Favre says he'll play if healthy, denies texting Vikings otherwise

A day after reports surfaced that Brett Favre had begun telling the Minnesota Vikings he was planning to retire, Favre now says he will play this season if he thinks his surgically repaired ankle can handle it, and he denies that he told the Vikings he was retiring.

Ed Werder of ESPN caught up with Favre in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and reported on SportsCenter that Favre said he hasn’t made up his mind about playing.

Favre also told Werder he did not send text messages to Vikings players or management officials indicating that he was planning to retire. There may be some ESPN-on-ESPN crime on this story, though, as just minutes after Werder reported that, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said on SportsCenter that Favre “sent out some text messages that led — or misled — some people to believe he was retiring, not that we should have believed it anyway.”

Whatever Favre said via text message, he told Werder he’ll play if he can. It’s still an open question whether he can, however, as Werder described Favre as “hobbling somewhat” on his ankle.

Favre said he talked to the Vikings about when he’ll make a final decision, but he wouldn’t reveal when that would be. In other words, Favre will keep stringing everyone along for at least a couple more weeks.

91 responses to “Favre says he'll play if healthy, denies texting Vikings otherwise

  1. You guys keep saying he’s stringing everyone along.
    Yet it sounds to me like he is communicating what he’s doing to the people he should.
    What is getting tiresome in this whole thing is that you idiot media people simply don’t know, so you try and assume what is going on and then when it blows up in your face you blame it on Favre.

  2. Never seen a player manipulate the media like Bart Favor. He just cannot stand not being mentioned every day.

  3. ESPN needs to fire Ed Werder…this guys a joke, his “stories” are always led by “sources” and are never true. You’re a hack Werder

  4. Florio, I wish you weren’t with NBC so that you could report the Deadspin Favre sexting in Crocs story!

  5. Blame it Farve, none of you so called ” reporters, football experts “verified anything yesterday before you went into your chicken little acts and ran with the story. ” Well a friend of a friend of a friend said…… ”
    so it must be true……

  6. here’s another post from the packers blog on journal sentinel:
    packers101 – Aug 04, 2010 10:56 PM
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    He’s playing, that’s it for the Packers. We’re fighting for 2nd place again. How could our world have gone from hope to total hopelessness and complete despair in just 1 day? DAMN YOU FAVRE!!!!!

  7. Poo Flinging Monkey says: August 4, 2010 12:11 PM
    I wonder what Favrert’s wife is thinking right about now?
    she’s probably thinking “i wonder what aaron rodgers male roommate/life parter is thinking right about now?”

  8. There was one of the players interviewed via phone on Mike and Mike and he said the same thing, no text from Favre about retirement. His brother said the same thing that he hasn’t discussed retiring with his family.
    Can’t be more money cause If that were the case he’s been offered that, supposedly by accounts from the media. He’ll play if that ankle can support him, he’ll play!

  9. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    August 4, 2010 12:11 PM
    I wonder what Favrert’s wife is thinking right about now?
    I wonder how all the redneck packer fans are feeling after waking up this morning from a “yes, BF has retired let’s rejoice, bash, party, the division is ours,” hangover to find out that their nemisis hasn’t decided anything as of yet……..kind of like the rest of the country was trying to tell them yesterday, but of course they wouldn’t listen. For packer fans, their perception is their reality and to hell with the facts! kudos to vikings fans and the majority of the rest of the nfl fans who refused to believe the rumors yesterday because NO ONE WOULD COME FORWARD TO TAKE CREDIT FOR STARTING THE RUMORS…..enjoy your hangovers today packer fans!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 40 years from now, Brett Favrre will be remembered simply as an infected pimple on the buttocks of NFL posterity!!

