the worst surface in the NFL. However, he can barely get a kickoff inside the 10 yard line any more. Add that to his drunken rampages, his big mouth in the media, and the much improved turf conditions, and he’s expendable.

  17. I have faith in my Steelers handling of all front office moves. I have not seen many bad moves in yecent years… think of all of the guys the Steelers let go in free agency…. None of them really performed except a few… The Steelers front office is good at letting over the hill stars go at the perfect times.
    Performed after leaving:
    Rod Woodson
    Hardy Nickerson (Dumbest non-resigning EVER!)
    Kevin Greene(Left on top, what a career)
    Chad Brown (Did you know his first and last sack happened in a Steeler uniform?)
    Sucked after leaving:
    Gregg Lloyd (not his fault though)
    Carlos Emmons
    Earl Holmes
    Kendrell Bell (Thanks KC)
    Alan Faneca (Will be cut from AZ)
    Clark Hagans
    Larry Foote (Brought back, we will see)
    Jason Gildon (can’t switch positions inyour mid-30’s)
    Levon Kirkland (What was he like 295lbs his last year lol?)
    Bam Morris (career up the nose)
    Neil O’Donnell (Didn’t need money after the cowboys paid him off)
    Kordell Stewart (funny how a stupid rumor can kill your career)
    Yancey Thigpen
    Charles Johnson
    Goes on and on and on lol
    Yup, they had some bonehead draft picks; Scott Shields, Jermaine Stephans (Sp?), Chad Scott and Troy Edwards (Steelers ruined him though lol).
    I have never seen the Steelers make many bad calls on a resigning though, so I will take their side on this…
    Here’s to a return to the playoffs this year!!! 🙂
    Let the bashing begin!

  18. If more teams did this the general fan base would actually begin to identify with players.
    Good on ya’ Steelers.

  19. Steelers longstanding policy is not to negotiate once the season begins, and they don’t want the team distracted by disgruntled players. Ike’s already said he’ll wait and see, and Willie can’t fuss under the circumstances. So the Colbert meeting was to reassure Woodley again that he’s a priority and will be compensated. Otherwise, the purpose of this was telling that ungrateful squirt Reed to SHUT UP.
    @Cup …
    Greene and especially Chad Brown don’t belong on your list of bad moves. Though he remained productive for a while, Greene wanted more than he was worth and mishandled the negotiations.
    As for Chad … Although all teams work within the same salary-cap, they have leeway in how much they can offer up front as cash bonus. The Steelers built their wealth on the team and it’s their major asset. Before Heinz Field was built and they could profit some from sales of luxury boxes, the Rooneys had almost no liquidity to use for cash bonuses. Seahawks owner Paul Allen is one of the richest men in the world. He flew Chad and his wife to Seattle on a private plane, sat him at a table, and wrote a check for several million in cash. Negotiation over. The Steelers could not match the offer. There was nothing they could have done to keep him.
    Rod’s departure had more to do with the way he was treated by Tom Donahoe during the negotiations than the money involved. The Rooneys and Bill Cowher desperately wanted to re-sign him, but once Donahoe and his big mouth sourced the conversations, it went downhill from there.

  20. Syeelers never do contracts and there will be a lockout so why give them a lockout, espically to a KICKER!

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