Adrian Peterson admits he wants "to talk about" a new contract

nfl_peterson2.jpgLast month, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson that talk regarding unhappiness with his contract can be “put to rest.”

Well, it now can be exhumed.

Appearing Wednesday with our main man Paul Allen of KFAN in Minneapolis, Peterson admitted that he wants “to at least talk about” a new contract.

But he made it clear that he relies on his agents to handle those discussions.  Besides, Peterson won’t go hungry.  He’ll get $3.64 million in 2010, and at least $10.72 million in 2011.

That said, he wants to “talk about” something more.

61 responses to “Adrian Peterson admits he wants "to talk about" a new contract

  1. Who cares!!!!!!
    Where the hell is the next Favre story?
    I personally can’t wait to read the comments.
    What a friggen riot!
    Keep em coming Mike!
    You Rock!

  2. Florio, I’d for you to “talk about something more” than Farve and players that aren’t really injured. Also, please avoid posting non-news to steal some hits with 3 sentences of your drawn out speculation. This website has really faltered as of late.

  3. Not surprised. The kind of runner he is, he only will have 5 more dominant years, maximum. He is as important to the Vikings success as Brett Favre. He has over-performed compared to the money he is making, the Vikings would be right to give him more, especially considering they offered Brett $3 million more not even 12 hours after the figment “text” messages came out of him retiring.

  4. if Zygi is going to cough it up AP needs to stop coughing it up (that’s 2 fumble jokes out of 4, let’s keep it going)

  5. He needs to tell his teammates he’s going to retire. Vikings will throw a couple million on his contract within a few hrs.

  6. sounds about right,, A.P. would just drop the new contract an the other team would pick it up and score a TD with it!!

  7. Adrian Peterson? WTF is this?
    This thread is now about Brett Favre. Carry on.

  8. Are you kidding? Not until King Farvert is taken care of will the peasants be appeased.

  9. I heard he wants $3k for every handoff he doesn’t fumble.
    What’s he worried about, doesn’t that Butterfiners promotional contract pay pretty well?
    Mabye he should try getting Mrs. Butterworth too….
    He won’t get a new contract until he’s on the decline, so probably sometime around mid-seaons. SKOL VIKINGS!!

  10. Schism! What’s the over/under on the number of major distractions to hit the Viking camp prior to their first loss to the Saints?
    The Vikings should pay the man around $8 million and then subtract a million for every lost fumble. He would, in effect, be playing for free.
    Then the Vikings can turn around and give that $8 Million to Brent “I send you a pix of my Penis” Favre and everyone will be happy.

  11. That fumble on the 4 yd line really sucked AP
    but you deserve a raise if you play well again this year

  12. with all the talk of sexting and dropped balls, you would think this was a team of 13 year olds!

  13. There won’t be any money left to pay him when favre is done shaking ziggy upside down by the ankles. Peterson will probably have to retire now

  14. Vikings Douche-Nation deserves this……you sold your souls for aligning yourself with Favre (Fav-Ruh?).
    AP and Favre (Fav-Ruh?) deserve each other considering they spectacularly gave away the NFC Championship to the Saints.
    I’m loving every minute of this and for what it’s doing to every Vikings Douche in the world…..

  15. The Vikings should say, “We’d love to give you a new contract, but we’re afraid you’ll drop it!”

  16. Yeah, who the hell doesn’t want a new contract? Pay these idiots by the hour from now on, the contract concept seems to be escaping them.

  17. What does this have to do with Brett Favre?
    Also, is “main man PA” different than BFF?

  18. LittleMac says:
    August 4, 2010 5:08 PM
    What does this have to do with Brett Favre?
    …………….. ……………….. ……………….. ……………….. ……..
    It’s all about brent little mac!
    Where you been?
    Speaking of little mac…………… Never mind that’s just too easy!

  19. He probably deserves a new contract more than Chris Johnson and Darrelle Revis just because he’s not putting his team in a rough spot by not going by the one he’s already signed. I think Peterson is a bit classier than the other two.

  20. Adrian just needs to stay home, like Favre and send pics of his dick to Deanna and Chilly. Problem solved.

  21. If he wants “to talk about” a new contract can we please “talk about” docking his pay every time he fumbles? Bet he won’t take that deal because he’ll never get paid.

  22. alert the presses, AP wants a new deal. If anyone really deserves a new deal it’s Rice playing on his second round money. Dynamite new information that nobody knew. Small price to pay for drafting stud after stud Rick. Keep the money ballers coming. The only thing that would be worse is drafting players that didn’t deserve a raise.
    Everyone is afraid of the Vikes and only happy when the Vikes have hurdles to overcome. What a waste of life to have to look forward to others failures and not your success. Very Sad to be a packer doucher.