  11. RC IV
    I’ll take a McChicken and a coffee…oh…and there are no paper towels in the mens room.
    Chip chop chip.

  12. Oh good grief. Stop listening to Jay Glazer. We all could have saved a lot of time on this non-story.

  13. If you read the deadspin story, you’ll find out that your good ol’ boy is not just a gunslinger on the field!

  14. Farve is not to blame in this incident. ESPN jumped the gun trying to get the scoop. I hope he plays because last season was a blast! Go Vikings! All you Farve haters just make us Viking fans love him more!

  15. 40 years from now, TominNH will be remembered simply as a deformed dwarf who used to foam at the mouth on message boards about the legendary brett favre.

  16. This will be the least commented Favre story of recent, because it’s the only one that doesn’t sensationalize (opening the flood gates for Packer fan comments that pander to the anti-Favre crowd), and actually tells the truth:
    This whole thing has been media fabricated, again.
    Favre should start building his libel case with his lawyers right now.

  17. He’s only “stringing people along” because you jacka$$ in the media are taking the bait. If you followed the lines of 95% of the rest of football America, then you would look, listen, and move on to the rest of the league getting ready for the season.
    The media, and his royal heiness’ ego, is what drives this madness!

  18. Why in the hell did he wait until May to get ankle surgery? He could have had it done months earlier. Their season ended in the playoffs on Jan. 24th. He should have had the surgery in March at the latestest. He would be healed by now. He now has a chance of re-injuring it if he comes back too soon. What the hell?

  19. Does anyone, anyone at all have even the slightest hard evidence (as in facts and not hilarious hearsay) that Brett actually said he is retiring? Did he call a press conference? Did he call Chilly personally? Did someone actually see a piece of paper or an email saying he is retiring? Did Brett or his agent call and ask for more money?
    I thought so…
    Florio (as a pseudo attorney) should know the difference between fact and hearsay, innuendo and speculation–obvious ly he likes the last three better than the first one.
    Brett probably texed some of his teammates that he’s not sure he’ll be back, his ankle is not healing fast enough, etc. Other than that and that’s all we have right now, he’s said absolutely nothing else. He is not having a press conference and he’s doing what he’s been doing all summer–trying to heal, practice and assess if he’s going to be able to play another year. He’s always said that if he can’t give 100% he’s not going to play and I believe he truly means that.
    Florio is the media-whore, racking up hits by putting one Favre story after another out.
    Why don’t we all just chill and wait this one out–if he plays, great; if he doesn’t, I wish him well and life goes on…at least for some of us…

  20. I went out with a girl once that was always on the fence about givin it up, She (Faveree) reminds me of her

  21. Here’s one Packer fan that hope Brett does come back. It in no way guarantees the Vikings anything, except the snickers of the rest of the league.
    Enjoy your 1 trick pony for which you’ve all sold out any kind of Viking loyalty (laughable concept in itself).
    He’s not taking you any further than last year and neither is the replacement you have for him…oh wait. That Vikings QB development sure is stellar….
    Jets and Packers moved on, yet the Vikings are still praying for some miracle. Laughable and pathetic, I pity the Vikings and their joke of a bandwagon fanbase.

  22. otoh, i bet pass rushers will really be hell bent for leather to get him this year.
    they know he is mortal. more than ever.

  23. Everyone take a look in the right hand column and look at the “PFT most commented” box, 7 of the top 10 are about Farve. If you want it to go away, stop commenting and stop clickon on the link. People just love to hate and are in turn feeding the beast.

  24. For all the idiots who continue to blame the media, if Favre doesn’t get off on all this attention, why isn’t he simply in camp letting team doctors treat him or send him to a specialist?
    It’s because he gets off on this, craves it year after year. When he really stops playing, it’ll all be gone.
    The ankle will magically heal in time for him to ride in at the last minute and save the day. And Viking fans will once again buy into the act until a fateful day in the dead of winter when their little hearts are broken again by an overrated 41 year old QB making a rookie mistake trying to be the hero.

  25. All of this to end the season with another dissapointing gut renching interception….
    Why do you even ponder passing???

