The day in training camp fights

Much like watching someone trip and fall, training camp fights are always entertaining.

Who cares if they are meaningless and practically scheduled events?

We present for the first (and probably last) time your training camp fight video recap.  We’ve got Darnell Dockett and Levi Brown throwing down in our first clip, while the Aaron Maybin dustup we mentioned previously can be seen after the jump.


Posting two videos in a row looks weird, so we need some writing here. Yeah, this should do it.


11 responses to “The day in training camp fights

  1. KCT115, you consider Aaron Maybin “getting after it”? He got his ass thrown around like a rag doll!!

  2. I fully understand you need advertising but how about “trying” to use a 15 second spot instead of 30 seconds, I am just about to stop clicking on your analysis even though you do a great job and I enjoy listening to it.

  3. you guys are all morons… Maybin wasn’t even ready for a fight, not to mention he was already off balance from being pushed by the first guy, he fought (wrestled) with the second guy.
    but two things here, props to the Bills Offensive line for standing up for their RB, (I have no idea if it was a starter or not). Second, where is the defense… they need to step in and help out their guy. Maybin essentially got jumped because he was a little too aggressive, something a good LB should be….
    Anyways, forget this noise, I want video of Chilly scrambling all day today trying to get Purple brass to shell out more $$ to #4… wheres that?

  4. @ packerfaninminn
    Speaking as a Bills fan
    RB was freddy jackson… kind of a starter but deffinetly a key player in our offense which is likely to put up 7-1o points a game. I agree it was nice to see the O-line react so quickly… I dont know if its that the team doesnt respect Maybin as he has done nothing or our D is just full of pussies. I tend to think both

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