Dungy: If Bradford got $50M, Manning and Brady deserve $70-$80M

Colts President Bill Polian blasted the NFL’s rookie compensation system recently, noting that it doesn’t make sense for Rams No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford to be guaranteed $50 million before stepping on the field.

On Wednesday morning, former Colts coach Tony Dungy pointed out something that could have Polian concerned: Peyton Manning’s contract with the Colts expires after this season, and Manning surely deserves more guaranteed money than Bradford. Dungy thinks Manning and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady deserve $20 million or $30 million more guaranteed than Bradford.

“Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have to make 70 or 80 — I mean, they
have to,” Dungy said on Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Dungy then pointed out the same problem with the system that Polian pointed out: “I don’t know how you fix that other than a rookie wage scale.”

In Dungy’s view, the owners and the union need to step up and stop the insanity.

“I don’t know how Sam Bradford can come in and make more money than those two guys,” Dungy said. “There’s something wrong with the system when that happens. So the next collective-bargaining agreement, whatever else they argue about, somehow, that can’t happen.”

Dungy is right, of course. Even if the owners in Indianapolis and New England would probably prefer not to hear one of the NFL’s most respected voices talking about guarantees of $80 million.

40 responses to “Dungy: If Bradford got $50M, Manning and Brady deserve $70-$80M

  1. Insanity.
    If they don’t fix this, the NFL will lose a lot of fans, just like baseball already has.

  2. How long before #1 picks are traded for nothing because teams don’t want to pay so much to unproven players?

  3. More proof that the NFL needs a rookie wage scale more than ever.
    Can anyone out there say they’d be okay with it if some new kid with no experience was hired to do the same job they do but was paid more? Makes no sense at all.
    If I were an NFL vet such as Brady or Manning or anyone else, I’d be pissed.

  4. They’re only paying him $28 – 36 million to play. The rest is for taking the deal and showing up for 6 years. Still too much for a guy with a blank resume – there isn’t another job in the world where you get paid top tier money for doing well in college.
    Tony is still understating the situation. If you give Bradford that much to sign when he had no other real options, how much do you pay Brady or Manning not to enter free agency? $100 million? $200 million? Half ownership of the team?

  5. Dungy is not in the real world.
    Owners are not in the real world
    If one owner makes a dumb move do they all have to do the same. They do not pay the players the fans do.
    Owners use the fans and advertiser money (and that is also the fan) Sad way the world turns.
    Greed greed and who pays not the greedy.
    The fans should be on strike
    75.00 for a pizza at the cowboy stadium GREED
    or EGO or both.

  6. While I agree with his larger point, I think it’s interesting that Dungy mentions Brady and Manning but didn’t include Brees in this conversation. Not surprising because he, of course, picked against the Saints all through the playoffs last year, culminating with his incorrect prediction of the SB’s outcome.

  7. Dungy is absolutely right (for once). $50m guaranteed is ridiculous for someone who yet to prove anything.
    Put a limit on the new guys. Let them earn it.

  8. B H that is the problem you feel they should be Pissed. they have more MONEY than They can spend. and they want the FAN to spend more
    they earn 500.000 and up per game. and they are worth more. not frome ME.

  9. The Rams could have ended this nonsense this year. They have to have a ballpark of what the #1 pick would make if a rookie wage scale were in place. Take that number and add 15%. Bradford either takes the deal, or he can re-enter the draft after not having played for (another) year, when he will most assuredly not be the #1 pick, AND would be subject to the rookie wage scale.
    Then the domino effect is in place in regard to slotting, and Suh, McCoy, Williams, etc all fall in behind Bradford’s deal.
    Then all of these teams at the top of the draft, who are there because they suck, have additional money to sign players who can help, contributing to the stated goal of parity in the league.

  10. @ bigpat
    Brady and Manning both have contracts expiring soon, Brees doesn’t. Stop looking for a reason to be the victim.

  11. (“If they don’t fix this, the NFL will lose a lot of fans”)
    untrue, i will still be a fan of the NFL, the reason baseball lost a lot of fans were the strikes they had. Anyway as for the rookies and their pay, yes it’s crazy, but until the NFL makes the JaMarcus Russell rule, what are we going to do about it??? what we always do, complain.