  23. I happened to listen to Paul Allen and AP chat and talk about the media spinning a story and taking what is actually said out of context. Reporter: “Hey AP what do you think about your contract, would you like the vikings to talk to your agent about a new one and get that behind you?” AP: “Well, yeah, i guess, it would nice “to talk about a new contract, but I leave that stuff up to my agent, that’s between my agent and the vikings”………… I can see why celeb’s and athletes don’t like talking to the media jackals. They give a simple answer to a leading question that truely implied that his contract was NOT an issue with him and the media (in this case Mike Florio) takes only that part of his answer that Florio can now turn into a HEADLINE. ……… an aside on another issue, i just watched a interview with one BF on his tractor…he was asked several questions, one was “if you are healthy will you play?” and he said “of course I will”, Question “is it about wanting more money?” Answer “it’s not about more money, it hasn’t been about the money for several years now”

  24. You can talk new contract when you can show people that you can hold on to that rock!

  25. seals says:
    August 4, 2010 5:45 PM
    Everyone is afraid of the Vikes and only happy when the Vikes have hurdles to overcome. What a waste of life to have to look forward to others failures and not your success.
    Your teams failures will in fact lead to the other teams in the division and or conference success. That’s how it works. e.g All day fumbles all day Saints win move on to the Super bowl.
    Very Sad to be a packer doucher.
    Maybe, maybe not………….
    But definitely NOT TODAY!
    Very Sad to be a packer doucher.

  26. I heard that he was actually offered a new contract, but he couldn’t even get past signing the “A”, because the pen kept slipping out of his hand and falling to the floor.

  27. Dewey Axewoond says:
    August 4, 2010 6:24 PM
    I heard that he was actually offered a new contract, but he couldn’t even get past signing the “A”, because the pen kept slipping out of his hand and falling to the floor.
    You are the 4th or 5th poster to say something like this.
    Why do you even ponder posting?

  28. hurry up and get it done before favre retires and t-jack is my qb and the whole offense rest on my shoulders!

  29. I believe it was Farve that threw the INT that sealed it for the Saints right? A 40 year QB to make 16mil poss 20mil with incentives is insane…
    Especially for one year then leave the franchise on the hook at moments notice. This guy is selfish, why didn’t have surgery right after last season to be healed by now? Also its ok to work out with the high schoolers but not his teamates!!! it’s not like he’s resting his foot at home with it elavated…lol why isn’t anyone questioning this guys character? Besides the superbowl win how many big games has Farve won? The big game is the superbowl right, oh I forgot he’s played however many games in a row with just as many INTS as TDS.

  30. Do these rubes realize how stupid and immature their attempts at cracking a joke that invovles AP’s fumbling issues? “he dropped the pen” “gets $1000 everytime he doesn’t fumble” etc. etc…….my 8 yr kid can do better than that! LMAO

  31. Like the rest of the league, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he’s taking a “wait and hear” approach to the latest twist in the Favre saga.
    “Brett Favre is great for our game. And I think the passion he has for the game is extraordinary,” Goodell said. “I think we all love to see him play, but we want him to do what’s best for him at the end of the day.”
    Goodell figured, “why bother with what the packer fans think as they don’t have the ability to think objectively or rationally”

  32. You fumbled away a superbowl last year and yr going to make 3.5 mil this year. F off.

  33. seals says:
    Everyone is afraid of the Vikes and only happy when the Vikes have hurdles to overcome. What a waste of life to have to look forward to others failures and not your success.
    This is why Biqueen fans are generally regarded as blowhards and nit wits. Nobody is afraid of anybody in August, teams are just trying to see where they can get better.
    I look forward to my team’s success as well as the Vikings failures, what’s wrong with doing both? The Vikings are fast become the biggest joke, they are throwing money at Favre, Favre is tossing pix of Little Lorenzo to a babe, Deanna is going to step in and cut it off and AD wants more money. Chilly is an idiot and can’t control his team and maybe he will be forced to play T Jack Off. Do you really think this team will even go 8-8 with all this happening? I can’t wait.

  34. “Nobody is afraid of anybody in August”
    well that’s not entirely true, preteen boys and gerbils are afraid of ted thompson in august and the other 11 months of the year also for that matter.

  35. 4-12 for the queens. Give AP the contract. If he drops the ball as much this year, it’s Chilly’s fault. Favre’s foreskin is front-page news in the next 48 hours, if not sooner.

  36. “Here, AP. Here’s the new contract you wanted”
    “Thank you, Zyg!”
    Later that night:
    “Vikings, first & goal from the 2. PETERSON OFF TACKLE…HE’S IN, TOUCHD…WAIT…FUMBLE!!!!!! LIONS RECOVER. LIONS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  37. He’s scared cause Gerhart is SILLLLLLY! Go white running back!! wooo! Prove them all wrong Toby.

  38. Hey Jimmy Smith, 8 -8 Really? This coming from a fan of a team that got bitch slapped twice by the Vikings last season. You can’t be serious. As for Adrian, he is better than any Fudge Packer running back. Wait a minute, you don’t have a running back. This year will be more of the same, beat the packers twice. Face it you’re a terrible team from a terrible city playing in a terrible stadium with terrible fans. Next time if I want any lip from you I’ll scrape it off my zipper.

  39. as a viking fan, i already see this year turning into a 3 or 4 win season. favre. favre penis. favre crocs. favre playing like shit because his wife obviously is going to beat the ever loving crap out of him when she gets the photos. this has tiger woods scandal effect written all over it. peterson contract. peterson fumbles. rice injury. too much damn attention. it never works out well at all when a team has so much media attention.

  40. Youngs79 says:
    August 5, 2010 8:34 AM
    Next time if I want any lip from you I’ll scrape it off my zipper.
    Someone just came out of the closet.

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