  26. Favre’s best friend on the team Ryan Longwell said yesterday he got a text from Favre today and nothing about retirement, but obviously the media will make up the facts if they don’t quite match the story they want to put out there. Don’t you think there should have been a little bit more attention to Longwell’s comments and not so much what some idiot like Nick Barnett has to offer?

  27. Look, Favre started this by sending the text messages. Face it, he sent them, not Werder or Glazer. They simply reported it. Packer fans are absolutely not throwing up their hands in despair because he’s coming back. The Vikings won the division by one game! One! Settle down. Yes, you beat us twice last year and that was equivalent to a Superbowl win for you, but your team still sat home watching the big game. Uhhh, I’m so glad the Pack decided to move on from the constant drama. Also, I can’t imagine that Childress is really happy that Favre keeps talking about his bad ankle. Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe a Defensive Coordinator or two is game planning right now for a hobbled Favre?

  28. I hope he does play this season…and I don’t care if he doesn’t show up until halfway through. I want to see him soaking wet when he no longer is able to walk on water.

  29. I said it yesterday and I’m gonna say it again today because you’re not listening: This whole thing is being propagated by YOU (Florio and the rest of sports media) for no other reason than public masturb****** of this whole Favre story. The text’s meant nothing. They referred to nothing. Real journalist would have saw that and gone to bed with it waiting for something tangible to manifest itself. Then there would have been a story. But no, you fools fall over yourself at the mere hint of a possible story you hope will be some huge ground breaking, earth shattering, dramatic event (Favre retiring won’t be, but you’ll make it so because at this point you all have to). Then you chastise Favre for not doing what, in reality, he never did just continue one side of the story. You’re theory, Florio, on him using this to stay out of camp is helped by that very fact. By saying he put this out there for the media to run with and report (which I don’t think he did) it supports your own theory perfectly, so it makes it the perfect ‘pat on the back for a good call’ story for you to run with. You’re all like a bunch of conspiracy theorists, you come up with the theory after the fact, and then run with the parts that fit your theory while either glossing over (or simply not reporting) the parts that would indicate your theory is implausible or impossible. Never realizing there was never a story to begin with, but in your own world, there, of course, was a story because you came up with all these fantastic points and clues to a story being there.
    The worst part is you complained the whole off season about how this was gonna happen. Now that it is, you couldn’t be happier about nothing that you and the rest of the idiots turned into a huge something.

  30. gravy –
    packers101 – Aug 04, 2010 10:56 PM
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    He’s playing, that’s it for the Packers. We’re fighting for 2nd place again. How could our world have gone from hope to total hopelessness and complete despair in just 1 day? DAMN YOU FAVRE!!!!!
    I know Packer fans are awesome but do some really have time machines that allows them to post in the future?

  31. So everyone, including teammate Visanthe Schiancoe, just concocted these texts out of nowhere and the team freaked out and offered him more money over baseless rumors, of which he had nothing to do with? Brett Favre is so incredibly FULL OF IT. Year after year after year, he does this, and it is ridiculous. I’m not commenting on any more stories about this attention-whore.

  32. You know who’s been strangely quiet throughout this whole thing?
    Scott Favre.
    Have we even heard a peep out of him since Brett left the Packers? I wonder if he’s OK?

  33. “i know there are rumors of Favre sending wiener picks to Jenn Sterger, but let me assure you, that is not Favre’s penis.”
    -John Madden

  34. Simple mistake here boys…
    Baby Brett’s “This is it !!” text was really intended for Jenn Sturger
    He’s gonna play – Unless Yoko goes all Bobbit on him…

  35. Any reporter being paid “by the Favre” is doing well in this economy. And he’ll make his FINAL decision in October after the Vikings bye week.