  12. Is BigPat a Pats fan? If so – how is he “looking for a reason to be the victim”?
    And – Brees should have been in the conversation too. He’s the top QB in the league.

  13. Again, Mannings & Brady’s contract compared to Bradford’s is Apples and Oranges.
    One is based on how Vets contracts are negotiated. With franchise tags, injury histories, accomplishments, age factors and ability to replace as factors.
    One is based on how rookie contracts are negotiated. The stupid slotted sytem and the need to out do what the same dradt position signed for the prior year.
    You cant say the rookie wage scale is screwed up and then use it as a tool to claim what a veterans contract should be based on it. If it is screwed up it is not valid to base anything off it.
    Why not go the other way and say, Brady and Manning will only get 30 mill gaurenteed (or whatever amount) and use that to point out that the rookie scale needs to be fixed because unproven players like Bradford should not get more then these two vets?

  14. geaux says:
    August 4, 2010 10:57 AM
    Is BigPat a Pats fan? If so – how is he “looking for a reason to be the victim”?
    And – Brees should have been in the conversation too. He’s the top QB in the league.
    If BigPat is NOT a Pats fan, is NotForYou still an idiot?
    Also, the “conversation” is about: “former Colts coach Tony Dungy pointed out something that could have Polian concerned: Peyton Manning’s contract with the Colts expires after this season,”
    Brees’ contract does NOT expire after this season, thus he should NOT be part of the conversation!! I’d suggest that YOU are, in fact, the idiot…..but I find all this name-calling childish!!
    BTW, your mother wants to know what you’re doing in your room with the door locked……and what happened to all the bags of Cheese Curls that were in the cabinet?

  15. Once they have “the lockout” i’m done with pro football. no more, not a dime more of my money.

  16. I’m the idiot? Why should Brees have been in the conversation? This was not a discussion of how much the top QB’s in the league, which Brees most certainly is one of, should be paid, it’s a discussion of how Bradford’s rookie contract will affect the contracts of Brady and Manning, both of whom are about to begin the negotiating process if they haven’t already.
    Seriously, geaux, how am I the idiot?
    The victim comment was aimed at bigpat’s insistance that Dungy’s failure to mention Brees was somehow related to Dungy dissing the Saints. Hence his mentioning Dungy not picking the Saints to win in the playoffs, SB, etc. Brees’ contract isn’t up…tell me why his name should be brought up in this conversation. If he’s not searching for a way to be the victim, then he is just making asonine statements. If it’s really bothering you that much, I’ll let you make the call.

  17. Just go away Tony. Even when I agree with what he is saying, all I can say is just go away Tony.

  18. I wish Dungy would shut the f*ck up. He goes around talking as if he knows something and he’s just a hack. He’s still miffed about his SB pick because he was exposed for the *ss that he is. The truth is, Payton would have out-coached him in the SB, too.
    When the owners finally show their books and show how bad off they are (which they won’t, because they’re not), then I’ll care about rookie and player salaries. Otherwise, it’s just propaganda that serves the owners’ agenda in this CBA fight. Nobody talks about all the money these guys make and how they have the TV networks by the balls. If the Rams couldn’t pay Bradford that contract and still make a handsome profit, they wouldn’t have given it to him, regardless if he actually succeeds or not. Did the Raiders lose money because they paid all that money to Russell and got squat in return? Not at all.

  19. “They’re only paying him $28 – 36 million to play.”
    Yeah, “only”.
    “And – Brees should have been in the conversation too. He’s the top QB in the league.”
    Act like your team has won a SB before. A lot of QBs are in the conversation but Brees is not the best of the lot.

  20. This is supply and demand. Bradford got what he got because a team offered it to him. The Colts and Patriots do NOT have to follow suit. Don’t want to overspend? Don’t overspend. Of course, if they don’t, someone else will. The NFL uses this exact same kind of leverage to get ridiculous TV deals, merchandising deals, and stadiums. Quit crying about it.

  21. Dungy is a POS…..he would have been nothing if it wasn’t for Manning. Manning ran that team and Dungy just rode the coattails.
    That being said, he’s right about this one…..he just needed the other reason for his success to say it first (Bill Polian).
    Great job at being a mentor for Vick too. Ass.

  22. Jake Locker will forever kick himself for not coming out of college after last year. Who the hell is giving that kid advice? What an idiot!

  23. So MVP’s deserve more than those who have not taken a snap in the NFL…..tell me more…

  24. I think I may have missed the articled that talked about the gun that Sam Bradford held to the Ram’s head for them to give him this deal. The #1 overall pick, particularly a QB, is worth exactly what the Rams are willing to pay. Everyone else should just STFU.

  25. At what point does Bill Polian just walk in to a meeting with Peyton Manning clutching millions of dollars in Monopoloy money while screaming, “PLEASE JUST TAKE IT!!!”?

  26. Damn!!! that’s good money. Can’t say I helped in raising that $50m…
    Chumps, all of you who contribute to this madness. $100 bucks to wear a jersey with someone else’s name on the back (who by the way is going to traded before you wash it) $7 bucks for that flat brewskie and don’t forget the $8 bucks for the burger that’s been sitting under the heat lamp since you got up on game day morning. And you complain about the money the kid in getting. Would you rather the owners kept the money. People!! Its your money that’s paying for all of this.

  27. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sick of Tony Dungy. He is not God and his words are not the Ten Commandments. He retired, now ride off into the sunset already !

  28. Manning and Brady are used as the example, because their contracts end this year. Brees ends the year after.
    Should birthmark should have been included? Yeah he’s one of the best in the game and the current overrated media darling, so yeah his name should have been included..
    The NFL has to get these rookie deals in line.

  29. Th e owners are the ones that approved what is going on. Now, i do agree that it must be changed but don’t shed tears for the owners. And, i usually support management.

  30. More proof that NFL owners are full of crap when they come crying for tax payers to build stadiums.

  31. I don’t think ANY PERSON PLAYING ANY SPORT deserves this kind of money. Police officers, U.S. Service men and women, firefighters, teachers and very few others deserve this kind of money. Where are our priorities to argue that the new OR old ball player deserves tens of millions of dollars? Sad.

  32. I thought Tony Dungy left football –these guys are compensated very good especially when you see what the fans are going thru –Tony needs to mind his own business and let it go –he left football, started mentoring Vick and now he is proposing pay scales –let it go Dungy –give back to the community in some other way -these clowns do not deserve that kind of money -that is why the drama queen Favre wants in again. He is the ultimate pig.

  33. If I was an NFL GM, I would trade my first round pick every single year. I’d either trade down for more picks or trade for veterans. If you could get an Anquan Bolden for a second round pick, imagine what you’d get for a first

  34. Dungy is right–and he deserves a lot more respect than some of you guys are giving him. He’s allowed an opinion because he’s smarter than us when it comes to football (and before the comments start, he was a player and coach and smarter than all of us commenting here)
    There needs to be a rookie wage scale. These guys are getting paid tons of money and haven’t proven themselves while the older guys are making less. I really dislike Manning and Brady, but they have done more and proven themselves and earned the money.
    I hope this is one thing they fix in the CBA.

  35. This problem that Coach Dungy refers to affects many players, not just the stars. He used their names, in my opinion due to the state of their negotiations as high profile players. The everyday working stiff in the league would benefit from a restructured system. How many of us as fans have watched a great football player leave the team over money. Often this money is wasted on non-performing rookies or others who just cannot play at this level.

  36. Manning deserves whatever he wants…period…end of story
    With another good year, Brees will get the same treatment
    With that said, at what point do these players realize that them getting such high salaries will stop their own teams from having funds to get other players

  37. Let’s be clear, Tony Dungy isn’t saying anything both Brady and Manning aren’t already thinking. The need for a rookie scale is undeniable, but it is interesting how the owners are always crying mendicant, but somehow have the money to outrageous sums to unproven players like Bradford. Then, they demand that players take an 18% paycut to pay for stadiums. How exactly does that work?

  38. The Rams had the opportunity to toe the line. Instead they upped the bar. I haven’t gone to fan NFL game in Philly in 6 years. I can’t afford to. So I watch it on my 26 inch TV. I have never looked back. I do go to State College 3-4 times a year to watch Big Ten games.

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