  36. Go away Saint Brett -I need a second car just to carry my Ego – Favraysuckulous. Go away Princess Greybeard, just go away. We don’t want you. We’re tired of you, ESPN and everyone else for continuining to milk this s–t for a story where there hasn’t been one for a long time.
    Hey Julius, please take this Cinderella out back behind the woodshed and bust his knee woudja? Take US out of his misery.

  37. alan69 says:
    August 4, 2010 1:01 PM
    Well said! I agree. I hope he is able to come back. I love watching him play.
    I agree as well…he is THE MAN and I’m not even a Vikings or Packers fan!

  38. Talk about laziness. There is an entire NFL to cover, but the 24-hour sports news cycle once again fixates on Favre. I love Favre, watched him all of the years in Green Bay and was overjoyed when the Vikings beat the Packers twice last season. But I am amazed at how so many people, especially Packer Fans, behave as if Favre is seeking this attention. The media hounds him, questions him and covers him like no one else in the NFL, and then tells us Favre is the one stringing us all along. Left to his own devices, he would continue to help out at the high school and ride his tractor while his ankle heals. Has he been calling press conferences? Has he been anything but honest? Favre has communicated with the appropriate people about his injury and intentions. When there is something NEW to report, let’s consider that NEWS. Until then, what if the poorly qualified sports media puts their collective energy into some other NFL stories?

  39. I love the “Farve” fans that don’t know how to spell FAVRE after 20 years.
    That being said – The NFL is a whole lot more fun and interesting with Brett than without.

  40. The media enjoys spreading Farve stories whether or not there is any truth to them. Does anyone believe that rumors about Hasslebeck or any other QB would be repeated without any effort at verification with team officials. The media knows that Childress is in contact with Farve, and would therefore be the first to know any decision by Farve to retire. Nevertheless, the media irresponsibly didn’t check with Childress before flooding the airwaves and internet with false stories. The sports media is just very unprofessional.

  41. Favre is gonna string everyone along for so long that by the time he makes his decision the season will be over for the Vikings. They will be one and done in the playoffs. If they even get that far.

  42. For all the idiot Packer fans who still are saying he sent the texts, and pointing to Shiancoe, they obviously don’t teach you to read in Green Bay. Shiancoe said he talked to some other players who were talking about the texts. He never said he saw a text…the entire facility was buzzing with the rumor (started by AP and ESPN) by that time. So yeah, of course Shiancoe would talk to some players who were talking about it. But he never said “Player X told me Favre texted him he was retiring”. It was all just rumor started by crummy reporting, and ESPN doesn’t have the balls to back down now. Shame on Mort for saying that Favre miseld anyone in a text. If ESPN rushed the story, they are stupid, own up to it.

  43. Vikings ownership look like fools and Childress looks like an even bigger fool drooling over an over the hill , overrated and immature QB who is playing head games. An absolute zoo!

  44. He denies being a dick and texting his teammates.
    But does he deny he texting his dick to Jenn Sterger?

  45. rsnk31 says:
    August 4, 2010 12:19 PM
    ESPN needs to fire Ed Werder…this guys a joke, his “stories” are always led by “sources” and are never true. You’re a hack Werder
    Thanks for that last sentence. I’ll be laughing the rest of the day!

  46. Just what I thought, Florio and others run with a rumor like it is fact, and end up looking like fools again. Next time wait until Favre actually makes a statement.
    Thanks in advance

  47. Section731 says:
    August 4, 2010 1:23 PM
    I love the “Farve” fans that don’t know how to spell FAVRE after 20 years.
    Well, maybe you should be just as upset that people mis-pronounce the name. Favre should NOT be pronounced Farve. Its incorrect.

  48. For the people who claim the NFL is more exciting with Favre than without, you need to get a new hobby.
    Players come and go so if you can’t live without one find something else to do.
    I was watching the NFL for 25 years before Favre came along and hopefully I’ll watch it another 25 after he’s gone.

  49. I dont care if he plays or not but if he does he ought to have to have the letters DQ on his shirt. fricken Drama Queen.

  50. This drama queen is a pig thru and thru –what happened to the sore ankle when new $were waived at him –he will get what he deserves down the road.

  51. Brett Favre should have a new commercial for this football season, GEICO.
    “Can switching to GEICO really save you 15% on car insurance?”
    “Does Brett Favre play the media like a mean fiddle?”

  52. Everybody knows Favre does this on purpose. He could have had his ankle operated on right after the end of the season and thus, he would have known already if the ankle could take it. But no, he waited until the last possible moment deliberately because he knew that would create the drama right around training camp time. Will he, won’t he ? I don’t blame the fans, but the media! Come on, ignore him PLEASE !!!

  53. Think Chilly would like a time machine to go back when Mcnabb was on the market? You know the guy who was geared for chilly’s brand of Reid’s O that he brought to MN. The same O they drafted TJack to run figuring he had similar skills to McNabb. If they had traded for McNabb and still drafted Webb they would have the master finishing his years indoors and two guys behind him that would fit the same mold to run that O. That would seem like a strategic way to staff the most important position on your team.
    Instead they get this possibly one more year until I tell you maybe one more year …. … unless

  54. Even more interesting than the texts he supposedly sent his teammates, are the ones he sent Jenn Sterger. Masturbating in his crocs? stay classy BrInt!!

  55. Why is it such a surprise to everyone ?? Did everyone forget what happened last year? With or without Favre, vikes are a very good contender to win the whole thing… All the hype, all the build-up..but so what, all the big sports guys do that. In every sport… look at LeBron- what a bunch over -rated, self serving crap that was! Hardly anyone in Minnesota is holding their breath… its everyone else. We hope he comes back. Not only is he an outstanding athlete, he is an all around great guy…but we have a great team of players, otherwise Favre wouldnt have wanted to get on board the team. So, the Vikes would just have to go on without him.. but I feel like Favre wants his chance to show that we wouldve kicked Saints A$$, if they wouldve played fair and not intentionally tagged Favre after he threw the ball, is unsportmanlike…hence the ankle… as well as the fines the players involved recvd after it was all over with & too late..(which is BULL$H!T)..

  56. Take your time old fella.
    Just want to see you play and I love the team that vikes have put together.

  57. Personally, I think Favre would rather retire than break his consecutive game record. He can always “un-retire” in 5 or 6 weeks if he is feeling better and with T-Jax stinking up the joint, they will welcome King Brett back with open arms.
    He will be on the “Retired/Reserve” list – therefore not active…and his record stays safe for him to come back to “active” status at any time.
    Well planned Brett, well planned. Call Madden and tell him to stop crying…..he will see you play again in a few weeks!!

  58. # alan69 says: August 4, 2010 12:44 PM
    Why in the hell did he wait until May to get ankle surgery? He could have had it done months earlier. Their season ended in the playoffs on Jan. 24th. He should have had the surgery in March at the latestest. He would be healed by now. He now has a chance of re-injuring it if he comes back too soon. What the hell?
    You seem like a nice fella and this seems like a genuine question so here’s my opinion based on how Mr Passive aggressive lazy narcissist works:
    If you get the surgery in March..it’s much, much harder to string out the “recovery time (LOL)” so that you don’t have to go to TC. That’s it. End of story.
    Funny thing is…IT.WAS.ARTHROSCOPIC.SURGERY.not an ACL or something. If ACL reconstruction is like shaving your head his surgery is like going to the barber for a .00001 mm trim. Too funny.

  59. Way to go ESPN for all the Favre footage as though he had all but passed away. Favre only can do this because of the new age media scrambling like wild monkies to break the next scoop. Stop blaming Favre he only do what the media allows. You can’t get upset with Viking team/coaches/owner. It’s all about winning in the NFL, as long Favre keeps winning he will always have a home whether we like it or not.
    Are you ready for some football ?

  60. fof, you say next time wait until Favre actually makes a statement. But he never does that. He could have told Ed Werder or whoever yesterday that he is not retiring as of yet but he doesn’t.
    The dud craves attention so much now it’s just pathetic. He had to be on cloud 9 yesterday because everyone was talking about him.
    Also, fof, he did release a statement. Twice. That he was retiring, and you know how that turned out. You cannot trust anything the man says.

  61. For people who hate Favre so much, you people sure do love to comment on his stories.
    The top 5 most commented stories on the site are ALL on Favre. And of 7 of the top 10 total are about Favre.
    That is INSANE. Face it people, you can’t get enough of this man. You love to sip on that haterade and will continue to do so until Favre rolls over and dies.
    LMAO what a pathetic site…

  62. Favre’s a liar. If he didn’t send a text calling it quits, why did the Vikings suddenly come up with an extra $7 Million in base and incentives for him?

  63. While I love Favre, I have never defended his inability to make a decision. BUT the rest of us know this about him, so why the insane coverage yesterday when it was at least 50/50 that it was not final? Yes, blame Favre for his mixed signals, but the sports media deserves even more of the blame for hyping this story. That’s why I’ve said a thousand times that they will miss Favre almost as much as I will when he finally does retire.

  64. SpartaChris
    Shiancoe didn’t say he saw the text. He said he heard other people talking about texts. In fact, I don’t think anyone has said they SAW a text. It was a bunch of rumors, likely started by reporters. Does it occur to anyone that the media didn’t check with Childress before unleashing yesterday’s speculation because he would actually KNOW the answers. Then sports media couldn’t have made 24/7 TV coverage out of speculation and rumors?

  65. @gbaypack-
    OK, my bad, you’re right. Shiancoe confirmed on the record that people got them, that he heard about them, but not that he got one himself or saw one.
    Either way, if no one “saw” these texts, and if Favre didn’t send them or indicate he was retiring, why did the Vikings brass suddenly panic and throw more money at the guy to entice him to play this season?
    Something in the story stinks, and I don’t buy for a second it was started by reporters. I believe he sent the texts. For what reason, who knows? But something caused a fury with the Vikings organization yesterday and caused them to throw more money at the guy.

  66. SpartaChris
    Is it possible that the Vikings organization reacted to the same rumors the players were hearing? After the Vikings offered more money, Favre specifically said it wasn’t about the money. He does have more money than God, so at his age and with his beat up body, I doubt a few extra million would sway him one way or another. I think he is just addicted to the game and wouldn’t have any idea what to do with himself if he didn’t play. I am willing to tolerate his indecision each season, whether from injury or exhaustion, because I have never seen anyone play the game the way he does. He truly leaves it all on the field. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for him to retire? When he’s on the field he IS “the game” but when the game is over, what then?

  67. Well, we heard yesterday it wasn’t the money, but instead was his ankle. Of course he’s gonna say it isn’t about the money. It’s the PC thing to do. Guess we’ll find out if he plays for the base $13Million he signed for or if he takes the extra compensation.
    As for the contention that the Vikings brass merely reacted to media fueled speculation, Florio posted here that there was a bit of concern Monday night within the Vikings organization. Tuesday morning we found out why. Without having some kind of catalyst, there’s simply no way they’d come out with an extra $7 Million compensation package today based solely on media fueled speculation. While I think the Vikings organization is a bunch of idiots, they aren’t stupid.
    Favre’s a liar and frankly we shouldn’t believe a thing he says to anyone.

  68. BF waited until May for surgery. He has his sore ankle and the drama of the Viking fans begging for his return. Would it have not made more sense if surgery took place in Feb. or March if he wanted it “healed” by now? BF seems to love being the center of attention and control – especially controlling the offensive. I cannot deny his success on the field, but he also had good players and coaches for support. However, he has made himself to be a pompous athelete who is swimming in his ocean of self-entitlement.

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